Putin Strawmans Anti-Lockdowners and Misses the Mark

No collusion at all is required when you're subject to the same set of incentives

Putin during his annual Q&A:

You know there are, there have always been people who believe that no inoculations at all are needed. There are many people in this category.

And not only anti-vax dissidents, there are enough of them both in this country and elsewhere.

We should take our cue from the specialists, not people who do not know much about this matter and listen to rumours. After all, this is happening all around the world.

You know, the things I heard: that there is nothing at all, that in reality there is no epidemic. Sometimes I listen to what some people are saying – they seem to be grown-up, educated people. I do not know where they are taking this from.

When you tell them that this is happening all over the world, they reply: “Right, country leaders have come into collusion.”

Do they have any idea of what is happening in the world, of the contradictions that are plaguing today’s world, where all leaders allegedly upped and conspired with each other? It is all absolute rubbish.

Putin explains that COVID-19 can’t possibly be made up because that would require all world leaders to be in on it and to have conspired together.

First of all, I do not know where Putin has met these “grown-up, educated people” who say that “there is nothing at all”.

The “grown-up, educated people” I meet tend to think that there is a respiratory virus of some kind afoot that represents an elevated mortality risk to the very frail on the order of the 1957 and 1968 flus, but that the lockdown response to it has been unhelpful because it is completely ineffectual while causing untold damage on top of this flu-like illness, and that performing novel medical interventions on people who are not in the risk groups goes against what everyone believed before March 2020.

But never mind that. Let’s focus on the second part of the statement. Putin is saying that given the level of “contradictions” (disagreements) between them, world leaders could not have possibly conspired together to conjure up a fake threat of COVID. Thus by implication if regimes as varied, and as unfriendly to each other as the ones in Iran, Israel, North Korea, Russia, and the West all independently reached for the formula of lockdowns and vaccines it must therefore be the reasonable, specialist-driven response, and dissent against it “absolute rubbish”.

However in reality Tehran, Tel Aviv, Pyongyang, Washington, Moscow, London, Beijing and Brussels are not independent data points. If you polled 200 people completely at random and they virtually all agreed that government clerks were ridiculously underpaid then you have an interesting finding. But if you polled 200 government clerks who said the same then you have nothing. Pyongyang and Washington may be incapable of conspiring together but they share the exact same incentives.

Faced with a natural disaster it is in the interest of any government to present itself as the solution whether it actually can affect the situation or not. Activism justifies the existence of government and its coercive and parasitic ways. The bigger the catastrophy the more the government can increase its grip on the host. Government mass house arrest and hurried mass vaccination programs are the apex of what Curtis Yarvin calls a “dominant idea”:

A dominant idea is an idea that validates the use of power. Such an idea will enjoy a selective tailwind in the Mutopian market.

And there is no market for recessive ideas. A recessive idea is an idea that invalidates power or its use.

Consider the problem of climate change. There are two responses to this problem: action or inaction. Action requires power—and a lot of it, because it has to redirect about, like, 10^14 dollars worth of economic activity. Ain’t no thing!

The idea of climate alarmism corresponds to action. The idea of climate denialism corresponds to inaction. Without knowing which side is right, we can observe that alarmism is a dominant idea, whereas denialism is a recessive idea.

It is not hard to see why, in the lecture halls and newsrooms, dominant ideas tend to outcompete recessive ideas. A dominant idea is an idea that tends to benefit you and your friends. A dominant idea will be especially popular with your friends and former students in the civil service, because it gives them more work and more power.

In reality that extremely varied governments all reached out for mass home incarceration and hurried injections proves nothing more, but that they all know exactly which side of their bread is buttered. And something that is beneficial to every single regime in the world out there, and that only very few (and very unlikely) leaders could reject (Bolsonaro, Noem, Lukashenko…) should frighten the bejeezus out of us.

  1. yuri says

    farcical stupidity—Belarus provides sputnik vaccines..Brazil provides vaccines…only an idiot would recommend that a contagious illness that has killed many–mainly the elderly, should be ignored

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “…only an idiot would recommend that a contagious illness that has killed many–mainly the elderly, should be ignored”

      This statement is quite clearly correct.

      But on the other hand, only an idiot would recommend that the entirety of a nation’s population should be incarcerated, it’s economy imploded and national health and prosperity destroyed for generations in response to a relatively benign respiratory bug which endangers only a tiny minority of the population, and for which cheap, safe and highly effective nutritional and medicinal remedies are already known to exist.

      There is a solution, of course, which is not idiotic – namely, isolate and protect that tiny minority known to be vulnerableto the bug, and let the remainder of the population carry on with their business and their lives with prophylactic and early medicinal intervention where necessary and appropriate.

      Just like any seasonal bug has always been successfully dealt with throughout the entirety of human history.

    2. ken says

      Hi Yuri…

      Only an idiot would overlook all the lies and bullshit put out by governments everywhere.
      Only an idiot would believe the test they’re using can determine infection of any disease when the inventor said it could not!
      Only an idiot would overlook the medical nazis and government declaring covid deaths of anyone that ‘tested’ (PCR) positive in the past 28 days regardless of the actual reason for death.
      Only an idiot would take a vaxx that has killed well over 20,000 world wide and has injured over a million.
      Only an idiot would take the vaxx for any disease that has a 99.9% survival rate with over half never experiencing any symptoms.

      And the biggest idiot of all would be one that believes anything the government puts out.

      And Yuri,,, Most of the deaths today from the vaxx are being blamed on a variant which does not exist.

      I hope you did not get the vaxx and if not, please consider what we idiots are saying before you do,

      1. yuri says

        your bizarre anti-vac conspiratorial nonsense is farcical

    3. Raptar Driver says

      It is my sincerest hope that you have obtained the experimental vaccine.

      1. Ultrafart the Brave says

        Dude, if Yuri is who he says he is, then he has access to the Sputnik V vaccine – so even if he doesn’t really need it, it most likely won’t do him any harm.

        Would that the lemmings across the Western world were so fortunate.

        1. Raptar Driver says

          Are you sure about that?
          Could it be a different kind of harm?
          If a government is all that keen on injecting it’s people with this pseudoscience then something else is going on regardless of the specific pretend vaccine.

          1. Ultrafart the Brave says

            “Are you sure about that?
            Could it be a different kind of harm?”

            Only to the extent that so far, no serious adverse events have been reported for the Sputnik V vaccine in the 60+ countries that are using it (as far as I know).

            But you are quite right – even the Sputnik V vaccine is still experimental, and each of those previous attempts at Coronavirus vaccines had all the boffins convinced they had succeeded only to find all the test animals dropping dead later when they caught the wild bug it was supposed to protect them from.

            The Russian anti-vaxxers might have it right.

            And the fact remains, there is actually no need for any vaccine at all, when most of the population is already immune to Corona Chan and plenty of cheap, safe and very effective remedies already exist for those who actually do catch the bug and get sick.

          2. yuri says

            paranoid idiot rat driver contracted polio—preferred to use cow dung rather than vaccine

      2. yuri says

        impoverished mean bitter amerikan rat driver

    4. Abraham Lincoln says

      Lock down the vulnerable yes this is ilike 5% of the population for the rest it is a hoax and does not really exist since it can’t harm them. The flu does the same every year.

      1. yuri says

        false—death rates from Covid now confirmed twice more than ordinary flu

    5. Mr Reynard says
    6. yuri says

      there are at least 13 idiots at pro empire that believe marjovic

  2. Ultrafart the Brave says

    I get the sense that President Putin is trying to respond intelligently to the expression of some extreme views on the Corona Chan pandemic. Who knows who has gotten to him with outlandish declarations? It’s reasonable to assume that the President has quite a lot on his mind to deal with.

    In any case, the argument that the orchestrated Corona Chan “pandemic” and the global “vaccination” response choreographed by creepy Bill and Uncle Klaus requires the collusion of dozens of world leaders doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.In fact, such international collusion is not necessary at all to understand the planetary synchronicity of national policy responses to Corona Chan across the planet.

    Here’s the key -some ~200 odd nations (ie, just about all of them) are legally treaty-bound to comply with the directions of the World Health Organisation (WHO). The framework was already in place for the top-down mandate of specific policy responses to Corona Chan, dictated by the WHO. And that’s exactly what all those nations around the world have obediently done.

    The leaders of nations all over the world didn’t have to get together to collude on their Corona Chan response. They just took their orders as they are legally obliged to do from the WHO.

    And here’s the sneaky part, which slipped through the cracks while no-one was watching – guess who now owns the WHO? Hint – his first name is “creepy”.

  3. GMC says

    Here’s my 2 rubles worth – I defenetly had the virus , flu, infection etc. It was going around and I caught it. Should be the end of the story . Why? because no vaccine that is available to me is going to beat the naturally occurring immunity that I got from that virus.
    I can hardly wait for Marko’s next article on what his Holiness in the Russian Orthodox just came out and preached.

    1. ken says

      “Refusing to be vaccinated against Covid-19 is a ’sin’ & anti-vaxxers must spend their life repenting, says Russian Orthodox Church”
      You are correct GMC.

      When religion gets involved like this I am even more skeptical. Repent! Not taking a vile concoction like the ‘experimental’ vaxx is a sin! So God wants you to be pharma’s lab rat? Talk about a load of crap.

      You gotta be kidding. One can expect this kind of crap from governments not from God. In fact God says not to defile your body which is the temple. This vaxx changes DNA. A definite defile if I ever seen one!

      This makes me think the anti-Christ is here and directing all of it.

      If this disease were real with people dropping dead on the street do you think they would have to go this far? That said,,, the vaxx is now killing folks everywhere. Of course this will be blamed on the virus and it will get worse. Then more will be sucked into the vaxx,,, and even more will die.

      Keep this one thing in mind. When they tested animals with a mRNA vaxx,,, they all died….


      1. Ultrafart the Brave says

        Well that’s astonishing – even the Russian Orthodox Church beating the drum for creepy Bill and Uncle Klaus and the rest of the Davos crowd.

        Strange that they seem to overlook the abundance of natural medicines bestowed upon mankind by God Himself, and prefer to promote a man-made, laboratory-spawned, profit-driven concoction instead. I’d say that’s a clear cut sin of pride on the part of the Church officials. Repent indeed!

        Meanwhile, I wonder if these Church officials have all lined up themselves to get their injection? If they want to really show their gonads, let’s not mess around with the harmless Sputnik V vaccine, why not come over here to the West and bend over for creepy Bill’s mRNA “vaccine”? That’ll show us all how real men do penance!

        1. Raptar Driver says

          Didn’t know that.
          This discredits the Russian orthodox church and possibly beyond.

  4. ken says

    First,,, prove there is a virus, I mean proof beyond governments saying so!. Proof beyond some MD quack diagnosing covid from a PCR.

    Second,,, all governments are in isolated collusion. Meaning they are all shafting the People but in there own ways which may differ from each other.

    Third,,, This is the FIRST time since Putin has been in control of Russia that I have ever considered him a liar and a enemy of humanity. ( Yes Yuri,,, I know he does not care what I or anyone else thinks of him. )

    He is now just another piece of shit politician like the rest that say one thing then do another.

    “Do they have any idea of what is happening in the world” Putin

    Yes Mr. Putin,,, We are living in your created hell on earth. We know damn well what’s happening….

    1. Ron says

      99% of the governments are already connected. Call it the NWO or whatever. Every country is connect via it’s “Private” Central Banks. There are many layers to this cartel but if you look at the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and it’s members, you can see ALL the countries under the umbrella. Remember, politicians are just puppets. The “REAL” power and authority lies in the shadows which is directly linked to International Finance Capital.


  5. Alberto says

    Yuri and others like him as Mr, Putin don’t know the power of Satan and the apocalyptical times we are living. Read Arc. Vigano, Bis. Schneider and you will understand a little bit more what is happening. As usually the Spirit is the Catholic Church not in the schismatics or heretics.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Catholic church is not the true church, sorry my friend.
      The church started in the east.
      Read revelations.
      That said all the establish churches are fallen.

  6. Steve Kastl says

    Covid is not imaginary but is extremely overhyped as a physical threat. The mRNA vaccine is frightening in its potential over time for damaging major organs: heart, liver, kidneys, and brain. It may cause prion production in the brain which leads to Alzheimer’s Disease. What happens if just 10% of vaccine recipients at age 30 develop Alzheimer’s at age 40? Disastrous.

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