Putin Signs Laws Giving Russian Constitution Precedence Over International Treaties and Organizations

A Russian no to global technocracy and their culture warrior shock troops

MOSCOW, December 8. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a package of laws establishing precedence of the Russian constitution over international agreements and decisions of international bodies, the documents were published Tuesday on the official portal of legal information.

Amendments are introduced in several Russian codes and 115 Russian laws.

Andrey Klishas, Chairman of the Russian Federation Council (upper chamber of parliament) Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building, noted earlier that the Russian legislation now outlaws implementation of decisions taken by international organizations based on international treaties that run counter to the Russian constitution.

Klishas separately underlined that Russia consistently abides by ratified international treaties and backs adherence to international law. However, in cases when provisions of international law acquire new meanings that differ from those at the moment of ratification as a result of various interpretations, and these interpretations contradict the Russian constitution, these decisions will be implemented in the Russian legal system in accordance with the Russian legislation, he explained.

According to the senator, the practice of abandoning unconditional implementation of decisions made by international bodies is also reflected in foreign legal systems. States use these tools of preliminary control to protect their national constitutional identity, Klishas stressed.

Source: TASS

  1. itchyvet says

    W.O.W. Australian Government has just recently passed laws to do EXACTLY THE SAME THING. So I guess no criticism will be forthcoming from Ozz ?

    1. Richard Monette says

      Sorry the aus’es are phucked, a vassal state of the west implementing draconian laws

  2. Richard Monette says

    Putin, Always the smartest man in the room. Some folks squeal about putin’s long term in office….they don’t get it. No way anyone could rebuild an empire on strong moral footing and have it last beyond an 8 yr tenure, I personally wish Putin were prime Minister of Canada

    1. Andra Salzberg says

      ” I personally wish Putin were prime Minister of Canada”
      So does everyone not in thrall of Trudeau, Freeland, et. al.. and their Russophobia.

  3. ke4ram says

    The USSA already has that but the dumb asses haven’t a clue. In the name of outcome based equality they have shredded the very document that would guaranty everyone is equal under the law and freedoms other nations people dream of. And now the medical fascists are finishing off businesses and the working class in general. What’s different is this time the working class is assisting hoping for free stuff. While Russia is slowly moving to more freedom and sovereignty the US,,, and West,,, are now official third world economic police states, governed by totalitarian imbeciles.

  4. nick1111 says

    Long overdue, it took forever,….. too many traitors in Russian government

  5. thomas malthaus says


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