Putin Still Wants the Entire Black Sea Coast

But wants to have its cake too, so good luck with that

During his Victory Day speech Putin mentioned a pair of princes of the Kievan Rus and a quartet of Russian Imperial-era generals:

Donbass militia alongside with the Russian Army are fighting on their land today, where princes Svyatoslav and Vladimir Monomakh’s retainers, soldiers under the command of Rumyantsev and Potemkin, Suvorov and Brusilov crushed their enemies, where Great Patriotic War heroes Nikolai Vatutin, Sidor Kovpak and Lyudmila Pavlichenko stood to the end.

Princes Svyatoslav and Vladimir Monomakh warred against the raiding steppe peoples to the south of Rus, in today’s southern Ukraine.

The trio of Rumyantsev, Potemkin and Suvorov in the late 18th century finally wrestled the Black Sea coast from Tatars and their suzerain Ottoman Empire and won it for Russia. (It was then jointly settled by Russians from Great Russia, and by Rusyns from Ruthenia Minor, but particularly from the latter, it being the adjacent Russian region.)

Putin also recalled the 2014 Odessa Massacre where local authorities conspired to unleash football hooligans and hard-right nationalists on pro-Russian protesters:

We bow our heads to the memory of the Odessa martyrs who were burned alive in the House of Trade Unions in May 2014, to the memory of the old people, women and children of Donbass who were killed in atrocious and barbaric shelling by neo-Nazis. We bow our heads to our fighting comrades who died a brave death in the righteous battle – for Russia.

I think that Putin talking about Russian figures who fought to win the Black Sea for Russia (not for Ukraine) means that he still hopes to capture the so-called Novorossiya region all the way to Odessa.

The goal of Kiev regime change might be out the window, but partition is still very much a dream.

However, I will say that Kremlin has not recently lacked for dreams. It has dreamed very big indeed. What it has lacked is the effort to make them anything more than a fantasy. Big dreams, lackluster effort has been the name of the game. Kremlin needs to spend less time thinking what it wants and more time thinking what it is willing to input to get it.

  1. Abraham Lincoln says

    I think this site should be renamed pro empire seeing how its slant has become so pro empire

    1. Former Believer says

      That is the most accurate comment.
      The Deep State supportive fangs of Anti-Emoire have emerged. Probably been a Psyops all along.
      Can only hide so long before a truth bomb goes off.

    2. JMN says

      I concur.

    3. Anonymous says

      Agree, completely, 100%.

      It’s hit piece after hit piece, now.

      1. Abraham Lincoln 2 says

        Yes exactly you get it. Classic false opposition. Pretend to be against the empire until the asset is needed to brainwash. Russia has withstood sanctions from hell and the Zio empire is in shock.
        Russia won the war in the first 3 days while minimizing civilian deaths with only 200k soldier and again the empire is in shock

    4. Oscar Peterson says

      No, it’s hardly pro-Empire.

      Marko simply has an attachment to what he sees as painful truth.

      He calls it as he sees it.

      And the Russian performance so far has indeed been hard to comprehend.

      I think Marko is simply angry at Putin and the Russian leadership for not being more successful so far.

      That’s not a “psyop.”

      We’ll simply have to see what unfolds.

      1. Abraham Lincoln says

        Russia won the war in the first 3 days. It’s just a question of how fast Russia wants to end it. As the Zio NATO empire keeps making new blunders every day as Napoleon said don’t interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. It’s the gist that keeps on giving. Like the stupid corrupt Zio USSA ending the reserve status of the Zio dollar.
        It a bonus for al NATO countries s to deplete all the arsenals. If they are stupid enough to attack Russia, as a result the Russian army, 95% of which is still in reserve, can roll over NATO right to the channel if they wanted.
        It won’t be necessary as the sanctions the Zio empire puts on its own EU slaves will result in regime change in most NATO countries by this time next year. This will be caused by massive economic collapse, hyperinflation, mass unemployment, mass deaths from famine and large numbers freezing to death with no gas to heat homes, no gasoline to transport food rolling blackouts etc.

        1. Field Empty says

          Barely anything happened during the first 3 days. RU only deployed a third of its assembled maneuver force and used only a tiny portion of the missiles used so far. I wrote about it extensively. You are an imbecile, likey the product of incest and a waste of oxygen and bandwidth. Consider euthanizing yourself.

      2. Abraham Lincoln says

        There is lots of proof Russia is effectively destroying enemy positions, fortifications and can killing multiple enemy armor/soldiers only losing a few of its own.
        I have never heard of any war where one side does not lose any soldiers. Can you give some examples?
        Russia’s only mistake was to underestimate how good the Mos_ad and their Nazi allies have been in exterminating all democratic opposition in Ukraine, making it a Ju_deo Nazi dictatorship.
        As a result, Soros is able to harvest large numbers of Ukrainian women and children for his global sex slave and organ harvesting businesses. As you never mention this and therefore don’t care you are any enemy of the Ukraine people. Sores has been doing this since 2014 and it has really increased since Ukrainian refuges started to flee to Poland and Romania.
        The Z_io empire wants to send as many poorly trained Ukrainian men to the front as possible so they all die making it much easier for Soros to harvest the women and children of Ukraine for his global Z_io sex slave and organ harvesting businesses which are very profitable. A truly patriotic Ukrainian would never send poorly trained solders to the front. It takes months not days or weeks to properly train solders.

        1. Curmudgeon says

          There is nothing “Nazi” about these people aside from nationalism, and even there, it isn’t the same kind of nationalism. My problem with the “Nazi” narrative is this: the entire Waffen SS was volunteers. There were over 500,000 from virtually every country in Europe. Most formed one or more “national” brigades with their own names, insignias, and marches. There was no blood test or exam for these volunteers to determine whether they were “Nazis” any more than there were in Spain for those volunteering to fight for either faction. Eric Blair (aka George Orwell) was not a communist even though he fought for the revolutionary side. His book 1984 wasn’t about fascism, it was about communism.
          What continues to boggle my mind, is that people fail to recognize that the western Ukrainians – the Galicians who were troublesome while part of the Austrian Empire before Versailles, saw millions of their family members, friends and neighbours deliberately starved to death, as did others in the Ukraine during the 1930s Soviet era. Why is it surprising that they would join a different invasion force to wreak vengeance on those who had murdered millions of them? The “hero” Bandera never claimed to be a Nazi.
          The other problem I have is that the “Nazi” bs plays into the Soviet, and now Russian narrative that it was the eeeevilll Naht-zees that invaded the innocent helpless Soviet Union. When Soviet GRU defector Rezun, who had access to Soviet archives, wrote “Icebreaker” under the name Viktor Suvarov, 40 years ago, he confirmed what Germany stated was the reason for Operation Barbarosa – the massive Soviet invasion force assembled to invade Europe. Since the Soviet archives were opened 30 years ago, there have been others who have researched and written books with the same conclusion, but sto short of Leon DeGrelle’s claim that had it not been for them, Stalin would have been standing in Calais looking across the Channel at Britain.
          One of the few truths Churchill spoke was that the first casualty of war is truth.

    5. Field Empty says

      You’re free to take your whining to your group therapy sites and fuck off loser

    6. Benesha says

      Indeed, when I want to read the deep state point of view, here seems the right place strangely.

      1. Field Empty says

        You need to stop coming here

    7. AL says

      Who are these retards who shill for Putin but don’t understand that Putin is a liberal by Russian standards?

  2. Geraldo says

    ooh, cake! Mmmm ….

  3. yourname says

    The ground in the Kramatorsk Pocket is now dry & firm enough for tanks and artillery to roam. No more excuses. If the Russian Army of Liberation doesn’t show something impressive by the end of May, even the high-command will have to recognize that the cluster-failure in the structure of the Russian war-machine is the real/only cause of the lack of progress.
    A beneficial side-effect of the US-induced regime change in Pakistan appears to be that the spam-farmers in Pakistan stopped their nefarious activities against anti-empire.com

    What happened to the username & login process

    1. Field Empty says

      Spam was finally stopped by the setting that commenters must have 1 manually approved comment before they can post.

      So far that has made the registration process unnecessary.

      On the downside, it forces me to have to read at least some comments and they are to a great degree utter shit like is already traditional.

  4. Geraldo says

    I don’t get the graphic at all. Based on the speech of 24th February, this was never going to end up with anything more than liberation of Donbass (maybe with a little extra thrown in) so how that would be a Phyrric victory I don’t know. (casualties are after all low for Russians so far) Man does what he said he would do and you intimate it may be a failure? Thats a very ‘western’ way of looking at it. As you say though if you are not going to commit the troops … or commit to the ruthlessness required … you will not get the whole cake .. Putin has always been cautious and the Military heads seem willing to bow to this, thus far.
    I think expectations on all sides of punterville have been way too high right from day one (both for the pro Russians and the anti-Russians) Ukrainians giving up and/or surrendering was always going to be a large part of this operations plan and that has largely not happened, the support of ‘the people’ is only evident in the East. I think unless there is a coming period of ‘shock and awe’ Odessa is going to be out of grasp (have any of us the spirit to fight another Mariupol?)

    1. Field Empty says

      You’re an imbecile. Your stupidity disgusts me. What incest are you born of?

      1. Jdj says

        Change your Handle to Head Empty.

        Your profane criticisms of well thought responses makes you appear like the 70 IQ Deep State phone room Troll you are. How is Tel Aviv these days?

  5. Curmudgeon says

    Well, which is worse? Russia wanting the entire Black Sea Coast, or the Zionist owned US and its NATO puppets wanting every coastline in the world?

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