Rockets Hit US Embassy in Baghdad, Cause Damage

Seems like Trump's threatening and "two for one" assassinating hasn't exactly deterred Iraqis

Three rockets that were fired into Baghdad’s Green Zone hit the US Embassy of Sunday, with one crashing into the dining hall. There has been no claim of responsibility for firing the rockets.

The hit on the dining hall did some damage. There are conflicting reports of casualties, with at least one member of the embassy staff wounded. Other reports suggested more than one injury, but did not provide a number.

US officials reported that one of the rockets hit near the deputy ambassador’s residence, and this was the first time that a “direct hit” on any part of the embassy compound was reported in recent rocket fire.

Iraqi Deputy PM Hoshyar Zebari blamed the attack on a “unruly militia.” He did not offer any specifics beyond that, but urged the attacks to stop, saying they were dangerous strikes.


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  2. Jozo Magoc says

    The cowardly murder of Qasem Suleimany will produce many,many body bags with the Murrican goyim fighting there for ‘ great Is-Ra-Hell!!!

  3. getreal155 says

    Well…The US was dumb enough (as usual) to assume they have full freedom of terrorizing, threats and bullying with no consequences. Apparently this is not entirely the case 😉 The limits seem to have been exceeded. So..Expecting more fire works to come.

  4. John Rourke says

    The US won’t leave until there are body bag photos in the media.

  5. Mychal Arnold says

    The attacks will not stop ever! the Iraqis want them gone by any means necessary! Go home now ussa and save some of your men!

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