Regime Media: Joe Biden’s Dogs Have Told This Pet Psychic Their Beloved Master Will Be a ‘Great President’

Good thing the West doesn't have a North Korea-style state-controlled media...or it might be embarrassed to run this

Champ says he needs memory foam bedding to ease problems with his joints. Major thinks he may have dental problems. Both dogs say Joe Biden’s troubles with Donald Trump are far from over, but that their master is calm and focused enough to steer America forward.

The Biden White House has sprung its first leaks. But what can be done when the leakers are the president-elect’s beloved dogs, and they are communicating telepathically with a pet psychic in the English Midlands?

It began when British daytime TV show This Morning provided Beth Lee-Crowther with pictures of Biden’s two German shepherds, Champ and Major.

As a pet psychic who performs animal communication using telepathy and “mind-to-mind communication,” Crowther, from the county of Worcestershire, uses photographs, or can just be in the same room as an animal, in order to begin—she claims—speaking with it. With their pictures, she says she forged a close relationship with Biden’s dogs—and wow, did they ever dish about their owner, as well as a “ramping-up” of his troubles with the non-conceding President Trump, moving into the White House, their master’s calmness, and even Biden’s plans to govern.

“The very first thing I got was that they were both very excited about moving to the White House,” Lee-Crowther told The Daily Beast. “I had a real connection, I felt that excitement of theirs. They showed me that Joe Biden is very bonded to his dogs, and has a real connection to them. They kept showing me that although he has rescued one of the dogs, the dogs feel in many ways they have rescued him.”

Major, 2, was adopted through the Delaware Humane Association in 2018, and will be the White House’s first-ever rescue dog; Champ, 12, was bought from a breeder in 2008. Joe and Jill Biden proudly showed them off during the election campaign.

“The dogs describe Joe Biden to me as having a big personality,” Lee-Crowther said, “and they say to me that he’s a special man with great empathy for people and animals. They showed me that Joe cannot function without dogs in his life. He talks to them, they are a huge part of his life and who he is.

“They made me feel that he will make a great president. He loves to help people. They described him as being a big softy. He talks to them like they are people about his ideas, hopes for the future, if he is having a good day or a bad day, like how we would talk to a person about things. They showed me that he feels as if dogs do understand him. He also has a great sense of humor.”

Lee-Crowther says she does not want to offend anybody, and that she does these readings “for entertainment purposes only, and without prejudice. They are just my opinions.” But this kind of communication is also something she has felt able to do since she was a little girl; Major and Champ are merely her most famous animal “link-ups.”

The smirking and giggles in the This Morning segments she has done soon give way to sighs of wonder when she starts getting very specific things right about animals and their owners; members of the production team have sought her counsel off-camera. “A lot of people are fascinated by the accuracy of the information I am able to give about their pets, and also about themselves,” said Lee-Crowther. “Pets are very psychic—they not only know about themselves, but also their owners. They know about your past, what is going on in your present, and amazingly they also can see and make predictions for the future.”

Champ and Major did precisely that when they connected with Lee-Crowther, she said. The dogs told her that they were “treated like royalty. They said to me, ‘We have the best of everything. He (Joe Biden) treats us as equals,’” Lee-Crowther told The Daily Beast. “They showed me that they kept Joe Biden calm and focused. They said he would do tremendous things as president, particularly in bringing peace and unity to the world and that he has big plans.”

“He is also very open-minded. They said he will lead the USA in a very different way to what you have seen before. They believe that crime will be reduced under him, and that he will be anxious to talk to countries about peaceful resolutions to conflicts.”

However, the dogs also revealed to Lee-Crowther that Biden’s troubles with the sulky and petulant Trump will be ongoing. “They said to me that he’s going into a big battle with Trump. There’s more to come. The fight is by no means over. They said what has gone on up to now will continue and ramp up, and be worse than it is already, unfortunately. But they said that Joe would do his best to defuse the situation, and hold his head up high.”

Champ and Major also told Lee-Crowther that Trump would never be an animal lover because he lacked empathy for animals, which extended into his view of people. “They felt he would never love or own animals,” she said.

The dogs showed Lee-Crowther that throughout the bizarre post-election period, “Joe has kept very calm. He has a very different way of running things, they said. He knows he is doing the right thing, and that is why he’s able to keep level-headed. He has his own agenda. He will deal with whatever happens extremely well.”

These dogs really love their master, it seems; just have them deliver Biden’s White House press briefings.

Both dogs have big personalities, said Lee-Crowther. “Major is the more excitable one of the two, and is extremely eager to learn and fit in. He’s very loyal, loves life, and perhaps a little more mischievous. Champ is a really sensitive soul. He picks up if Joe or Jill is not feeling quite right or in a low mood. He’d be a great healer, very sensible, and a dog you could trust around other people. Of the two, he feels the more protective.”

Even though the dogs told Lee-Crowther they were excited to move into the White House, she said, “they feel wherever Joe and Jill Biden are they are happy. They showed me Jill has their best interests at heart. Joe and Jill are very strong together. The dogs showed me she is very good at making sense of things, and putting things over in a very logical way. It’s a very good, solid marriage. She leaves no stone unturned. She’s a very good homemaker. They love her very much. She does everything she can for them. They enrich her life, as much they enrich Joe’s.”

“They feel very loved,” Lee-Crowther said of the dogs. “Even though the White House is a huge building, they think their home will be cozy and comfortable and maybe just one or two rooms. They will be happy with that.” Once they get there, said Lee-Crowther, Champ and Major may psychically link up to other animals who have lived at the White House—although she has not asked them yet about this prospect.

Lee-Crowther said she was not a vet so could not make a prognosis or diagnosis, but she felt that Major had a weakness in his teeth. She feels that Champ may be suffering with “a little bit of arthritis or difficulty” in his hips, and has a sensitive stomach. “I asked Champ if there was anything that could help him, and he said he would be a good candidate for some hydrotherapy,” Lee-Crowther said. “And I know Champ would appreciate memory foam bedding to help ease his joints.”

So, will she link up again with Major and Champ, pre- or post-moving in to the White House? Lee-Crowther laughed. “I’m not sure. If Joe Biden wanted me too, I’m sure I would oblige. We will see. I know and believe in their love and devotion to him and Jill, which is absolutely marvelous. I have every faith Joe Biden will do a good job as president, because I believe what these dogs tell me.”

Source: The Daily Beast

  1. zonmoy says

    ah, are those his families familiars.

  2. Ort says

    Consider the possibility that Major and Champ, owned and presumably raised by a career high-level Elected Misrepresentative, simply acted out of their finely-honed instincts and training and told this charlatan what they thought she wanted to hear.

  3. nick1111 says

    Yes, he will be a great president for dogs

  4. Mike says

    J.C! The amount of morons on this earth is frightening.

    1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

      Yeah. I realized that and that the US is now majority moron about 10 to 15 years ago. I keep as secluded as possible and I’m very particular about the news I peruse. We even try to avoid most relatives now. If you can’t see that the US is in serious imperial decline and has been for 20 years, or so, you can’t be very bright.

      1. Mike says

        I agree! But then, when you look at the level of censorship in North America and Europe, it amazes me that some can still think for themselves. Each and every day, the mass media including social media censures everything that dares to go against the WHO narrative. Thousands of doctors, scientists, and virologists are censured for telling the truth or just for giving us another point of view. The western world is turning into China and a majority applauds because they are just too dumb to see what’s going on right in front of them.

        The world is now driven by fear and stupidity.

        1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

          Massive brainwashing for 40 years….

          1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

            It is closer to 240 years.

      2. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

        How do you define imperial decline?

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