Podcast: Regime Change Hypocrisy

Americans need to change their government, not wage wars to free others

On FPF #389, I talk about how calls to regime change other nations ignore the human rights abuses of the US empire. The US has waged several wars of aggression since the start of the century, leaving millions dead. The US ran a massive torture and drone program where the victims are often innocent and never receive justice.

The US has the highest prison population, and whistle-blowers face more severe consequences than the criminals they expose. Police in the US gets to commit crimes with impunity.

I argue Americans should focus on changing their own regime, rather than waging war against others. 

  1. John C Carleton says

    My ancestors tried that, and my great grandfather, the grandson of an American Revolutionary , wounded at Brandywine, war veteran, was at Valley Forge, Another grandfather, did two enlistments with the American forces, second time as a scout for Washington’s army, great grandfather, and great great grandfather who were Americans Revolution war veterans also, had to leave his Methodist minister/ medical doctor Circuit riding ministry, and go shoot invading baby raping and murdering thieving arsonist USA yankee puritan war criminals.

    I live in the occupied Republic of Texas, occupied militarily by the war criminal USA corporation, for 154 years and counting.

    Now about that Americans getting a real government, I been thinking about this for some time.

    ‘Some Thoughts On The Republic of Texas, Occupied’

  2. silver7 says

    US police kill people even sleeping in their own car. The Police wear anti protesters armour and heavily beat them. Now you have seen what they said against HK police people trying to stop madmen breaking into offices and even their own police premises. So they wage wars kill and torture. Or they tell you not to be defensive and be democratic. Madmen who switch from one to the other.

  3. JustPassingThrough says

    “Americans need to change their government, not wage wars to free others”
    Bogus premise.

    The murikans are not in the biz of “freeing others.”

    Never have been… never will be.

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