Reuters Poll Finds Hong Kongers Overwhelmingly Against Independence From China

Just 17 percent want an end to "one country, two systems" and secession from China

At 17 percent support for independence is much lower than in Scotland or Catalonia

Editor’s note: “One country, two systems” is indeed a good compromise which the silent majority is happy with and fully backs. The early popular demonstrations were understood by it as being in defense of the status quo, against a weak city government conceding too much to Beijing, not secessionism.

Only 17 percent of Hong Kong residents are in favor of seeking independence from China and almost half blame the city government for civil unrest, rather than the government in Beijing, a new poll shows.

The Reuters survey conducted by the Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute shows that, while 59 percent of residents support the anti-government protest movement, they are still “overwhelmingly” against independence from China.

A solid majority of 57 percent said they wanted to see city leader Carrie Lam, who has been a major target of the demonstrators, step down.

The unrest was triggered by a now dropped extradition bill, which protesters said was an attempt by Beijing to undermine freedoms guaranteed under the current governing agreement in place until 2047.

Only 20 percent of respondents said they were opposed to the current system of “one country, two systems,” [Which would imply about 3 percent want direct incorporation into China.] which is the current model by which Hong Kong is governed by Beijing. Meanwhile, 30 percent said they were against the protest movement altogether.

Reuters said the poll shows “little public support” for the denunciations of China by the most hardline protesters. “People go on the street due to their dissatisfaction with police and the political system, not asking for independence,” Samson Yuen, a political science professor at Lingnan University told the outlet.

“No extradition” correctly conveys the sentiment of the majority, “President Trump please free Hong Kong” does not

Responding to the poll, a government spokesperson said Lam would “continue to engage the people through dialogue.”

While much Western outrage has been directed at Hong Kong’s police force and the centralized government in China, only 12 percent pointed the finger at Beijing, and only 9 percent surveyed said the police deserved most of the blame for the violent unrest — though 74 percent said they supported an independent inquiry into incidents of alleged police brutality.

Meanwhile, as violence escalated, local authorities said that much of the unrest was inspired by “provocators” and foreign meddling. In particular, Beijing has slammed a US bill supporting “pro-democracy” activists in Hong Kong as an insult to its sovereignty.

Source: RT

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  2. Curmudgeon_49 says

    So, the protesters are OK with Hong Kong extraditing to the US, UK, and 28 other countries not even close to them, but opposed to extraditing the man who killed his girl friend in mainland China and fled back to Hong Kong.
    Makes perfect sense.

  3. bikeanarchist says

    Interesting… it’s like Reuters has finally decided to eat crow.

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