Romania Stops Vaccine Imports, Shutters Vaccination Centers, Transfers Vaccine Stocks to Denmark, Vietnam, Ireland, S. Korea, etc

The people don't want them. Rather than try and force them, the government respects their will

How Romania became a vaccine export powerhouse

Romania closes 117 Covid vaccination centres — July 7, Associated Press:

Declining demand for coronavirus vaccinations in Romania has prompted authorities to close 117 vaccination centers and to reduce the schedule at 371 others, health officials said Tuesday.

“In the previous week we re-evaluated the efficiency of fixed vaccination centers. About 80% of fixed vaccination centers vaccinate less than 25% of the vaccination capacity allocated to each stream,” national vaccination committee chief Valeriu Gheorghita said at a press conference Tuesday.

Romania halts most Covid-19 vaccine imports as people shun jabs — The Irish Times, July 1:

Romania has halted the import of most Covid-19 vaccines after a slowdown in its inoculation drive prompted the government to sell more than a million doses to Denmark and seek an extension to the validity of tens of thousands of expired shots.

Romania to start destroying expired COVID-19 vaccines as vaccination numbers drop — Romania Insider, June 25:

Romania could start destroying some of the COVID-19 vaccines received earlier this year as they are set to expire while the population’s interest in vaccination has dropped significantly. [Or more likely those who wanted it, already got it.]

As a result, Romania now holds a surplus of vaccines and will start to destroy some of the unused doses received earlier this year as they will expire soon. About a week ago, the authorities asked the suppliers to send fewer COVID-19 vaccines than planned for the same reason.

Denmark buys 1.1m Pfizer doses from Romania — The Local, June 30

Denmark has bought 1.1m doses of the Pfizer vaccine from the Romanian government, potentially bringing forward vaccinations by two to three weeks.
In a press release on Tuesday evening, Denmark’s health minister Magnus Heunicke said that the slow pace of vaccination in Romania had left the country with doses that it could not use.

Romanian PM doesn’t want different rules for vaccinated, unvaccinated —, August 28

Prime Minister Florin Citu on Saturday said he wasn’t in favor of introducing different rules for people in public places depending on whether they had had a Covid vaccine or not.

“I am not a fan of the vaccinated, he unvaccinated going separately to the mall,” he said.

“The malls were open last year when we didn’t have a vaccine. It would be hilarious and absurd to close them now, when we have this solution: the vaccine,” he said during a visit to a vaccine center in the northern city of Botosani.

Bulgaria and Romania have low vaccination rates – and low COVID rates — LifeSite News, August 27:

Contrary to the expectations heavily promoted by politicians, media, and public health establishment, Bulgarians and Romanians saw a low number of COVID-19 infections this summer as they continued to refuse to take the COVID vaccines.

In fact, Bulgaria and Romania have some of the lowest rates of COVID infections per 100,000 people in Europe, according to an August 22 statistical analysis of European countries.

“The current vaccination rate in Romania is half compared to that of Bulgaria (0.13 vaccines per 100 inhabitants on average in the last seven days) and 7.5 times lower than the EU average (0.45 vaccines per 100 inhabitants),” according to Romania Insider. “On the opposite end, Denmark has administered 0.94 vaccine doses per 100 inhabitants on average over the last seven days.” Bulgaria and Romania’s vaccination rates since the 2020 release of the jab are not significantly different.

The two countries sandwich Denmark for lowest infection rates on the continent.

While the publication said that “the number of new COVID-19 cases has risen to the highest level since the end of May,” the article fails to provide the necessary context.

Romania’s reported COVID cases peaked at nearly 60,000 in November 2020, before a vaccine was made available.

Through the summer, Romania’s 25 percent vaccination rate did not lead it to experience a surge in infections. “Officials say Romania has received more [than] 16 million doses of several western-made vaccines but less than 55 per cent have been used, as the number of vaccines administered daily has dropped to around 20,000 from 100,000 last month,” the Irish Times reported.

The publication admitted “a slowing infection rate has weakened the impetus for some in Romania to get vaccinated: only 31 new cases of Covid-19 and five deaths were reported on Thursday, adding to a national total of 1.08 million infections and 33,786 fatalities.”

For example, the week of July 5 saw a low of 285 confirmed cases. While the past several weeks of August have seen an increase to almost 4,000 cases in one week, it’s still much lower than pre-vaccination rates and the early months of 2021.

  1. Ruan Gong says

    I wish that was the case in Australia. In Sydney, we are being held hostage until we get the vaccine. Most plebs prefer to get the vaccine than protest against lockdown. I don’t negotiate with terrorists. I won’t be taking the vaccine. I have adjusted and adapted my life so even if I am banned from places after lockdown is eased, it won’t affect me that much. Conviction and body integrity are most important to me. I won’t give in to bullying.

    1. Eileen Kuch says

      Good for you, Ruan Gong, you made the right decision. The Australian Government knows quite well that what they’ve been doing is a Crime Against Humanity as well as a gross violation of the Nuremberg Code. All politicians and the leaders are guilty of violating these 2 laws and must be prosecuted in tribunals for these crimes. There’s no way around it.

    2. Andres says

      Congratulation for your couragé I wish we had more people like you

    3. Earthrise says

      Same here mate. The more they try and bully me, the more sure I am this is all shit. Like you, I am adjusting my lifestyle to avoid venues where the ask to see my papers. The simple life for me.

  2. Tzvi says

    The Romanians seem quite educated on the matter:

    In a very vaccinated country:

    So far, some 5.95 million Israelis have received at least one shot, and 5.46 million have received at least two.
    At last count, there were 726 coronavirus patients in serious condition on Sunday, the most since March. Last week, the number of coronavirus patients in serious condition fluctuated between 680 and 700.” ( link from 08/29/21)

    1. Mr Reynard says

      The Romanians seem quite educated on the matter ??
      IMO the Romanian Leaders remember what has happened to Nicolae Ceaușescu & his wife ……

      1. Jerry Hood says

        You fu..g idiot! I work with Romanian people they are highly skilled and hard workers! The average western moron cannot reach up to their knees!!! Stupid lazy,obese Westeners!

        1. Spike says

          I used to defend Westerners against comments like yours. But now, today, when I look around… you’re absolutely correct.

        2. Monkus says

          Brilliant response.

        3. Mr Reynard says

          So did I & I’m not feeling upset by your comment.
          “La bave d’un crapaud, n’atteindra jamais la blancheur d’une colombe.”

  3. Andra Saltzberg says

    Where did the Romanians get an ultimately clear vision of the scamdemic enough to shrug off any killshots…and to dump off their graphene oxide to sucker nations???
    How life-affirming to be able to give the finger to the whole fraud !

    1. Ron says

      ALL countries that have stuck to a “traditional natural diet” have fared better during this scam-demic. Modern foods have no nutritional density. Low nutrition means low brain development and low immune system function. In Romania, Bulgaria, Central Asia etc…generally poorer countries have stuck to a traditional diet (traditional foods which are high in animal fats/nutrition and cheaper to buy than modern processed foods) so their brains are still functioning because it get proper vitamins, minerals, fats, cholesterol, etc… Not brainwashed by fad diets like veganism, vegetarianism, low fat, low cholesterol etc you brain works as GOD intended so you see the scam and deception. You are what you eat.

      1. Ron says

        I think you’re right. I live in Florida and have been mostly eating a traditional diet high in animal fats. I’m also taking quercetin, zinc, and vitamins. I haven’t had so much as a cold for several years.

    2. Spike says

      To answer your question, one only need look at the country’s political history.

      1. Leviathan says

        yea people I know from Eastern Europe; Poland, Russia, Roumania, Hungary; have a wary analytical skepticism about Governments, what they say and do.

    3. Camelia Downie says

      Orthodox Christianity

  4. ken says

    If I knew something was poison I would not sell it to my neighbors. I would destroy it. Of course if my neighbors sold it to me, well that’s different….

  5. mike says

    fake virus… fake tests… fake pandemic… real killshots… real fascism…

    1. XSFRGR says

      Fascism, capitalism, communism are economic models: COVID VACCINE IS MURDER !!

  6. Daz says

    Romania is smart, could become a major European power if it retains it’s sense and population following the great die off of the graphenated.

  7. Krizz says

    I live in a country ruled by a bribed big pharma idiots and goons
    Romania is now in my list to move if i dont find a tropical ‘Romania’…
    Fascism is taking place where one least expect
    Im not attached to no flag but the Freedom one

  8. Jerry Hood says

    Good for the Romanian people. Their leadership isn’t Covidoidiotic as in the rest of European Gulag…

  9. yuri says

    a poor nation donating to rich nations…the only eastern block nation w a Romance language although there are many words same/similar to Russian

  10. Spike says

    EXCELLENT!!! Bravo Romania! Interesting how those who grew up under Communism understand exactly what is going on. Too bad the rest of the world feel asleep during History class.

  11. Gordon K. Shumway says

    There was a time Romania was under communism and America was not.

  12. Neil Sutherland says

    all great comments below, also, I got my laugh of the week from morons thanking munificent high tech Romania for mercury formaldehyde aluminum, human sacrifice cannibal fetal tissue, mRNA/GMO, prions/madcow disease, spike protein/ graphene/ blood clots, gorilla sht, = AIDS/cancer/auto immune disease – causing lethal injection for a never found ‘virus’, funnier than a satire/parody

  13. Monkus says

    Bravo. This grand experiment will be shown as a failure as now we will have control groups all over the world to expose the long term destructive nature of these vaccines.

  14. Monkus says

    The Romanian leaders better have many people guarding them. Those going outside the Great Reset agenda are either being bribed with millions or threatened with death.

  15. Monkus says

    I hope they’re handing out the Zelenko treatment protocol to all their citizens, a good way to stick it in the eye of the pharmaceutical industry.

  16. Marshal Lentini says

    Before anyone books one of the last $1,000 flights to Bucharest, remember — everything can change after an election. EU technocrats always win this game.

  17. Bobby says

    My mother was born in Romania. I always knew it was special.

  18. Howard T. Lewis III says

    Sanity reigns in Romania. Not so elsewhere. Romania, unlike the Western world, does not focus on sucking above everything else.

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