Rochelle Walensky: PCR Test Not a CDC Requirement to End Isolation Because They Can Stay Positive for 12 Weeks

Hilarious stuff. The rest of us have been saying this forever — and being kicked off the air for it

The newly updated CDC guidelines don’t require testing at the end of isolation because PCR tests can stay positive for up to 12 weeks, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky told “Good Morning America” on Wednesday.

“So we would have people in isolation for a very long time if we were relying on PCRs,” Walensky said.

Walensky said rapid tests do work “quite well,” especially in places where people are being tested regularly, like at schools.

“They may not work as well as they have for the delta variant,” Walensky said, but “we still are encouraging their use.”

Source: ABC

  1. Cap960 says

    The test is useless yet they encourage its usage.
    “Here I have a car that ain’t working properly but it’s still good for usage…” Come on, man!

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      1. Mark says

        Gee; sounds like a great job! You get paid more than $100.00 per hour, yet you still have time to spam every post on here. Or is that what you get paid for?

  2. ken says

    Let’s see,,, We have an Emergency Use Only Test to find the Proteins (Spike Proteins) the Emergency Use Injection causes your body to produce to determine if you have a virus never proven to exist.

    Doesn’t get any stupider than this… but feel free to keep screaming “We’re all gonna die!”

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