RT’s Schizo-in-Chief Calls 55% of Russian Adults Mass Child Killers, Wishes Them a Painful Death

Nothing like going on psychotic rants against people involuntarily paying your salary

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By Riley Waggaman, a former RT.com editor

Every day, tens of thousands of disaffected Westerners—betrayed by the Fake News Media!—load up RT.com, the only outlet brave enough to report on America’s coercive vaccine mandates and Pfizer’s phony trial data.

“Finally, a network that understands it is wrong to strip people of their basic human rights if they refuse to take a rushed and completely unproven drug,” these grateful news consumers say to themselves.

Does this describe you? Because if it does, RT’s editor-in-chief thinks you are a complete idiot and wants nothing to do with you and your non-stop child-killing ways.

The message from RT’s big cheese couldn’t be more crystal-clear: If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, Margarita Simonyan “dislikes” you and “doubts your cognitive abilities.”

And now, because you “idiots” didn’t get vaccinated, “massive” amounts (citation needed) of children are dying from COVID!

In fact, according to Simonyan, all of you unvaxxed rodents will soon be “crawling along the corridors of crowded hospitals” as you beg for a ventilator—this will be very “good for you,” to pay the price for your anti-science sins!

While RT’s foreign language outlets pander to (justifiably) jaded westerners, its main Russian-language network is basically CNN multiplied by 100 MSNBCs, raised to the power of NPR. It’s a completely different media world, inhabited by hacks who actively defend and promote the soul-raping “public health” policies being imposed on the Russian people—policies that are overwhelmingly unpopular.

But you’re not supposed to know that. You’re supposed to think that RT is Questioning More.

For example: RT “journalist” Lesya Ryabtseva recently quipped: “there is no place in my life for [unvaccinated] people, although it is difficult to call them people.”

She sounds like Rachel Maddow—but she works for RT. Weird.

Is RT going to keep pretending that it’s irresponsible and evil for Russians to refuse the jab? Because we’re not sure if that’s such an airtight argument—which is probably why the Russian government has decided to stop pretending that the facts are on its side, and instead has resorted to coercion, threats and other forms of gangsterism.

[Simonyan’s deranged mind-disease rant is just too good not to feature in full. Behold the mind-sickness spew you didn’t think was possible in a human (it isn’t, these are bugs):]

Well, here we are.

The recipient of the Order For Merit to the Fatherland and famous doctors like her were heard.

They doubted.

Bottom line. In Russia, children began to die of covid. Seriously, they started dying like that. Massively.

Additional children’s covidariums are hastily opened in children’s hospitals in the regions. Children are on oxygen. Oxygen does not always save.

Was that expected, idiots?

At first, the anti-vaccine drugs aroused an understandable sympathy in me. People are afraid, people have not been explained, people are confused.

I myself was afraid when last September I dragged my family and friends to Gamalea as volunteers.

Then she explained to everyone – publicly and personally, in a lot and in detail.

They explained everything. Everyone tried to persuade. The boss has already persuaded him ten times.

After all the persuasion, the remaining anti-vaccines began to make me dislike and doubt their cognitive abilities.

And now, then thus.

Dear friends, acquaintances and people who merely know of me.

If you do not have antibodies and are not deliberately vaccinated, do not come to my house. Don’t come to my work. Do not come up to me on the street and at a party.

I don’t know you.

If not for you, we would have forgotten about covid. [LOL. The cretenism of this bug. They’re the ones constantly shrieking about this flu, but if only everyone injected their swill that doesn’t affect transmission or infection they would have “forgotten” about it by now.]

And because of you, my children can now die. I have three of them. The eldest is eight, the youngest is two.

They cannot be vaccinated, because there are no vaccinations for children yet.

And it is you, unconscious, conscious anti-vaccines, – a direct threat to the health and life of my, your own and other children.

Suffocate yourself on mechanical ventilation, crawl along the corridors of crowded hospitals – this is good news. But I cannot forgive you for the deaths of the children of my country.

I will disable comments under this post, because a normal person has nothing to comment on here.

And abnormal – there and the road. Only without our children.

Yes, and when you – my unvaccinated Adler relatives, Krasnodar neighbors, Moscow colleagues – will once again try to get to a ‘good’ clinic and, in general, to any clinic with your fever and cough, which you ignored for a week just like you ignored my pleas to get vaccinated – forget my phone in advance.

Cross it out of your notebook right now.

It’s sort of impossible to fast-track long-term safety trials?

“Five months into the pandemic, Russia’s first COVID-19 vaccine is in its final development stages, already proven safe,” RT English reported on July 27, 2020. Hyper-expedited Phase I trials, which involved 38 volunteers and lasted for less than two months, had completely obliterated Sputnik V’s cynical naysayers, according to the outlet. (This was actually before Russia’s flagship vaccine had a snazzy brand name.)

Less than five months later, on December 14, RT announced that “following a large scale trial, Russia’s pioneering Sputnik V vaccine has proven to be 91.4 percent effective overall against COVID-19.” Despite the misleading wording, Sputnik V’s ludicrous-speed Phase III trials hadn’t yet finished (and still haven’t finished, according to TASS). But this is just a minor foible. The unimpeachable data was harvested using “the best international standards and practices,” RT insisted.

Long-term safety trials are NATO misinformation

To put this all in context: it usually takes around a decade of trials before regulators will even consider granting approval to a vaccine. In a 2019 document titled “The Complex Journey of a Vaccine,” the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA), a leading pharmaceutical lobby, noted that vaccine development requires a “very large safety database”—a process that requires years of thorough testing and observation. Phase I trials typically take two years, while Phase III studies can sometimes last 10 years. The process of regulatory approval requires up to two years—longer than Covid-19 has even been around to vaccinate against.

Meanwhile, RT declared Sputnik V safe after 38 people got the shot as part of a 2-month “Phase I” trial. “Just following the science.”

“But wait!” we can already hear some of you shout. “Sputnik V is based on a time-tested, proven platform! There’s simply no need to worry about long-term safety, because the Gamaleya Center has a decades-long track record of vaccine excellence!”

Yeah, about that.

Sputnik V is based on a laughably unproven platform

The big Sputnik V meme is that Russia’s Gamaelya Center had a bunch of time-tested vector adenovirus vaccines just lying around that were modified to create an undoubtedly safe and effective COVID serum.

For example, Kirill Dmitriev, the Harvard-educated ex-Goldman Sachs banker who heads the Russian Direct Investment Fund (which provides financing for Sputnik V), claimed in an op-ed published by RT:

Russia has benefitted from modifying for COVID-19 an existing two-vector vaccine platform developed in 2015 for Ebola fever, which went through all phases of clinical trials and was used to help defeat the Ebola epidemic in Africa in 2017.

But Sputnik V’s own website tells a slightly different story:

About 2,000 people in Guinea received injections of Ebola vaccine in 2017-18 as part of Phase 3 clinical trial.

According to the WHO, Guinea was Ebola-free by June 2016—and remained that way until February 2021. So which “Ebola epidemic in 2017” did Gamaleya’s Phase III clinical trial (involving a grand total of 2,000 people) help defeat, exactly? Please RT, we need to know!

Liar-liar pants on fire

Oh, but it gets worse.

In 2016, Russia’s Association of Clinical Research Organizations (AOKI) found major discrepancies in GamEvac-Combi’s paperwork, suggesting Gamaleya’s Ebola juice cut corners in order to receive emergency use authorization from the Russian health ministry.

The Gamaleya Center has yet to seek emergency approval from the WHO to use GamEvac-Combi outside of Russia.

In February 2021, Guinea began an Ebola revaccination program—but obviously, without GamEvac-Combi. Why does Guinea hate science?

Another common myth (peddled by RT and others) is that the Gamaleya Center developed a proven vaccine for Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), which is very convenient because MERS shares many similarities with COVID-19.

Except… the Phase I trials for this drug haven’t even finished (in fact, apparently the trial is still “recruiting”). A document published by the international health organization in 2020 doesn’t even list Gamaleya’s magic MERS drug as a candidate vaccine.

The science is settled!

The Gamaleya Center admitted last year that “data on duration of vaccine-induced immune response against MERS is scarce.” Gamaleya’s MERS vaccine has been tested on… mice and primates.

“No vaccine or specific treatment is currently available [for MERS], although vaccines and treatments are in development,” according to the WHO.

Curiously, some news reports from the pre-COVID age suggested that MERS vaccines could actually “make people sicker.” We eagerly await the results of Gamaleya’s Phase I MERS vaccine results, to see if this is true or not!

What a terrible thing to suggest.

Sputnik V is the Gamaleya Center’s first “viral vector-based” vaccine to receive emergency use authorization outside of Russia. Alexander Gintsburg—who has been the director of Gamaleya for more than twenty years—has yet to bring a fully approved vaccine to market, despite multiple attempts.

In fact, Gintsburg’s first vector adenovirus vaccine, AdeVac-Flu, resulted in a multimillion-dollar embezzlement scandal.

“[Gamaleya’s] scientists have ‘copy-pasted’ [Sputnik V] from their previous, not accepted by the scientific community, research. In their genetic memory—a criminal case, WHO skepticism and zero drugs introduced into the market,” read the teaser of an investigation published by fontanka.ru in July 2020.

Who can argue with a track record like that? Make Sputnik V compulsory, for everyone!

Russia has no system for monitoring adverse events, and is threatening to criminalize criticism of Sputnik V

Yes, yes, okay. Maybe there has been some slight exaggeration regarding Gamaleya’s non-existent vaccine triumphs, but if Sputnik V wasn’t safe, there would be reports about it, and the Russian government would take immediate action!

The Russian government does not have a VAERS-like database for reporting and monitoring suspected adverse reactions, and doctors who question the vaccine’s safety or efficacy are being threatened with exorbitant fines and prison time.

“The fact is that nothing is registered in Russia at all. Therefore, it is very difficult to understand how many serious complications there are. There are many cases, and we can say that they are related to the vaccine. There is a lot to say. Or you can stick your head in the sand and say that there is nothing at all,” Pavel Vorobyov, Chairman of the Moscow Scientific Society of Physicians, said in a recent interview, making him an anti-science hate speech criminal in the eyes of Russia’s benevolent health authorities.

This is probably why last month Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy conceded that the government had completely failed to convince the public that Sputnik V was safe and effective.

“There are few answers to the questions why those who are vaccinated are ill, why those who are vaccinated die, why there are problems and complications after the vaccinations themselves,” the high-ranking lawmaker said, like a terrorist would.

Enough already

How long can RT keep the charade going? And will RT’s rank-and-file continue to allow the network to regurgitate Kremlin talking points in support of compulsory vaccination and digital “health” IDs?

What is even the point of such policies, when it’s now clear that Sputnik V—like every other vaccine on the market—does not prevent transmission?

As Steve Kirsch—who is a must-follow for those who aren’t familiar with his work—jokingly argued: “COVID vaccine mandates are necessary because the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected.”

This is not science. This is not healthy. It’s transparent, Loony Tune madness.

Also, why are some people still pretending that Schizo-Simonyan isn’t a total schizo? That’s a very weird thing to do.

Good luck, dudes.


Source: Edward Slavsquat

  1. Rebel Forever says

    What a moron….result of coming to my house to inject my children: death caused by blast from Winchester 12 gauge, that’s what.

    1. gaxa says

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  2. ken says

    As I said in a related post, she is not herself if she has had the injections or she is being pressured by soviet persuasion. 🙂 (For Yuri I know,,, not in Putin’s Russia.)

    I know RT is a scam,,, like all American corporate media trash, and what in this world that is government related NOT a scam,,, but I use RT to get the truth out there. One has to keep it short, no links and do not say too much about Mother Russia.

    “The recipient of the Order For Merit to the Fatherland and famous doctors like her were heard.”

    Strange,,, I have never heard a Russian refer Russia as the Fatherland,,, only Germans. Russians usually say the Mother Russia…. yes? But then I am not sure who is speaking…. In the past when the States were a constitutional republic we never referred our selves as a father or mother land. Today as a fascist corporate oligarchy we are a homeland.

    There is little that can be done for these people that have been injected. There will be no magical cure no matter how much is said otherwise. Some symptoms may be improved but the soul is gone forever. The concoction removes the soul making you a real live but spiritually dead zombie that is hypnotically controlled.

  3. ken says


    I don’t know about others but…

    I have to check reCaptcha twice almost every time… first time I get “Cannot connect to reCaptcha”

    I doubt if its my browser or operating system. Firefox 94.0.1 under Linux.

    I haven’t experienced any problems on other sites….


  4. Maiasta says

    Great article, and priceless quote from Kirsch at the end. I wonder if Simonyan reads your site, Marko..? 🙂

  5. padre says

    Gotta serve somebody, as Bob Dylan says!

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