REALISTIC DRILL: Su-30 Accidentally Shot Down in Russian Wargames

There was a dogfight and somebody forgot to disable the canon on the Su-35

Are all stereotypes true?

On the second day of the massive “Kavkaz-2020” military maneuvers a Su-30 fighter was shot down by an Su-35. The Su-35 pilot pulled the trigger to trigger the gun camera and record his win, but the canon had not actually been disabled:

The 30mm rounds completely shattered Sukhoi’s wing console, the wounded aircraft lost speed and after the pilots ejected, the fighter leveled off, flew a couple of miles and fell into a forest.

The pilots are alive and were recovered by helicopter.[0]=AZXvjdWHmTEc9rtB6KB2fGmA9cgm6YEOla7lPEQguGNKysTw6kcCQ9TDHTE3KLozArH2DUgKlGGjHc-tg5SpDK4JQ5xAl_K4cKTHsMl5P_ix4d1iEb-NN1kEnKCXrpFgzVtQZcrgycZ6MpAg90Nbgoxf9XA3DQWOx1KV6pcG_TfWe_1PODecHyk6CrgNuhIiQVg&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

The main focus of the Kavkaz-2020 has been on the Southern Military Districts but other districts have also been running more limited drills in paralel. The accident took place near Tver, not far from Moscow, in the Western Military District.

  1. nick1111 says


  2. Le Ruse says

    Shit happen !

    1. David Bedford says

      And arseholes cause it.

      1. Le Ruse says

        Yupp.. & there’s a huge number of them !

    2. Richard Monette says

      That it does!

  3. ke4ram says

    Somebody’s in trouble!

  4. Robert Bruce says

    Damn, glad the pilot is alive, but the shooter is in hot water!!! Almost killed a comrade and destroyed a good aircraft.

    1. Richard Monette says

      wouldn’t be the pilot in hot water….ground crew

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