Russia Aghast After Not Being Given Credit for Pioneering “Lockdown for the Unvaccinated”

MSM falsely crediting Austria for the best that pseudo-medical fascism has to offer

Stealing credit from these bold Faucians: Peskov, Putin, Protsenko, Sobyanin

Austria has declared a “lockdown for the unvaccinated”, New Southern Wales (Sydney region) in Australia has a similar semi-lockdown for the modern leppers, and the UK is slowly preparing the public for a lepper lockdown deeper into the flu season.

“Lockdown for the unvaccinated” is the hot new thing in town, destined to spread far beyond Australia, Australia and the UK, and it all started in…Russia.

More than a month ago Russia’s Tatarstan already barred the unvaccinated over 65 from exiting their homes except to take out trash, seek emergency medical care, shop in their nearest grocery, or walk their pet within 100 meters of their home.

This “lockdown for the unvaccinated over 65” (the Russians call it “self-isolation regime”) then spread from Tatarstan to many other Russian regions (with modifications such as lowering the age to 60) to where now tens of millions of Russians are nominally under lepper lockdowns.

Ironically nobody wants to acknowledge that Austria wasn’t actually the first. The alt-media because it is trying hard to pretend that it hasn’t noticed the Faucism of official Russia, and the mainstream media because “Russia did it too” isn’t how you normalize mass house arrest to the wider public. Much better to be seen as copying the land of lederhosen and yodeling.

Poor official Moscow. Exporting Marxist-Lenist innovations to the West wasn’t that successful. Coming up with the most demented Virus Stalinism schemes and seeing them copied by the West is going far better, but even in this case the Russian government will get no credit for its innovations.

  1. Milo says

    LMFAO 🤝

  2. GrossMisconduct says

    It’s been like this in Canada since September. Strange that nobody ever talks about this damn country.

  3. Erik Nielsen says

    So old Morris in Cambodia was right. Russia is “same shit”. Their new PM also revealed where we are going.

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