Rep. Duncan Hunter Shocked Americans Making Such Big Deal About Routine War Crimes

On the modern battlefield, there is no way to avoid deliberately murdering an unarmed prisoner before taking pictures with his corpse

Speaking to reporters at his home office in California’s 50th District, Duncan Hunter seemed perplexed as to why Americans have gotten so upset about relatively minor war crimes allegedly committed by Chief Special Warfare Operator Eddie Gallagher.

“I honestly don’t get it,” Hunter exclaimed. “Eddie Gallagher killed, like, a handful of civilians. When we firebombed Dresden, we killed over 20,000 people!”

The Congressman went on to tell reporters that while serving as a POG near Fallujah in 2004, he and his Marines “killed probably hundreds of civilians.”

Hunter explained that on the modern battlefield, there is no way to avoid deliberately murdering an unarmed and wounded prisoner before taking pictures with his corpse.

“Given the prevalence of social media,” Hunter said, “you would be a fool to pass up a photo opportunity like that. That’s at least 100 likes on Instagram, and you’ll probably pick up a DM or two as well.”

According to Hunter, modern PC culture is to blame for the backlash facing Chief Gallagher. “Back when my dad was a Congressman, you could do whatever you wanted at home and

“Nowadays, you can’t even use campaign funds to bankroll extramarital affairs without getting indicted,” Hunter bemoaned. “What’s next, you’re going to tell me that people still aren’t over the whole My Lai thing? It’s been like 40 years. Give it a rest already.”

Source: Duffel Blog

  1. Canosin says

    what an asshole….. representing the thinking of the majority of the uneducated ignorants of the United States of Hypocrisy….. what piece of shit.. .. just disgustingly evil

  2. Garry Compton says

    As the mother of one of the My Lai massacre gang told Seymour Hersch, I gave the Government a good boy – they sent me back – a Murderer. I don’t think Hunter was even a good boy – before he turned into a murderer.

  3. JustPassingThrough says

    “During Hunter’s 2018 re-election campaign, he repeatedly attacked his
    Democratic opponent Campa-Najjar over his half-Palestinian heritage. He
    claimed that Campa-Najjar, a Christian, was an “Islamist” trying to
    “infiltrate Congress”, describing him as a “security threat” with
    terrorist ties. WaPo fact-checker wrote that an October 1, 2018 television ad used “naked anti-Muslim bias” and sought to scare Californians from voting for
    Campa-Najjar, despite the fact that Campa Najjar “isn’t even Muslim. All
    the claims in the ad are false, misleading or devoid of evidence.” -wiki

    >>let’s re-elect this sociopath when his present term is over.

  4. John C Carleton says

    Not everything rears up and walks on two legs is human.

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