Quarantined Students in the UK Told to Wait Behind If the Fire Alarm Goes Off

What's a little burning alive compared to THE BUBONIC FLU

Covid hysteria is reaching worrying new heights.

According to the BBC, the University of York has advised self-isolating students that, in the event of a fire, they should wait behind in their rooms to let others evacuate first.

Self-isolating students were sent an email, telling them to ‘stay in your room for one minute’ if fire alarms go off, allowing those who are not self-isolating to exit the building. Following this, it went on, self-isolating students should head for ‘the nearest refuge’, where they could contact university security who would advise whether or not they need to leave the building.


Amazingly, the email told students these measures were in place ‘to ensure your safety’. The university says it has now updated its guidance, though it remains unclear if its previous advice to self-isolating students still stands. Regardless, it is remarkable that an email like this was sent out in the first place.

These students were essentially told to risk their lives so as not to risk infecting others with Covid. While Covid poses a tiny risk to young people, making them wait for a minute in their rooms, or await instructions in a refuge, in the middle of an actual fire could be the difference between life and death.

It seems being ‘Covid secure’ trumps everything else these days, including fire safety. And it’s not just York that has done something like this. Manhattan College in the US has distributed similarly mind-boggling advice telling students to maintain social distancing when evacuating.

The bureaucrats who drafted these guidelines seem to think that coronavirus is more deadly than fire. This is where Covid hysteria leads us.

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  1. ke4ram says


    Humor for my morning. The stupidity of the human race never ends but the Brits, Aussies and NZers seem to be in a tie for leading the pack!

    Can anyone believe this garbage! All for a bug that has not been proven to even exist and supposedly has a kill ratio less than the freaking flu and then only if you are over 80!

    C’mon Brits,,,, surely you’re not THAT stupid,,, or are you.

    1. Le Ruse says

      We are waiting for a vaccine for S.I.I. ?
      I= Idiocy ,
      I=Insanity .
      Lots of people need that vaccine urgently,

      1. AlexanderAmproz says

        Crimes against Humanity

        Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

        Une plainte collective lancée par l’avocat qui a fait la peau

        de VW et la Deutsche Bank, c’est du sérieux !

        Les testes sont tous “bidons” et les masques totalement

        inutiles sont une supercheries et grave nuisance pour

        la santé Physique et Mentale.

        Du moins c’est ce que disent des Prix Nobel et de nombreux

        scientifiques de renoms ! ! !



        1. Le Ruse says

          Regardez autour de vous ?
          Voyez combien de personnes vous le diront, je sais ce que vous dites est la vérité, mais je ne vous crois toujours pas.
          Et, ne me confondez pas avec les faits, ma décision est prise

          1. AlexanderAmproz says

            Si il y a une personne sur mille qui est sensée,
            c’est deja pas mal….
            On est vraiment dans un monde de fou dégénérés,
            il y a de quoi avoir peur…. !

            A l’instant je lisait ca :

            People Need to Reclaim the Internet


            1. Le Ruse says

              Sorry Alex.. I have a qwerty keyboard & it’s easier for me in English..
              The perversion & insanity started with the word of “Political Correctness” !
              A plague imported from Scandinavia , mainly Sweden in the sixties ? Media, Academia, some religious churches got perverted . Mental illness is “bravery”, Perversion is lifestyle choice ? & of course we all have to be tolerant to this ?
              Then perversion, is now a preferred subject in our schools & as you might have heard Joe Dementia want 8 years old children to be transgender & guess how many Americans are going to vote for him ?
              “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist… But even with my hearing not as it was, I can hear the Devil laughing at the people in our free western democracies ??

    2. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      The CDC has already said that COVID is not available, bureaucratese for non-existent.

      1. ke4ram says

        Yes,,, they have no Covid isolate so the virus is theoretical at this point. They made up the genetic sequence used by the PCR. So no clue what it is reporting positive on and even worse,,, what are they using for the vaccines! Witches brew?

  2. Mr.Evans says

    WTF ??? ;-0

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