Putin: Who Ordered the Assassination of the Woman Shot by Policeman in the Capitol Building?

"450 people have been detained. They're looking at jail time, between 15 and 25 years. And they came to the Congress with political demands. Isn't that persecution for political opinions?"

From the NBC interview preceding the summit:

KEIR SIMMONS: —a direct question? Did you order Alexei Navalny’s assassination?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Of course not. We don’t have this kind of habit, of assassinating anybody. That’s one.

Number two is I want to ask you: Did you order the assassination of the woman who walked into the Congress and who was shot and killed by a policeman?

Do you know that 450 individuals were arrested after entering the Congress? And they didn’t go there to steal a laptop. They came with political demands. 450 people—

KEIR SIMMONS: You’re talking about the Capitol riot.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: —have been detained. They’re facing— they’re looking— they’re— they’re looking at jail time, between 15 and 25 years. And they came to the Congress with political demands. Isn’t that persecution for political opinions? Some have been accused of plotting to topple— to take over-government power. Some are accused of— robbery. They didn’t go there to rob.

The people who you have mentioned, yes, they were convicted for violating their status, having been previously convicted— given convent— given suspended sentences— which were essentially warning to not— violate the Russian laws. And they completely ignored the requirements of the law. The court went on and— passed— and turned the conviction into real jail time.

Thousands and thousands of people ignore— requirements of the law, and they have nothing to do with political activities, in Russia every year and they go to jail.

If somebody— if somebody is actually using political activities as a shield to deal with their issues, including— achieve their commercial— goals, then— it’s something that they have to be held responsible for.

Source: NBC

  1. ken says

    Who killed the woman in the capital ‘insurrection’ ?

    The same assholes that killed women and children at Ruby Ridge, Waco,,, Oklahoma City and the NYC towers on Nine Eleven.

    The same assholes that organized these and other false flag events.

    The same assholes that call Trump voters deplorables and domestic terrorists.

    The same assholes that have trashed our constitution, freedoms, and culture.

    Three guesses and the first two don’t count!

    1. yourdad says

      lmao shut your fragile white ass up

      1. Jerry Hood says

        You are goy and demon-rat…

      2. Pablo says

        Your Bigotry towards Heterosexuals is clear to everyone who read your Hateful, intolerant words.

      3. Helga Weber says

        bad manners

      4. Shanita says

        You fucking idiot. It is not about to be white u racist mf..

      5. Coram Nobis says

        yourdud, that post had NOTHING to do with race and EVERYTHING to do with critical thinking and facing the facts…….two skills which you are obviously & severely lacking. Lmao, indeed!

      6. Eddy says

        Why, you don’t like hearing the truth ???

    2. Jerry Hood says

      This goy below was completely ” reset” by the zionazis!

  2. loongtip says

    Good question! Who authorised to murder of the woman shot in the Congress and why haven’t ALL those I.D’d been charged? Could it be that they were FBI plants to instigate to sit in? Most likely. It’s been done before!

  3. Jerry Hood says

    Because you let the ZioNazi/ ashkeNazi lizards take over America, making it USrael, making you the deplorables and goyim!!! 911 was done for Novus Ordo Seclorum = Jew World Order in 2033!!!

    1. tunamelt says

      The public doesn’t pick their leaders. Their leaders are hand picked for them.

      1. Eileen Kuch says

        I couldn’t agree more, tunamelt; you’re absolutely right .. Their leaders are hand picked for them.

  4. Jerry Hood says

    That corrupted by jews building on Capitol Hill was infiltrated by FBI agents, today,proven fact! These zionazi slaves= FBI , caused all the mishaps there, plus killing Ashli Babbit! They should go to prison with Pedophile Biden! Maricopa County proved that the ELECTIONS WERE STOLEN AND FRADULENT! Demon-rat Beijing Biden will be kicked out in August from the White ( whores) House!!!

  5. Raptar Driver says

    He is slick..
    He says the right things most of the time.
    Actions speak louder than saying the right things.
    1st you say then you do.
    And I’m not accusing Putin of anything.
    Just making an overall point.

  6. kkk says

    Fascism by Demorats

  7. yuri says

    in USA it is now the liberals that are the most fascist—I suspect they will deny this

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