Russia Nixed Arms Sales to Israel’s Enemies at Its Request, Netanyahu Adviser Claims

In return Israel canceled sales to Ukraine and others

The truth, or just Netanyahu trying to prove he’s in with Putin and delivering for Israel in a way only he can?

Russia acquiesced to Israeli requests and canceled certain arms sales to regimes that are antagonistic toward Israel, an adviser to the prime minister said this week, according to the Ynet news site.

In return, he said, Israel canceled arms sales that irked the Russians, including to Ukraine.

“Russia agreed to Israel’s request and, for example, did not provide certain types of weapons to [Israel’s] enemy nations such as Iran, which states at the highest levels its wish to erase Israel off the face of the Earth,” Ariel Bulshtein, who is the prime minister’s adviser for the country’s Russian-speaking community, told Russian paper Izvestia Thursday, according to Ynet.

“Naturally we are unenthusiastic on [Russia] providing modern weapons to such regimes,” he said.

He added that Israel agreed “at least twice, if not more,” to Russian requests not to sell weapons to nations whose relations with Moscow are tense, such as Ukraine.

Bulshtein was appointed to the newly-created post in June, following the failure of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempts to form a coalition and the announcement of new elections.

The move was meant to help Likud’s efforts to siphon votes away from Yisrael Beytenu, the Russian-speaking party led by Avigdor Liberman, whose hard-nosed demands stymied Netanyahu’s efforts to form a coalition in the Knesset. Likud was largely unsuccessful in pulling Russian voters away from Liberman, who went on to increase his strength in the September vote.

Israel has highly sensitive relations with Russia, which has played a central role, alongside Iran, in preventing the fall of the Assad regime in the Syrian civil war. Israel is seeking to prevent Iran from deepening its military presence across the northern border.

Netanyahu has cultivated close ties to Putin, flying frequently to meet with him to discuss regional developments. This July, in a move targeting Israeli-Russian voters ahead of the repeat elections in September, Netanyahu’s Likud party hung a massive picture of the prime minister with Putin on its headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Prior to the election, Netanyahu flew to Russia for talks with Putin in Sochi. Meeting with Putin, the prime minister hailed bilateral relations, saying they have never been better.

Source: The Times of Israel

  1. ArcAngel says

    Hmmmmmm…. “The Times of israel” and a criminal at large Nuttyyahoo advisor Ariel Bulshtein, (more like Bullshits-tien)….
    NO Thank you, to proven vile disgusting obfuscators and outright liars.
    Really “Checkpointasia”????
    This is pure unmitigated CRAP.
    No doubt the Kremlin got orders, or “suggestions” but it didn’t come from that disgusting blood thirsty, sodomite anti-human theif-dom known as “is-ra-hell”
    More wet dreams by the psychos.

  2. CHUCKMAN says

    Hard to know.

    Despite good surface relations with Russia, deep down Israel does not like Russia.

    That’s because Russia represents an important stumbling block to the United States.

    Israel completely embraces and encourages an aggressive United States because it is viewed as the best support for Israel’s own imperial efforts in its region.

    But Putin is close to a perfect pragmatist in many affairs, and if this story is true – if – that’s all he’s doing here, a bit of horse-trading.

    We will of course need better confirmation than The Times of Israel.

    All publications from Israel provide continuous streams of disinformation and propaganda along with news.

    1. Linda Wren says

      Like the BBC then

      1. CHUCKMAN says

        Indeed. An atrocious excuse for a news outlet since Tony Blair’s day and Dr Kelly’s murder.

    2. thomas malthaus says

      Israel only likes Israel. With everyone else it’s all downhill.

      1. Ilya says

        Not even. As much as the fabled ‘Jews never ever never harm other Jews’ fable runs on, they don’t like the Eastern Jews, nor the Karaites.

        Just another tribe, lost in time, millennia too far in the future for their system.

        1. thomas malthaus says

          A racist tribe, in your opinion?

  3. SKA99 says

    You just need to read the other news on The Times of Israel to see what a biased; lying media outlet it is.
    Some might be true about this article as it is normal to give and take in any trade deal but to go that far as to insinuate that Russia is in bed with Israel is nothing else but a lie and wishful thinking.

  4. Gonzogal says

    Before I believe this, I will wait to see similar news on TASS or Sputnik

    1. ravenise says

      Has Russia bowed down to the synagogue of satan, or is Israel just trying to smear Russia with the Zionist ugly stick?

      1. ArcAngel says

        Great question.

      2. Gonzogal says

        2 POINTS: Israhell has participated in NATO exercises preparing for war against Russia; On MULTIPLE occasions including very recently (June 2019) Putin/Russia has made clear that it WILL NOT “bow down to the synagogue of satan”

  5. Ilya says

    It’s just the old trick – suck up to the ones with power. At least the Jews’ fawning over Putin quite clearly shows who is in charge.

  6. thomas malthaus says

    Ukraine can receive whatever weapons they want from either the US or other NATO nations and Mr. Putin isn’t able to change that.

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      You neglect leverage Putin has in these matters.

      We always have the future of the self-declared Donbass states at hand.

      Putin is always subtle and careful, never rushed and obvious like Trump.

      1. thomas malthaus says

        He has long term leverage in the sense Ukraine is a failed state when the global economy collapses. That assumes he can leverage the peace.

        He has some leverage now with natural gas, Ukraine, and Europe if he so decides.

        I’m saying Russia can’t stop the physical transfer unless Mr. Putin prefers a confrontation not necessarily of his choosing or control.

        Only he is aware of what he can reasonably control without significantly increasing bloodshed.

    2. Linda Wren says

      You think? Nuttiyahoos thumb has slipped. Shame

      1. thomas malthaus says

        If it comes from Israel. it’s actually coming from America, if I can decipher your broken English.

        1. Linda Wren says


  7. RedBaron9495 says

    Screw the filthy Israelis!

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