Russia Is in Trouble

The Kremlin dabbles in Covid Theater as vaxxed-against-their-will Russians head to the polls

Vladimir Putin goes into hiding as his pro-mandatory vax party faces electoral ruin

Editor’s note: If Slavsquat sounds bitter here, it’s because he is, and he has the right to be. He knows people who were subject to Moscow’s coerced vaccine scheme personally. Some of whom may be related to him.

By their deeds you will know them.

Vladimir Putin has heroically quarantined himself, purportedly after “several” people in his inner circle tested positive for Covid-19. Is he hiding from Covid or the fact that his openly pro-mandatory vax political party, United Russia, is expected to get hammered in the upcoming Duma elections on September 19?

The Russian president is doubled-jabbed with Sputnik V and has tested negative for The Virus. Still, one can never be too careful, especially when your unchallenged Uniparty is polling at 27% among likely voters less than a week away from parliamentary elections.

“We’ll see how Sputnik V works in practice,” the Russian leader said on Tuesday. “I hope that everything will be as it should, and Sputnik V will show its high levels of protection against Covid in real life.”

What the heck is going on here?

What is the point of being vaccinated if it is necessary to self-isolate after interacting with a PCR-positive individual, even though you’ve tested negative? How is that even logical? And hasn’t Putin been in a weird Zoom Meeting Bubble for a year? What exactly does “self-isolate” mean in this context?

This is the same guy who has never been photographed wearing a mask in public.

It’s not logical, of course. It’s Bio-Security Theater. Not to be confused with its identical twin, Terrorism-Security Theater.

Just to reiterate: Putin’s party, United Russia, is not doing too great in the polls. The party currently holds 334 of 450 seats in parliament, but its comfortable majority could evaporate if it doesn’t find a way to remedy its plunging political support, estimated at 27% by pollsters.

That’s not exactly an inspiring figure when you consider Russia’s “opposition” parties are either co-opted by the Kremlin or can have their candidates barred from running on spurious grounds. [Such as several Communist candidates this year.]  Only widescale voter apathy can save United Russia now. Or maybe sympathy for their Quarantined Great Leader.

(Just to be clear: Slavsquat has zero love for Navalny or any of those other weirdos. In fact, what frightens him most of all is how Love of Covid Restrictions & Forced Vaccination has united pro and anti “regime” media & important pundit-people, to a sickening extent. This is not a good sign.)

The nosedive in popularity is fully deserved, by the way:

The Kremlin is a beacon of anti-NWO light!

We tried to warn you people but you didn’t listen. We practically wrote a book about how Russia’s upper management is infested by Forced Vax Fanatics who are indistinguishable from their unsavory Western peers – and that it was the Russian people, not their horribly tragic government, who should be celebrated for resisting the worst impulses of Covid-fueled degeneracy.

Russians are done with Covid. Their “leaders”? Not so much. Everyone must be injected.

New narratives are being weaved. Brace yourself for a smorgasbord of new Highly Transmissible, More Severe Strains.

Celebrity doctor Denis Protsenko, who was urged by Putin to run for parliament after calling for mandatory vaccination, is now predicting that Russia will be hit by a wave of Covid Terror in the coming weeks. You better believe him! This brave, clairvoyant medical expert “coincidentally” called for compulsory vaccination on the same day that Moscow secretly adopted its forced jab decree.

More coercive vaccination policies are on their way. They are pretty open about it:

Isn’t it time to confront the truth, no matter how unappetizing it may be?


Putin, Protsenko and Sobyanin. Masked Peskov in the background. Protsenko is the chief of the hospital where Putin went for his famous hazmat-suit stroll
  1. Raptar Driver says

    Putin has exposed himself ever since the events in Ukraine 2014.
    This should be the nail in his coffin however the Putin worshippers will double down and continue till the end.
    Just like the Covidians.
    Could they be one and the same?

    1. yuri says

      rat drivers always think like amerikan lizard

    2. Abraham Lincoln says

      It will be good if his party gets hammered. Then he can purge the remaining Zio globalists which infest it. This is when we will see his true colors, when he has the public mandate to take on the Zio empire.

      Then Putin will have the power he needs to take them on and if he does not then you can say he is a phony.

      Don’t forget he is only 1 guy not superman. I don’t expect him to take on the Zi empire by himself. The same as Russia is only 1 country and did not have the political and economic power to take on the empire back in 2014. They are almost ready to take on the Zio empire now together with China.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        I was under the impression that he had this mandate for at least 10 years now?

  2. ken says

    Naaaa,,, Just do what the democrats in the US do… Cheat!

    Problem solved….

  3. yuri says

    Putin has always taken the middle road, but rejects mandatory vaccines—we freedom loving communists entirely oppose any mandates , masks and other ridiculous restrictions

    1. Malatok says

      we freedom loving communists

      Your oxymoron is sarcasm or humor?

  4. Jerry Hood says

    Rus.Putin needs to retire with all his yiddish speaking khazarian ” oligarchs”= parasites on the Russian working class!!!

  5. GMC says

    Well, if Russia thinks that those 10 Biolabs in Ukraine , and the others in Georgia and Kazakhstan are going to quit ” experimenting” and spreading viruses – then they have another guess coming.

  6. Malatok says

    Ras Putin is part of the problem…He is playing along like all the political pawns are doing everywhere else.

    YOU are the disease, their covaids death squirt the cure.
    The covaids death prick caper in under 2 minutes.

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