Putin Gets Basic Facts About His 4th (!) Dose Wrong. Spokesman Issues ‘Correction’

Putin claimed he got his 4th dose in the form of a powder—which doesn't exist

Something a bit fishy about this.

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A previous headline spoke of Putin’s booster/3rd dose  — Slavsquat corrected us that this was actually Putin’s 4th dose (he had taken an injection booster a day earlier). -Editor.

Probably you heard how Vladimir Putin was “among the first people to have been given Russia’s new pioneering Covid-19 vaccine, administered through the nose without a needle, as part of his re-immunization.”

What you probably didn’t hear though is Putin told a detailed story about how he received this magic nose serum in the form of a powder. This is a very strange thing to say because the virus-killing powder he allegedly shoved up his nose is actually a liquid.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s set the scene.

On November 24, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin asked Putin if it was true the president had volunteered to take part in a trial for a “Sputnik Light” booster shot administered via the nose-hole.

According to an official Kremlin transcript of their conversation, Putin responded in the affirmative:

Exactly six months after vaccination, my protective titers dropped, and the experts recommended a revaccination procedure, which I did a few days ago. First, he did it in the form of an injection, and the next day, after talking with [the deputy director of Gamaleya Center] Denis Logunov, he himself, by the way, did the second part of this procedure for me, namely [sprayed] this nasal powder.

So what is it? It’s just a syringe too, but instead of a liquid substance, he put in powder, asked me to breathe deeply and on the count of three, squirted one side, then on the other side, then I sat for 15 minutes—and that was it. To be honest, I didn’t feel anything, nothing. I just sat there for 15 minutes and left.

Not only does Putin claim the drug was in powder-form, he also stresses—just to make it 100% clear—that it was not a “liquid substance”.

Later that same day, his spokesman issued a minor “clarification”:

When Putin said powder, and specifically not a “liquid substance”, he really meant… “a liquid”. Okay got it thanks Peskov.

MOSCOW, November 24. / TASS /. Russian President Vladimir Putin tested a nasal vaccine against coronavirus in the form of a liquid, said the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov.

“The President meant that we are talking about a liquid. This is a nasal vaccine, in the tests of which he took part,” the spokesman said.


Someone, please. Help us understand.

It would be one thing if Putin mentioned the “powder” once, in passing. It would still be pretty weird but the most logical explanation would be that he simply misspoke.

Putin mentions the non-existent “powder” twice. Then he specifically says the drug was not a liquid substance.

Then, on the same day, his press secretary rushes out a statement clarifying Putin “meant” to say a “liquid” was squirted up his nose, because the nasal spray Putin definitely took is a liquid—and not a powder.

Putin doesn’t know what he put up his own nose.

Maybe he just puts so much stuff up his nose all the time that he got confused and told the wrong nose-related story?

Or maybe having vivid powder hallucinations is a Sputnik liquid nose spray side-effect? Yes.

Have a nice Saturday.

Source: Edward Slavsquat

Editor’s note: What the hell? Pretty odd for a person not named Joe Biden to not be able to remember if the nasal drug they took was a powder or a liquid.

  1. Bill Jackson says

    What’s with all the anti-Putin stuff, Eddie? You in the CIA payroll?

    1. Field Empty says

      Of course. His check is already in the mail.

    2. MHC says

      It’s an unpleasant pill to swallow. Do you have an alternative news source or explanation to the crazy VAX stuff coming out of Russia? If you do, I’m all ears. Otherwise it’s time to sober up to the reality that help will not be coming from the leaders of any country and make contingency plans.

    3. Maiasta says

      MHC is correct. In fact, my sources tell me that Edward Slavsquat once worked at RT and Russia Insider. This would make him an unlikely candidate for the anti-Putin brigade. Perhaps you’d be better served by asking why Putin is implementing mandatory vacination rather than asking Edward why he is against it.

      1. Juan says

        Isn’t Edward slavsquat THE Edward Snowden?

        1. Maiasta says

          It could be…

    4. Edward Slavsquat says


    5. Dale says

      I think he’s doing a great job chronicling Putin’s descent into Beta Male status.

      1. Juan says

        Maybe the real Putin is long murdered and replaced with a lookalike more aligned with the degenerate elites.

  2. GMC says

    I may have figured it out Edward. In Russia, some of your injectable anti biotics come in powder form and need to be mixed with either a sterile water or a sterile novacane solution , before the medicines can be injected or in this case – squirted. If you like more pain in the jab use just the sterile water, but if you like a nice easy jab, Definitely use the novacane solution when mixing. PS No we don’t have to heat the solution up on a spoon , before injecting – lol

  3. edwardi says

    So then per this the Russian vaccine is just as worthless a joke as are the AmeriKKKan vaccines, his ‘markers’ or whatever wore down to no protection after just 6 months. Well gee then, get a clue. The darn ( excuse the language) things don’t work, not as advertised, not at all. What Bumblehead is advising Vladimir ? Why is he not talking about optimizing Vitamin D levels ? or using a protocol of personal use of key nutritional supplements, now available in one capsule called The Zelenski Protocol, who btw is a world renowned top MD from Israel who has called the vaccine a quote ” poison Death shot ” , end quote. Evidently the Quack Allopathic Big Pharma derived from Big Oil chemicals has just a tight a stranglehold on Russian health care as they do everywhere else. Are the makers of Sputnik making any $$ profits over there ? Gee I wonder if there are any conflicts of interest ? I don’t know the particulars of health care in Russia, but this jumping on the Bandwagon of known criminal gangs such as Pfizer USA, dear Vladimir, most disappointing. It is the first thing I have ever read or learned about my most favorite World Leader that I find truly disappointing, and very worrisome. Come on Vlad, sober up.

  4. alberto says

    A lot of communists troubled with the unmasking of the “democratic” Putin in all these comments ans so let’s villify Edward. The Perestroican communist Vladimir is loosing his face and his Pinochio’s nose is, obviously, the first thing we can see in a liar…

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