Russia Moved a Record 5200 Railway Cars Loaded With Military Gear in a Week

Double the previous all-time high

Editor’s note: The Russian military has published an infographic stating that it moved 5200 railway cars loaded with military gear in a single week. The highest previous number a Russian military blogger ever recalls is 2600.

Machine translated from Russian.

Another week has passed since the previous review and again I return to the topic of the transfer of Russian troops to Belarus and the border areas.

First, about the transportation record. In the newspaper “Red Star” in the weekly report on the activities of the army published a record number of cars for military transportation – 5200 or more than 100 echelons. In my memory, this number has never been more than 2600 wagons per week. Feel the swing.

Moreover, the preparations for the Allied Resolve-2022 exercises had already been completed and transportation from Russia had been stopped. On February 10, the active phase of the exercise began.

To find out the details of the record achievement, let’s carefully plunge into the quagmire of social networks. Ideologicals, don’t read any further!

On the territory of the Western Military District, units of the 14th Army Corps, the 2nd, 6th, 41st Combined Armies and of the 1st Tank Army are actively gathering in the border (Smolensk, Bryansk, Oryol, Kursk, Belgorod and Voronezh) regions.

The transfer of units of the 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the 14th Army Corps of the Northern Fleet has been completed:

Units of the 104th Airborne Assault Regiment of the 76th Airborne Assault Division, the 25th Motorized Rifle Brigade, and the 9th Artillery Brigade were transferred from the 6th Army. On one echelon, the installation of 2S3 from the 138th Motorized Rifle Brigade is visible.
Echelon 138th MSBR

The videos with the 9th Artillery Brigade and the 25th Motorized Rifle Brigade have already been removed, so only screenshots:

In general, the border with NATO countries and Finland is seriously exposed. And the strength of the Balts should not be underestimated:

From the 1st Tank Army, in addition to the previously deployed, units of the 2nd Motorized Rifle and 4th Tank Divisions, the 27th Motorized Rifle, the 6th Tank, the 45th and 288th Artillery, the 79th Rocket Artillery and the 202nd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade are transferred. So far, only the 423rd Motorized Rifle Regiment of the 4th Tank Division has not appeared in transportation.

At the Rzhava station (Kursk region), a train with tanks and combat vehicles of the 467th training center and the 333rd combat training center of the Ground Forces was unloaded:

The 51st Parachute Regiment of the 106th Airborne Division was transferred to the Smolensk region:

Echelons with units of the 21st Motorized Rifle and 385th Artillery Brigades arrive from the 2nd Combined Arms Army.

Echelons with units of the 74th Motorized Rifle Brigade arrive from the 41st Combined Arms Army:

Somewhere along the way, echelons of the 11th Airborne Assault Brigade from the Eastern Military District.

The transfers in the Southern Military District are of the nature of “Brownian motion” and are unbearable for my meager mind. I will collect my thoughts, I will write separately.

These are disturbing observations. Take care of yourself.

Source: Altyn LiveJournal Blog

  1. Ilya G Poimandres says

    I’m enjoying the coverage, but:

    So what? !914, Lord Grey tricked the continental nations to mobilise. Russia first, (Churchill’s navy second three days later on the 27th).. Germany last on 1st August.

    Who lost? Germany and Russia.

    Then an invasion of Russia by Europe, US, and Japan. Then a civil war paid for by New York (Trotsky) and Switzerland(?) (Lenin).

    Then a civil war against the “white niggers” Trotsky and Lenin “if 90% of Russians die for Communism, it will be worth it”..

    Then the half-fake Holodomor: The USSR imports 80% of the UK’s industrial exports, but the UK refuses payment in gold, and demands payment in grain – with agricultural exports banned from 1934, till 201- something thereafter.

    Then funding Hitler by US industrialists in the early 30’s.

    Then WWII, then the cold war, then the attack on a weakened nation in the 90’s, then sanctions at the end of the ‘oughties, then now.

    Where has there not been an attack on Russia – for the last 100+ years?!

    1. TZVI says

      “So what” is we have Multiple Nuclear armed states circling each other looking for weakness.

      Bulls on parade.

  2. Steve Ginn says

    The Yanks have been stirring up trouble for the Ulies and are now sh1tting their diapers on behalf of the Ukronazis fearing that Russia will do “something”!

  3. TZVI says

    The vote is today between two competing bills in the Duma to recognize the LPR and DPR.

  4. nnn says

    Drop couple of missiles on Kiev before to get out

  5. Mr Reynard says

    Quote: Russia Moved a Record 5200 Railway Cars Loaded With Military Gear in a WeekDo they have trains in Russia ?? CNN & Joo York Slime said that Russia is broke ?? So how come they have trains, when they are broke ??
    Don’t they need western expertise to run trains ??

    1. Eddy says

      Having difficulty working out whether your taking the piss or serious with your post. If the later, you need to be aware Russia has some of the World’s leading technology in railroad transport, the majority of which is electric. Also, to move a military contingent of this size, really takes some serious organising, something which I believe NATO together with their masters, the Yanks, would find it extremely difficult to copy. Thus, highlighting a very weak area of NATO for everyone to see. In fact I believe, that was the whole purpose of this exercise.

      1. Mr Reynard says

        Nahh Eddy.. I’m trying to get a job with CNN & being paid a $ 1 Million a year posting this type of comments ??
        Maybe someone @ CNN will read it & give me that good paying job ??
        No luck up to now ??

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