Putin Wants Formal Security Guarantees From the Empire, No to Ukraine as a NATO Missile Silo

"See how close NATO military infrastructure has moved to Russia’s borders. This is more than serious for us."

Editor’s note: Now that he has everyone’s attention, Putin spells out the terms: No more creeping expansion of NATO military infrastructure eastwards. No to Ukraine as a NATO missile silo. Romania today, Ukraine tomorrow. From the Russian perspective that is where NATO’s never-ending repositioning is logically headed. Ukraine’s NATO membership will likely never happen, but it doesn’t matter. NATO can just as well turn it into a military colony without such a membership.

What follows is an excerpt from Putin’s speech at a ceremony with 20 incoming foreign Ambassadors. The speech came a day before the Blinken-Lavrov meeting today.

“[W]e express our concern not only over the fact that the international community is acting separately and cannot unite to address truly important problems, but also over how some of our partners are behaving towards our country, towards Russia, trying to restrain our development in every possible way, to exert sanctions pressure and, moreover, to escalate tensions near our borders.

By the way, the threat on our western border is really growing, and we have mentioned it many times. It is enough to see how close NATO military infrastructure has moved to Russia’s borders. This is more than serious for us.

In this situation, we are taking appropriate military-technical measures. But, I repeat, we are not threatening anyone and it is at the very least irresponsible to accuse us of this, given the real state of affairs. This would mean laying the blame at the wrong door, as the Russian saying goes.

In my speech at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs I already stressed that the priority facing Russian diplomacy at this juncture is to try to ensure that Russia is granted reliable and long-term security guarantees.

While engaging in dialogue with the United States and its allies, we will insist on the elaboration of concrete agreements that would rule out any further eastward expansion of NATO and the deployment of weapons systems posing a threat to us in close proximity to Russia’s territory. We suggest that substantive talks on this topic should be started.

I would like to note in particular that we need precisely legal, juridical guarantees,because our Western colleagues have failed to deliver on verbal commitments they made. Specifically, everyone is aware of the assurances they gave verbally that NATO would not expand to the east. But they did absolutely the opposite in reality. In effect, Russia’s legitimate security concerns were ignored and they continue to be ignored in the same manner even now.

We are not demanding any special terms for ourselves. We understand that any agreements must take into account the interests of both Russia and all other states in the Euro-Atlantic region. A calm and stable situation should be ensured for everyone and is needed by all without exception.

That said, I would like to stress that Russia is interested precisely in constructive collaboration and in equitable international cooperation, and this remains the central tenet of Russian foreign policy. I hope that you will convey this signal to the leaders of your states.”

Source: The Kremlin

  1. D FERGi says

    What Russia gets will be gained by force.

  2. cargo cultist says

    It all rings hollow now that the mask has fallen … so to speak.

  3. GMC says

    You can cut the cancerous tumor out now, or you can wait for it to spread. Russia has known about the BioWeapons labs for years, the Nato,US and Israeli advisors, and President Putin already has stated that the West is 180% untrustworthy.

    If you are going to talk to the US then you best talk to the globalists that own the bread basket in Ukraine and tell them that their land will be – destroyed and napalmed . Tell the world that you will destroy Nazi Ukraine but will not rebuild it and will send it back to ” borderland status”.
    Otherwise, take off that Saint George Ribbon and put it in a museum. They say Stalin was terribly Stunned when Hitler invaded and it took Zhukov to get back into the game. Is there a General Z left in Russia ?
    Or is this just part of te Chess Game?

    1. edwardi says

      I seriously doubt that Stalin was ‘stunned’ by Hitler invaded, he had been purposely buying time for several years by then with his temporary treaties. though no doubt an increased sense of ‘urgency’ must have prevailed as things developed.

      1. GMC says

        Well Edward, the Germans wiped out over a thousand Russian planes, and lost so much artillery and tanks in the first 3 weeks – the history books and Zhukov’s words said Stalin was stunned and since he purged most of his best secondary officers before this – I’d say he was a bit Stunned and got lucky – especially when the Pogoda went bolshoy Xolagna. Paneemyu ? The WW II history is very interesting .

  4. edwardi says

    One main driver of all this ‘insanity’ transparently emanating from the US and their associated butt plugs is the imminent now total collapse of the deck of cards Ponzi scheme they have been calling a ‘financialized’ economy. 500 years of very successful exploitation of the rest of humanity by the European Pig Monarchies and their US heir, the great ‘Indian’ butchers, has run out of steam, run out of further little nations to invade and milk like the morning cow. The central bank Rothchild empire weaving the remnants of the remaining/existing Greatest Empire on Earth, otherwise now known as the Uncle Sam sh*t show, is now spewing out nothing but Big Numbers, so big as to defy human understanding, which is no problem, as they can just keep adding zeros and moving the decimal point to the right and Voila they maintain control of everything. Why China continues to trade their surplus production to the US in exchange for digital entries that mean virtually nothing and accumulating debt that can never be repaid and is backed by nothing, while at the same time Uncle Schmuell daily spits in it’s face and continually slanders with their white supremist racist ‘official pronouncements,’ is confusing but likely speaks to the long game strategy employed by China/Russia, always seeking peaceful resolution, but all that is very worrisome to the Rothchild gang of dollar peddlers. War has bailed them out before, twice, this time it looks a little bit more hypersonic complicated.

  5. XSFRGR says

    It’s obvious that Putin wont believe a word that my lying, scum bag, fellow Americans print or speak. All this does is give him the cover of saying, “Well, I asked them.”

  6. Pablo says

    Unlike the USA, Russia has experienced War on its soil. This creates a serious mindset on their part. Russia WILL engage in Military action if a Red Line is crossed. Russia has firsthand experience about what War does to a Country. Russia will avoid War if at all possible, but there IS a Point of No Return. The US War Machine will not learn from its failures. War is all about PROFIT to them.

  7. Raptar Driver says

    Didn’t Putin or one of his spokesman say that the United States is non agreement capable?
    If so what are these guarantees worth?
    Why does he seek them?

  8. Raptar Driver says

    No swear words why does it need approval?

  9. Raptar Driver says

    So anything I say needs approval?

  10. Raptar Driver says

    Are you trying to piss me off?

  11. Raptar Driver says

    So you’re trying to tell me your controlled opposition also?

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