Russia Adopts Protocols for Burying the Population in Mass Graves in Case of Catastrophic Event

What the...?

Editor’s note: This could be A.) nothing, B.) covid scaremongering, or C.) preparations for WW3.

Machine translated from Russian.

From February 1, 2022, for the first time in Russia, the national standard “Urgent burial of corpses in peacetime and wartime” is being introduced. It describes that the authorities must be prepared to bury thousands of people in mass graves. The standards for graves, labor costs, the amount of equipment and the way of storing corpses have been established.

As “NI” found out, on September 13, 2021, the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology issues an order, which approves the rules for the urgent burial of corpses in peacetime and wartime. As expected, this strictly technical document outlines all the disposal work point by point. Here is a quote from this noteworthy document:

“The main types of work in this case will be:

  • development of a pit for the construction of a mass grave;
  • preparation of a pit for the burial of bodies (remains):
  • preparation of bodies (remains) of the victims for burial;
  • layout of the first row of bodies (remains) of those killed in mass graves:
  • sending of the first row of bodies (remains) of the deceased;
  • the layout of the second row of bodies (remains) of those killed in mass graves;
  • backfilling of the second row of bodies (remains) of the deceased;
  • backfilling of mass graves. “

To calculate the possible irrecoverable losses among the population, the document introduces the concept of “the degree of destruction of the city.” The authors of the document proceed from the assumption that the population will die from conventional weapons, therefore, the maximum losses among the unprotected population, in which the degree of defeat is taken as one, will amount to 30%. In shelters, 5% of the city’s inhabitants will die , in the simplest shelters – up to 10%.

At enterprises, in the event of their defeat by conventional weapons and the death of 55% of workers, the losses will be considered “complete irrecoverable”.


The new national standard deals with the loss of many thousands of civilians – not about dozens, not hundreds, but about THOUSANDS. And it is written in Appendix A to the standard: here is an example of how much manpower and resources will be required to bury “1000 dead within 3 days”.

Officials have established the size of the mass graves. If, dear fellow citizens, we all lie down for no reason, they will bury us in mass graves 20 meters long, 3 meters wide and 2.3 meters high. They will be dug by bulldozers with an average productivity of 80 cubic meters per hour. The bottom of the grave will be covered with a mineral binder modifier and then compacted with a roller.

Then they will lay us in four layers, either in bags, or in wooden coffins or zinc coffins, prepared in advance in the amount of 300 pieces per 1000 population, and cover us with earth. Then they will again tamp them down, fill them with “mineral binder” and install “devices for the absorption and neutralization of radioactive, hazardous chemicals and biological agents formed during the decomposition of corpses.”

Here’s a plan.

Defenders of such state actions say that the appearance of this strange and even frightening document is connected, first of all, with the covid.

“The law was being prepared for six months so that you know. We have not yet had forecasts of how the Russian people will die, whether they will be a thousand a day, or 20 thousand a day. All this requires the state to respond appropriately, so that they do not whine, whine and say: here, Mishustin, how many are dying, and people are lying on the roads. The state decided to play ahead of the curve and insure itself in case things go down a critical path,” says Viktor Baranets, a military expert and Vladimir Putin’s electoral confidant .

If we consider that the document was adopted at the end of September, but its authors, after a year of the pandemic, it was clear that although 1000 people die from the coronavirus a day, mass graves are not needed for their burial. What new epidemic the Russian authorities are preparing for remains a big mystery. It is also unclear with which of the scientists the authors consulted, and who told them that humanity is about to face such a disease that it is necessary to procure bulldozers for digging graves for mass graves. On condition of anonymity, Novye Izvestia spoke with several generals of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Even for them, this document came as a surprise, to put it mildly. One of them could not contain his emotions: “They are there oh … and!”

Military expert Alexander Golts is sure that when regulatory documents are needed that determine how much labor is needed to collect corpses, their burial and other elaborated details, this means one thing: such losses can only occur when weapons of mass destruction are used. No natural disaster can cause such a number of losses, neither an earthquake, nor a volcanic eruption:

“Those who prepared these standards thought in terms of either a global epidemic or a global war, in which not only the military, but also the civilian population would die. This is only possible with the use of nuclear weapons. As in an anecdote from the times of the USSR: what to do in case of a nuclear strike? Wrap yourself in a sheet and slowly crawl towards the cemetery to make their work easier…”

Apparently, the authors of the document proceeded from the fact that as a result of a global war, not only the military, but also the civilian population would die. Viktor Baranets agrees with this . They also decided to tackle wartime, the expert says. According to the hawks, Russia has too many military threats in the west, south and north:

“We do not know if Ukraine will attack the Donetsk and Lugansk republics. We do not know if we will interfere. For now, we are saying that we will not interfere. But out of these 100%, in 99 cases we say that we will not attack, but it may turn out that we will have to send troops not only to the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but also to the greater Ukraine. We also have a smoke-fused fuse in the Black Sea region. There are also dangers in the region of the Russia-Belarus Union State. It is alarming in the Kaliningrad region. There are grandiose plans for the immediate capture of the Kaliningrad region, even with the use of nuclear weapons. And how, then, will we bury? One by one, or what?”

Even Colonel General Ivashov , the former head of the Main Directorate of International Military Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, who can hardly be called a political dove, calls for a more cautious attitude towards both military rhetoric and the plans of the military in the Ukrainian direction. This, according to the general, only plays into the hands of the Americans:

“If we are talking about mass graves, the Russian side is actively involved in this, a war with Ukraine is being prepared. Neither the Ukrainian people, nor the Russian people certainly need this war. I do not exclude that it is Russia that initiates this war. We see the escalation. They have been preparing for this war for a long time. All talk shows in recent years have turned our population against the Ukrainians. On the Ukrainian side, the opposite is true. Who is the beneficiary here? Naturally, the beneficiaries will be the Americans.”

However, the new standards speak not of a local conflict, but of military operations of a huge scale, comparable to the Second World War, says Alexander Golts. Today in Europe there are simply not enough troops to arrange such a massacre:

“It will take another ten years, according to my estimates, for such a number of troops to be built up in Europe. There are not so many people in Russia to arrange a battle comparable to the battles of World War II. The women let them down, they did not give birth, as Kvashnin said.”
(A.V. Kvashnin, General of the Army, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation – First Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation 1997-2004)

Defenders of the new standard remind that we have forgotten about the time when Russia was dying in millions. Then the authorities showed a long reaction, but now they decided to play ahead of the curve. If there is such a development of events when it will be necessary to bury in hundreds and thousands, we will already have the rules of the game. For this, it is necessary to allocate certain personnel, certain equipment, money, up to firewood in the crematorium, until we receive plots where we will bury these people. Everything should be thought out – from A to Z. We are preparing for major crises, says Viktor Baranets.

Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor Yuliy Nisnevich states that there is an injection, but it is difficult to understand what injection of which, and most importantly, why, is difficult:

“It is clear that no one needs any real war. More like muscle flexing. I’m not sure about the alarmist ideas that someone is preparing for something. If something serious was being prepared, it would be constructed a little differently.”

Most likely, the initiators and authors of the new document are preparing for the war, but not for the future, but for the past. An optimistic answer to the question of why this terrifying document was adopted at all is to close some legislative holes, says Professor Nisnevich:

“It is unlikely that this GOST is connected with the current situation. And they were buried in mass graves when they could not identify the dead. It is impossible to imagine such a thing in modern Europe and Russia.”

Less peace-loving fellow citizens argue that it is necessary to prepare any department, all power structures and the army for any development of events, be it war or plague:

“Yes, yes and yes! In any case, you will have to do mass graves. We must be ready, from the coffin to the ground, before it is cremated. We all have to think it over. How should we localize areas.”

Novye Izvestia asked Rosstandart for clarification. At first, the department promised to give a prompt answer. But all the deadlines have passed, according to which departments are obliged to respond to press inquiries, and there has been no response. Meanwhile, in order to clarify the situation, I still wanted to know who initiated the creation of a new standard on mass graves. From the standard itself, it can be understood that the document was developed by the Federal State Budgetary Institution All-Russian Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergencies EMERCOM of Russia (Federal Center for Science and High Technologies).

As they used to say in the theater: the author!

Source:  Novye Izvestia 

  1. Jerry Hood says

    For what to repeat to the goyim that yhe jew globalists are murdering you since 911? Dear cattle seed,the next horse,3rd horse of the globalist apocalypse is STARVATION! Dear unbelieving cattle seed( goyim), in the 4th horseman, in 2025, you are dead in billions! And I won’t feel for none of you! You had the control over your body and soul, and you have choosen how to die!!!!

    1. Dawn Harris says

      Jerry. By far the most lucid comment. The 4th Horse is it. Where you got 2025 from I’m not sure. Starvation is already in many countries and may not impact so much on others. This would shorten the time frame. You may be right but I’m never confident giving dates. This is Gods job. Thanks 😊 NZ

  2. Matrixdissident says

    Gives going green a new meaning.

  3. Maiasta says

    In addition to “A.) nothing, B.) covid scaremongering, or C.) preparations for WW3”, there is also a fourth option: preparation for mass mortality from the vaccine. These same protocols have been adopted widely around the world, as this British funeral director discusses:

    One might ask why vaccine fatalities would suddenly surge. But anyone who has followed the graphene oxide question knows that vaccinees who present with rGO (and it’s not all vaccinees) are now antennas which are modulable by radio frequencies. This is not necessarily for what excitable types see as “mind control” (although terahertz frequencies allow for this kind of thing). Rather, the interaction of rGO with radio frequencies means that the body-wide inflammatory syndrome (“Covid”) can be switched on at will.

    And this is likely what is behind the widely-observed fact that the top 12 countries for “Covid” mortality in 2020 were all the countries that had flu-jabbed 50% or more of their senior populations in 2019. And we have concrete evidence for the presence of graphene oxide in various brands of flu vaccines. In other words, many of us (principally the elderly) had already been seeded with this material beofre the Covid “vaccines” were ever rolled out.

    This is a slow-motion democide. So Russia’s adoption of these protocols should not be taken lightly.

    1. J R says

      The graphene oxide connedspiracy has been proven completely false. You should know this by now, but apparently don’t, which makes you another connedspiracy moron. So instead of actually addressing the article in question, you rant on about another connedspiracy, which most certainly makes you another connedspiracy moron. Connedspiracy morons have polluted and poisoned reasoned informed debate and discussion and should simply be ignored or even better, banned off the Internet until such time as they gain a modicum of understanding and comprehension in reality and facts.

      1. The Ogs says

        Is it not time for a booster for you, JR…?
        Nothing to fear, heheh…

      2. arizona says

        JR,go back to your DADDY SATAN and tell him he and him go back where you came from ,..HELL…

      3. Healthyunvaxxedskeptic says

        Do you have a link to back up your claim?

      4. blagostwin says

        Graphene Oxide good. Every one should have it coursing through their veins. Hopefully you’re loaded up with the stuff.

    2. steve kastl says

      Terrified for the world’s future with Talmudic cult criminals in charge of the USA and wanting nuclear war if they can no longer in charge of the world. Sociopathic reasoning like that is very Talmudic and very Israeli.

      1. Dave says

        Christians killing Christians, what’s not to like?
        Such a bargain for us satanic kosher goblins!

        1. johnwaits says

          i knew it…

  4. Michael Mazur says

    They dare not write in terms of tens of millions dead as it’s too mind numbing because that’s too many even for mass graves, so they confine themselves to what is manageable, a few thousand laid in neat rows.

    1. NobodyUKnow says

      Plus, they want to avoid sparking mass panic. The document and its actual intent remind me of a situation I experienced in the office where I worked back in the days when Kim Jong Un of North Korea was threatening to lob a nuke at New York.

      As it turns out, my city was in the direct flight path of the missile that might have been launched, and there was a risk that the missile could run out of fuel or go off course and land on my city.

      So, one day my employer ran an ‘earthquake drill’ for the entire office, where we would go into main hallways where there were only a few doors and no windows.The idea behind the drill was to get us away from our desks so that we wouldn’t get hit by flying glass caused by the quake. But the windows in my office building were heavily laminated and flying glass would not be a major risk, because in an earthquake, the shards of glass wouldn’t fly in but drop to the ground.

      A light bulb went off in my head when I realized my city doesn’t get earthquakes, but occasionally experiences mild aftershocks from distant places in the region that are prone to small earthquakes that don’t cause much,if any damage and don’t cause any loss of life.

      I also realized that having employees move to an inner hallway during an actual quake would be dangerous, because they might not make it to the hallways in time and be crushed under rubble.

      It was then that I realized that the ‘earthquake drill’ was actually a nuclear attack drill but called something else to avoid sparking panic.

      The best place for the employees to be during a nuclear attack was in hallways where there were no windows and only a few doors, if there was no basement. The lack of windows and doors would protect the employees from flash burns and being hit by flying glass and other debris.

      In a real nuclear attack, though, we would have been heading down the stairwells and into the basement where we would get the best protection from blast, heat and radiation.

      In my time, I have realized that sometimes bureaucratic documents use vague language to conceal the real intent of the document or the problem being faced. If you read between the lines carefully, you’ll see everything as plain as day.

  5. Yaridanjo says


  6. NobodyUKnow says

    The language of the mass graves protocols document seems to reflect preparations for nuclear war because it specifically mentions “the degree of destruction of the city.” 

    The language would be rather vague instead if the protocols were intended to deal with any mass casualty event that was due to causes other than war.

    In short, it looks like Russia are getting ready for a Third World War in which nuclear weapons are used.

  7. Leethal says

    It is most likely scaremongering since the mRNA jab is waning. WWIII you will be incinerated (no burial needed) and if it’s about nothing, why bother?

  8. WilliamtheResolute says

    When the first word of a nuclear detonation reaches us…I suggest finding shelter below ground within 15 minutes no matter what the talking heads say…my two cents.

    1. arizona says

      IN THIS WHOLE PAGE,YOU MY FRIEND WILLIAM ARE GIVING THEM THE BEST ADVICE,shelter as fast as they can..and be prepared to stay a few months in the shelter,food,water,warm blankets and a good RADIATION DETECTOR…or you will NOT survive .

  9. The Ogs says

    Well I’m certainly not saying that if USA got its ass kicked it would be a good thing.
    But I think we can all agree that it would be very richly deserved indeed.

    1. ben b says

      This is a common comment from political simpletons.
      First, the US government is Globalist controlled and it’s criminal actions have little to do with the will of the American people.

      If you don’t understand 9/11 you’re not even on the board let alone in the game.

      1. arizona says

        BEN,who are you trying to bullshit,AMERICANS LOVE ,HATE ,DEATH,AND WAR..and most of all they hate children..AMERICA IS ABOUT TO RECIEVE WHAT THEY HAVE SOWN…mass death…

        1. ben b says

          Obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about.
          The Ruling Oligarchy is in charge and have been at war with the American people for at least the last 60 years. There are plenty of good people left in the US even though they have poisoned our food, experimented on the population, run propaganda 24/7 and placed a moron pedo-criminal puppet in as fake president. The Globalists are setting up the US to take the fall for their Great Reset.
          All the Wars a staged… wake-up!

  10. arizona says

    RUSSIA AND CHINA will have to BOMB america til its glows from outer space befor PEACE will return to earth again,AMERICANS LOVE ,HATE,DEATH,AND WAR,they will keep causing mass death in nations around the world till someone stops them,THAT WILL MEAN THERMO-NUCLEAR WEAPONS DROPPED ON AMERICA TILL THE POPULATION IS DOWN TO ONLY HUNDREDS OF SURVIVORS,any more then that and THEY WILL UNLEASH THEIR WAR MACHINE ON THE WORLD AGAIN IN THE FUTURE…

  11. Edward says

    Destroy the VATICAN, THE JOOOOOS, AND EVERY BANKER, AS WELL AS THE 12 most wealthy families. Then we would have PEACE.

    1. Alex says

      There will be no peace. The problem is that the heart of most people is stonehearted. Sin is the problem.

  12. Dave says

    WW1 was Christians killing Christians
    WW2 was Christians killing Christians
    WW3 will be the same.
    Bolshevik Jews murdered 40 million Christians in Russia, but we won’t see movies about that from kosher Hollywood, or on “the electric Jew” (TV).
    My fellow Americans, NEVER disarm to this demonic tribe of control freak goblins

  13. Dave says

    We won’t have peace until the last Zionist is strangled with the intestines of the last communist!

  14. Alex says

    The elites are Satan (God’s adversary), they stay in power with lies, stealing and killing. They control their populations through fear by controlling their reality, this technique was learnt over thousands of years in Egypt, hence obelisks in every capital city, when you wake up from their matrix you start to see their lies and you will be disturbed that you’ve been living a complete illusion, but then you will be amazed at the truth that there is a creator and that you yourself is a creator, and then you will rest when you connect with that great creator knowing that this life is a drop in an ocean of time (book of Thomas). All wars are planned and choreographed, most of space exploration specially the lunar landings are fake, the News is what they want you to believe, viruses are a hoax, people get sick due to toxin build up, poisoning through “medicines” and the way they handle stress, nuclear weapons as we’ve been told are a hoax, just another fear tool and of course the money system is a complete hoax created to control. If you doubt what I say, test it, turn off your TV’s, be still, observe people’s behaviours, you will see it

  15. blueyblogger says

    These guys are WAY behind the 8-ball.
    Australian police and governments have been doing this for many years, and have perfected a way of concealing the location of the mass graves.
    We discovered one in Cherbourg, and there’s an inquiry pending.

  16. counting-bullets says

    russia got a cool cover for burying the head spikes, wow man, farout, dig it for those who got the clotshot jab19, poor poor jr, hehehehe…

  17. Oldman says

    the USA has had its own protocol. There are stock piles of plastic coffins capable of holding at least three bodies each. They are stored at FEMA camps and other facilities. There are also crematoriums at many of the FEMA Camp’s. And of course make an acquisition any equipment they need from any Corporation or even individual. What would be the cause for such a need? Could be the cause of the jar. Or possibly a new viral or biological outbreak. Or even War which could be the reason for an outbreak or even nuclear weapons. But as I have found over the decades when they deny something could be the case that’s where you might likely Focus. They said no natural disasters could cause such a loss of life I would beg to differ. would do the trick. so could say a fiery Mountain such as the one in the canaries. it’s just an example realizing that can’t reach Russia. Meteor impact? The most pressing thing that the world immediately faces is starvation. And that could start happening on a scale unimaginable. The world’s Supply chains are basically broken. Weather extremes and plagues .putting further stress on the Agra culture of the world. Whether it’s on purpose or not, and it likely is. It hardly matters. Hunger is a huge motivator. Food and water will surely be a commodity worth going to war over. Wacom stack’em and Packham.

  18. Depressed person says

    Dumbest comment section I’ve ever seen

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