PODCAST: Retired American Soldiers Captured in Failed Venezuela Coup Attempt

WIll Porter on the plot to overthrow Maduro

Will Porter returns to FPF to discuss the wild events during a recent coup attempt in Venezuela.

Two Americans, along with 50-60 Venezuelans, landed on the shores of the country in an attempt to attest and overthrow Maduro.

However, the Venezuelan government knew of the coup — as the plot was reported by AP — and the plotters were quickly captured.

Will looks at the possibility the US government had a role in the coup and other important questions.

  1. pharmerdavid says

    “Bay of Pigs” redux?

  2. cechas vodobenikov says

    the CIA would never do anything so wonderful—the fascist Americans have been doing this for 3 centuries….”world denomination manifests itself as an intellectual or if u prefer a cultural diktat. this is why the amerikans have so zealously tried to bring down the intellectual and cultural common denominator of the entire world down to their own level…try to convince an amerikan that their values will destroy Russia —u will not be able to”. Alexandr Zinoviev
    obvious —when I was in Budva 5 month after the amerikans illegally bombed Serbia—reading Bukgakov on the beach my girlfriend claimed that there were amerikans on the beach—not an English speaker I was unconvinced—I walked down where she pointed—5 amerikans…what r u doing here–u just bombed this country? 1 replied: “we r in an amerikan rock band; the US state dept pays us to spread “amerikan culture”

    1. Natural_Texan says


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