Russia Is Hitting Residential Buildings, So Is Ukraine

Ukrainians are quick to publish videos of the Russian gear they destroy. Since much of that gear is destroyed with artillery in built-up areas the videos also show that Ukrainian forces are hitting residential areas with artillery. (See below.)

I’m not trying to damn the Ukie soldiers here. It’s probably what any military would do in the same situation. Also since it is Moscow that decided on escalation it could be argued that Moscow bears some responsibility even for losses to civilians by Ukrainian guns and rockets.

But I do think it is something worth bearing in mind. A piece of context that you won’t hear on CNN.

Both sides are reluctant to fire on an urban area, but both can be expected to fire if they have a visual on the enemy there.

  1. Kointel Killah says

    Russians bombed an alleged Azov recruiting station in Kharkov. Multiple videos, inside and out, show the impact, before and after.

    Injuries, but no apparent casualties(early morning).

    -Huge explosion at city administration building in kharkov (confirmed)

  2. Martillo says

    Denazification is a dirty business. Ask the Germans, who were only briefly cured and now are up to the same old crap with their EUSSR in the Brussels sinkhole Natostan. Until the Pentacon demons are sent packing back to Slumville, USSA there will be no peace and less freedom in Urupp.

    Yankee go home already and take your covaid$ with you

  3. XSFRGR says

    I haven’t seen a single knocked out vehicle, among these photos or vids, that isn’t Ukrainian. The large WHITE “V” IS A UKRAINIAN VEHICLE MARKING.

    1. Field Empty says

      You are clueless. V is a Russian marking as much as the Z. A lot of the forces coming from Belarus have the V. By demonstrating you don’t know the basics of the basics you disqualify yourself from the conversation.

      1. XSFRGR says

        Sorry, but regardless of the propaganda to cover for destroyed Ukrainian vehicles the “V” is Ukrainian. Since both Ukraine, and Russia use the same equipment there must be a way to tell them apart. Ergo Russians use the “Z”, and Red arm bands while the Ukies use the “V”, and blue or gold arm bands. But you already knew that. By lying you disqualify yourself from reality.

        1. Field Empty says

          You are an idiot. I can’t count the number of videos of Russians ridding around with the V. Here’s one from Zvezda:

          You know what TV Zvezda is, do you?

          Ignorant shit. Learn a thing or two before you speak up.

          1. XSFRGR says

            Unlike you I don’t trash my mind with Twitter. The only vid. I saw was in Belgorod, and there were no marked vehicles. So tell me, since the uniforms of the Ukies, and the Russians are the same, except for the arm bands, how do you tell one vehicle from another. Oh, I know, the Ukie vehicles have a “V”, and the Russia vehicles have a “Z”. Of course there are instances where Russian soldiers are driving abandoned Ukie vehicles, and that’s common in war. That’s so simple that even a clown like you should be able to understand it. You are a disgusting person incapable of reason, and thus a fool. You no longer exist to me.

  4. Steve Ginn says

    The Ukrop neo nazis are just destroying their country trying to prove how clever they are. Cowards hiding in urban areas and using civilians as human shields! All this because their idiot, US appointed “premiers” were too stupid to tell the Yanks/NATO to piss off and just sign the Minsk Agreement 8 years ago, which would have saved all this!

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