Russia Delivers Electronic Warfare Systems to Iran

Without an official announcement but there is a video that seems to confirm it

Russia just delivered the R-330Zh Zhitel SIGINT/jammer advanced electronic warfare system to Iran. The system saw combat use by DNR (Donetsk People’s Republic) and LNR (Lugansk People’s Republic) forces during the Ukrainian invasion. It gave the Novorussian forces an edge in fighting Ukrainian drones, scrambling their communications and offsetting artillery fire navigation which saved countless lives, military and civilian alike.

The R-330Zh Zhitel is a jamming communication station designed and manufactured by the Russian Company Protek. The whole system includes one Ural-43203 or KAMAZ-43114 truck and one shelter with four telescopic masts. The truck is the control center for the operators. The shelter is equipped with four telescopic active phased array transmitter antennas mounted on a four wheels trailer.

The R-330Zh is designed for detection, analysis, direction-finding, and jamming of satellite and cellular phone communication systems operated in the frequency from 100 to 2,000 MHz. The jamming system provides analysis and selection of emitters’ signal parameters. The system’s jamming station was used successfully by the Russian army during the Crimean crisis in March 2014.

If Novorussian combat experience is taken into account, the Iranian military just got a crucial system which gives it a serious advantage over US troops stationed in the Middle East. Considering the fact that the US and their Persian Gulf allies are over-reliant on advanced communications and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) in order to conduct military operations, the Russian R-330Zh Zhitel electronic warfare system, if used properly, will give the Iranian military an edge which the potential invading forces cannot hope to overcome easily, if at all.

Source: Fort Russ

  1. m.Karim says

    Advancd electronic system could be a game changer to Irans security! US policyholders are imtellectually incapable of understanding Putins gameplan!

  2. TB Wong says

    I have a lot of respect for Russia who is not afraid to do the right thing. China can learn a lot from Russia.

  3. DarkEyes says

    What will become of the world, without Russia?

  4. All_has_An _END_. says

    Great news

  5. CHUCKMAN says

    Now, how about some S-400s?

    1. thomas malthaus says
    2. cap960 says

      Maybe already in… No need to tell all. Secrecy is also a good way to keep your enemies at bay. “The US can’t act if it doesn’t know”

  6. tom greg says

    Right on.

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