Putin Should Quitely Instruct Supreme Court to Declare Possibility of His Staying in Power After 2024 Invalid

Staying on would fly in the face of everything he has been saying for years

“The result will likely be domestic strife and instability, quite the opposite of what he intends. Indeed it will put in question his entire political legacy”

There are many in mainstream media who insist that the dissonant voices about Vladimir Putin’s Russia whom they derogatively call “useful idiots” are no more than propagandists for the Kremlin.

As a card-carrying member of the “friends of Russia” club, I have in the past never hesitated to acknowledge that perhaps 10% of our number indeed have no interest in following the facts wherever they may lead and spreading truth as they see it. Instead they argue from “the end justifies the means” reasoning or “what-about-ism.” I said as much in reporting on my participation in the international election monitoring of the 18 March 2018 presidential elections where I and 20 other foreigners were sent to the Crimea and delivered our conclusions that same evening at a press conference in one of the mayoral buildings in Simferopol.

However, I believe that the majority of my peers in “friends of Russia” strive to be objective and seek the microphone only in order to denounce the rampant Russophobia and dangerous vilification of Mr. Putin in the major media of the West, all of which has greatly increased the chances of a war, unintended, unwanted but apocalyptic. Sometimes they even decide to speak truth to power, and it is in that spirit that I deliver my verdict below on the amendments to the Russia’s Fundamental Law now being prepared in the Duma and Federation Council under the watchful eye of Vladimir Putin. The document which emerges is going to be put to a nationwide referendum on 22 April, a vote which once again I may be watching on the spot as an international observer.

* * * *

From the moment President Putin delivered his annual state of the nation address to Russia’s bicameral legislature in mid-January announcing plans for revising the Constitution, there was heated speculation in the West that the sole purpose of the exercise was to secure his continuation in power after the current mandate expires in 2024.

In fact, such a conclusion had no basis in the sketchy plans for updating the Constitution mentioned in the president’s address. What stood out in that was the wish to readjust the balance of power between the legislative and executive branches of the federal government in the direction of a “responsible” cabinet which the legislature would henceforth help select. This was not yet parliamentary government, but it would amount to a very significant shift away from the imperial presidency which Boris Yeltsin enshrined in the 1993 constitution which he rammed through over the ashes of a rebellious Duma. Other new privileges would be ceded to the upper house, and the judiciary also stood to gain in stature from Mr. Putin’s brief overview of 15 January.

In all of this, the president would be voluntarily giving up some of his political might with four years still remaining in his term.  It was easy to argue, as I did in my first analysis of the planned reforms, that he was motivated by the long term interests of the country rather than by his own personal interests. By reducing somewhat the prerogatives of the presidency, he was ensuring that the job could be performed by followers of less stellar qualities than his own. Essential checks and balances would be introduced into the system.

The only reform item which did not fit well with my judgment on the selflessness of Putin’s reform initiative was the mention of some new, still unspecified role for the State Council, a deliberative body consisting of the governors of the administrative ‘objects’ of the Federation which has met only once or twice a year. Our pundits quickly focused on how Vladimir Vladimirovich might choose to pilot the ship of state after 2024 from such a body, assuming he did not remain in the presidency by hook or crook.

Step two in the preparation of the Constitutional amendment was the formation of a committee nominally drawn from leading personalities from patriotic society such as virtuoso pianist Denis Matsuev and Hermitage Museum director Mikhail Piotrovsky, as well as legal experts to consider amendments in addition to those first named by the President.

Step three has been the review in the legislature of a draft text on amendments which Putin approved with an eye to both the committee’s recommendations and to the great many suggestions sent directly to his administration from the general public or passed along to him during his numerous consultations with ordinary people in the countryside at the Russian equivalent of town hall meetings.

The net result of all the suggestions which were adopted into the draft law on amendments to the Constitution as it made its way to the Duma and through the Duma has been to introduce a great many social, cultural and identity politics propositions into the Constitution. These include the traditional definition of marriage as the union of a male and female, mention of God and ancient national traditions, specifying Russian as the national language, guarantees of pension indexation and social benefits, a prohibition on giving up any territory of the Russian Federation, establishing the primacy of national legislation over international law, and much more in a similar vein.

Critics in the West have remarked that all of these points are calculated to appeal to broad swathes of the population, thereby ensuring a heavy turnout at the voting urns in April and an enthusiastic “yes” majority, when the reform would also contain, they predicted, a key point on Vladimir Putin’s political future. That was only cynical speculation…until an event two days ago, on 10 March, when the draft law on amendments to the Constitution reached a milestone in its final “reading” in the Duma.

In this last stage, a couple of United Russia legislators pitched to the house changes having great significance, so much so, that Vladimir Putin was called in to deliver his opinion on their suitability.

One would have required that the State Duma be dissolved and new elections be called if the constitutional reform passes the referendum.  This Putin decided was unnecessary and inappropriate, since the sitting Duma was duly elected and fully competent.

The other, presented to the house by the celebrated woman astronaut turned politician Valentina Tereshkova, called for either removing the limitation in the Constitution to two terms in office for the president or to set back the clock to zero following passage of the amendments on 22 April, so that the incumbent might remain in office until 2036. Here Putin rejected the first idea but tentatively accepted the second, subject to its being examined and approved by the Constitutional Court.

All of this was shown in full on Russian state television which, over the past couple of weeks, has given extraordinary live coverage to the Duma deliberations on the amendments to the Constitution, so that the reform finally bypassed Ukraine as the television subject of the day.

Some analysts in the “friends of Russia” camp have called attention to the seemingly impromptu decision of Putin on serving in the presidency after 2024. However, he spoke rather extensively on the subject before the house, suggesting, to my mind, that this was all well-choreographed in advance.

In particular, Putin explained in what we may consider advanced dialectics both why a lengthy stay in office by a president might be justified by circumstances and why eventually this might prompt political elites to put an end to open-ended rule. He spoke about both sides to the question with reference to Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the United States: a president who took office at a time of national crisis, the Great Depression, followed by World War II. These emergencies required a firm hand on the tiller. But at the end of FDR’s four terms, the American political establishment decided that alternation in power was the greater virtue for normal times and set a limit of two terms in office.

Putin likened the national emergency in Russia following the collapse of the Soviet Union to the situation that justified FDR’s long tenure. And he intimated that given the turbulence in the world today having a guarantor of continued stability within the country remained paramount. He also invoked historical traditions of Russia which always favored a strong ruler such as he has been. The sugar coating which he chose to offer is that he might continue in office only if he won ‘competitive’ elections for the office, not by acclamation. However, there are more than a few critics who will find the notion of competitive presidential elections in Russia to be utterly unconvincing so long as Putin, the father of his country, is on the ballot.

Meanwhile, these arguments for his continued rule after 2024 fly in the face of Putin’s repeated denials that he would remain in power into his dotage, repeating the sad experience of Leonid Brezhnev.

Some of my peers are “flummoxed” by what has occurred this week. I am merely saddened by this show of human folly.

I will say unequivocally that by agreeing to a constitutional amendment resetting his time in office to zero, Putin has enraged many members of the ruling elites and armed his long time opponents with real and not invented reasons to be rid of him. The result will likely be domestic strife and instability, quite the opposite of what he intends. Indeed it will put in question his entire political legacy.

Let us hope that Vladimir Vladimirovich will pause to reflect on this decision and quietly instruct the Constitutional Court to do what is necessary: declare the proposed amendment invalid.

Source: Gilbert Doctorow

  1. Ken Wiltshire says

    In my humble opinion, Pres. Putin my arguably be the best leader of a country in this world right now. When a country has that, why is it so important to get rid of him? The whole world needs him at the helm of Russia.

  2. Styx says

    Very strange indeed article.
    it is up to the Russian people if they want Putin to be their president or not.
    Putin instructing The High Court of Russia is right out of True Dictatorship scenario.

  3. John Brown says

    Why should there be term limits? Because the USSA has them? The UK does not. As long as there are free and fair elections no term limit. Elections are more free and fair in Russia then they are in any of the countries conquered by the racist supremacist global Jewish Satanic Slave Empire Dictatorship

  4. thomas malthaus says

    After 20 years, most Russians recognize Mr. Putin is a known quantity.

    As with expats, they have strong “patriotic or nationalistic” tendencies and perhaps strongly dislike the leader.

    Ironically all while comfortably living abroad for years, while sporadically returning home.

  5. Ilya says

    Doesn’t matter. Putin, love him as we may, will have no domestic legacy, other than the consequences of holding the Empire at bay until it collapsed.. There is no direct democracy – sure there is a top down gift to the people with this referendum from one good leader, but when he’s gone, the elected oligarchy will do the same thing their Western reflections have done – because in a Parliamentary democracy, Parliament abuses the citizenry by taking Sovereignty away from them. Can’t climb down from that.

  6. cechas vodobenikov says

    nonsense—collectivist societies—Asians, Russians, Serbs, Peruvians,etc prefer strong leaders that can produce results…as Chekov observed, “in our arrogance we r European–in our acts and development, we r Asian”….whether Putin is re-elected is a distraction….in nations where individuality and dialectical thinking exists stupidity is quite rare. Gorer wrote that Russians naturally think dialectically, hence our admiration of Hegel—the Russian/French philosopher, Kojeve reinterpreted Hegel fusing Hegel w Heidigger and Marx—admired by left wing Hegelians in Europe and right wing Hegelians in the USA (Bloom, Fukuyama, etc)
    Hofstede ranks the most individualistic societies –1 USA, 2 Australia/NZ, 3 Canada, 4 UK
    Sennet finds that only in the angloshere is dialectical thinking absent, Gorer observed that amerikans only comprehend discreet disconnected facts–they cannot make connections–also observed by many others….as the Parsonian sociologist, Philip Slater wrote, “amerikans poorly understand that individualism produces uniformity”
    “what unites the slavophiles, Alexandr Herzen, Peter Kropotikin and the Marxists is the belief that western individualism is an enemy of individuality”. Vladimir Golstein (1999)
    “individuality has entirely decayed in amerika…amerikan conversations r shallow bombastic, fatuous”. Horkheimer/Adorno…amerikans have long been observed be shallow…(Riesman, Durkheim, etc). “fewer than 3% of the amerikan adult public is literate enough to comprehend irony”. Morris Berman…obvious—the monolingual amerikan is extraordinarily xenophobic, incurious…”the monolingual invariably confuses style with content”. George Simmel
    Riesman, a liberal, described amerikans as “over conformist semi automatons”
    Gorer was puzzled as the whether amerikans were people or machines: “only in amerika do people act like machines, r treated like machines, and only in the USA r machine metaphors used to describe human behavior”. Geoffrey Gorer
    Koestler compared amerikans to 5th century Romans: “a similarly contactless society populated by automatons…a similarly soulless, politically corrupt everybody for themselves society”
    as Bervovitch wrote in 2012: “only in the USA has nationalism carried w it the christian meaning of the sacred. the revelation of amerika serves to blight and ultimately to preclude the possibility of fundamental social change”
    Collapsing empires never reform themselves!

  7. jm74 says

    Putin should stay on; have a name change, that seems to work for the West in their support to the terrorist organizations.

    1. Ulricht says

      It’s called rebranding. He could change his name to Nitup.

    2. William Toffan says

      Good one – and accurate!

  8. IM DeRose says

    Lord god emperor Punddin…with his gathering of shills and fools….


  9. UkraineTiger says

    Got this wrong Gilbert. There is always a time to adjust things and Russians know that Putin is still the best person to lead them. Teresehkova has suggested something that most Russians would concur with.

    1. bob says

      Best of a really bad bunch don’t you mean!

      In fact you’re correct,for once,there aint gonna be any blow back from this

      Putin will be dictator for life

      But Gilbert is basically putting this puff piece forward as a bit of nonsense,as he fully supports Putin, and has done for ages

      This is just fake news,and the motive for this is to give the pro Putin lot in the west a bit of street cred, all totally faux of course,as they love dictators and neo fascist

      1. William Toffan says

        You really ought to get yourself under control there, Bob.

        1. bob says

          I’m the Zen of internet forums

          Perfectly under control thanks

          1. Ulricht says

            You must be kidding.
            Zen is no mind.
            You are all mind.

  10. IM DeRose says

    Pretty sure these constitutional tweaks were directed by Putin’s kosher oligarch overlords to enshrine their power, not Putin’s.

  11. David Chu says

    Hahahahahaha! Typical Yankee or Limey thinking. Putin needs to stay put as the President of Russia until he sees it through WW3 and I mean it seriously. There is no one better trained and experienced than Putin to fight against the Axis of Evil on planet Earth which is US/UK/Israel/EtAl. when they launch their nuclear war against Russia/China/Iran/North Korea/Etc.

  12. Jihadi Colin says

    I am, actually, not a fan of Putin; I feel he is far too soft on foreign policy, reactive instead of proactive. His domestic policy isn’t my business since I’m not a Russian citizen, but I have lived in Russia, I have many Russian friends (who are *not* Yeltsinite or supporters of Navalny) and none of them are particularly enthusiastic about the people around Putin. They may or may not like Putin but they don’t like the others in power, bar Lavrov and Shoigu who are not concerned with domestic policy, at all. Then there are the Moscow liberal yuppie class which, let’s face it, are Quislings to the core. I remember meeting a couple of them in this city in 2015; thoroughly westernised, impeccably English speaking, indistinguishable from any young Brit or Amerikastani. I told the woman that I supported Russian policy in Ukraine. Her eyes grew wide. “Why? It’s a disaster for Russia, not our business, we should never have got involved…” Remember that these are the young and that they were churned out by the same Russian education system as other young Russians. I can safely assume that they are not in the majority, but they will never support any pro Russia nationalist government. They’re a dangerous fifth column. It is they who will rush to put a Yeltsinite in the president’s office, and unless Putin actively encourages independent nationalist figures (even those opposed to him) to emerge, there is a far too great chance that they will succeed. Russia can’t afford that. The world can’t afford that.

    1. Ulricht says

      You got that right. I know the same crew, thoroughly westernized traveling regularly to UK and USA, poisoned in other words, laughing at their own country people, ashamed of being Russian, toadies to a man, or woman. Fortunately a minority.

    2. bob says

      That young women you met should actually be Russia’s future

      Unfortunately they’ve got the bloke you’re not a fan of who is creating the thing you find so appealing,a pro nationalist Russia,which is becoming more intolerant and authoritarian,not much future there if you ask me

      1. Jihadi Colin says

        Nobody is asking you. Your attempt to land a job with the CIA isn’t doing very well, is it?

        1. bob says

          Well since i haven’t applied it wouldn’t

          But seriously why do you think a proto fascist state run by oligarchs is gonna be good for Russians?

          You know it isn’t

          History is against Putin,he won’t last forever then what?

          Socio,political and economic chaos thats what

          1. CHUCKMAN says

            Are you describing Israel?

            The fit is perfect.

            “But seriously why do you think a proto fascist state run by oligarchs is gonna be good…”

            1. bob says

              No I’m describing Russia!

              A place in which the current president is now gonna become a dictator for life

              But i forgot chuckman,you live in Canada i believe,that well known authoritarian state which jails,tortures and murders its own citizens every year like Iran and Syria

            2. Kevin Rangi says

              As opposed to USA where the current president is a dickhead, and the next one will be the same dickhead or one that suffers from dementia. The country that goes around murdering citizens of other countries and has the highest rate of jailed persons in the world. The same country that will arrest or kill you for growing your own food or running a lemonade stand. Wipe the shit out of your eyes Bob.

            3. bob says

              All those ” dick heads” and still the worlds biggest economy!

              Eat butt hurt you mother f#cker

            4. Ulricht says

              Ah good, Bob hoists his true colors.
              American moron.

            5. bob says

              Facts dear boy,i know I’m on a fact free conspiracy site full of nutters but facts do still mater

              although you being a putin fan boy and total cretin you’d believe any Kremlin BS propaganda

              I can’t wait until Russia goes tits up,when all you Putin fan boys start yapping,you’ll probably say its fake news, Hahahahahaha😂😂😂

              It’ll be such fun just like last time,do you remember???

            6. Ulricht says

              I remember a hell of a lot more than you do.

            7. bob says

              Oh don’t tell me you were sat under the table in the kremlin pissing your pants?

            8. Ulricht says

              Good one cuz.

            9. IM DeRose says

              Whoa…so many shameless bootlickers searching for a political savior that isn’t going to show…

          2. Michael Daniels says

            Bob will be dead of Covid-19 soon then what?

            1. Ulricht says

              What a lovely thought.

        2. CHUCKMAN says

          Well said.

          “Bob” is exactly the kind of person who needs to learn that you should know the words to the song before standing up to sing.

      2. UkraineTiger says

        Thought too late, spoke too soon. That is you bob.

        1. bob says

          To late for Russia,don’t you mean!

          Half its young people would leave if they could,those that have definitely aint going back

          Human capital is a countrys most valuable asset,and all Russia does is push them into is security service,its oil and gas sectors,plus propping up its exceptionally corrupt MIC,or they leave

          As for the rest they’re basically economic cannon fodder for Putin’s mates who are basically plundered the economy,or simply going into the graveyard,as this type of regime is an absolute dead end demographically speaking

          1. OzricTentacle says

            Hey idiot…. you’re an online keyboard idiot. Idiot.

          2. Ulricht says


            1. bob says

              ” Duh”

              Yup thats what goes on inside you’re thick skull

              No brain,just a miniature echo chamber that reverberates with kremlin BS,propaganda and endless conspiracy theories

              I bet you’re one of those nut jobs who think 9/11 was an inside job?

          3. Michael Daniels says

            You’ve never been to Russia so you should shut up about what you don’t know anything about. Putin is the greatest leader in the past 100 years. You know it too and you’re jealous.

            1. bob says

              I don’t go to countries run by dictators,it’s a matter of principle

              After all why should i help them maintain their dictatorships through my hard earned money

            2. Ulricht says

              Priceless! We’ve got a right one here!

            3. Michael Daniels says

              Weak answer.

            4. bob says

              Not really

              I’d no sooner go to Putin’s Russia than Hitler’s Germany, if I’d lived then

              Like i say its a principle thing

            5. Ulricht says

              Hitler’s Germany was great, I’m telling you truly great, nothing else like it on earth.
              Hitler was 300 years ahead of his time, absolutely brilliant.

            6. bob says

              Go tell that to people in Red Square

              Preferably on Putins great patriotic immortal march/ parade propaganda thing he does

              Go on Ulricht, go do it next time you’re on your fabulous vacations to Russia

              I dare you!

              Go on get your Nazi kit on and goose step around Moscow shouting at the top of your voice what you’ve just written….

              ….no you probably wont though,because you’ve got no balls,you haven’t even got a sense of humour or irony either

              But then you’re no different than Putin

            7. Michael Daniels says

              You’ve never been to Russia so you are clueless. Next.

            8. bob says

              I never went to nazi Germany either

              Ill leave it to the Putin fan club to go and waste their time and money in Russia

            9. Ulricht says

              You clearly have no clue at all, you poor bastard.
              I go to Russia every year, I spend time and money and I love it.
              You can stuff fading failing America up your probably obese arse, it is history.

            10. bob says

              You love it because you’ve got no taste

              You spend your money in a de facto dictatorship run by criminals whoopie Doo

            11. Robert Bruce says

              If you have never been there who are you to talk about it? Relying on media, which no matter where you go is slanted for or against isn’t enough anymore. I was in Russia right after Yeltsin was re elected. Tough time to be a Russian, but I was a multimillionaire if just for a few weeks. Putin got it together and stopped the looting. Russia was/is a very nice place to visit and the people are friendly. If it is a cesspool, it is not any less of a cesspool than our nation is now, and from what has gone down with the Democratic primaries/caucuses, our democracy is pretty much a sham as well.

            12. OzricTentacle says

              You never went anywhere outside of your pea sized brain. Get lost, idiot.

            13. OzricTentacle says

              You’re dictator is Jacob Rothschilds. Ever heard of him, you idiot?

            14. OzricTentacle says

              Idiot. American idiot.

      3. Ulricht says

        Fuck off Bob.

        1. bob says

          She’s the future

          Putin and his knucke heads are the past

          Thick ultra nationalist scum,they’ll be there soon in Red Square,Putin leading his imortal platoon of dupes into white orthodox Christian oblivion

          ” we fought and destroyed fascism so the world could be free”

          He’ll blather on

          Yeah dream on rubber chops Putin,you’re country the USSR, was one of the most murderous shit holes the world has ever seen…..

          ….and now old rubber chops Putin gets all his useful idiots around the world goose stepping together,all the neo nazi trash and fascist scum look at Putin like some sort of God,which he of course isn’t,so you just join in with other scum cretins here who’d go and fight for Putin and his friends,what a bunch of idiots,basically no better than ISIS terrorist scum

          TRAITORS simple as!

  13. stevek9 says

    It’s probably true that Russia could not currently find a leader as capable as Putin. That would not be true if he became as senile as Joe Biden, so there is probably a limit, although some people are sharp up to their last day. Unfortunately someone like Putin probably feels that there is more left to be done than he would have liked, and he is not confident of a capable successor, so the temptation is great to hang on ‘just a bit longer’. In any case, he really should start delegating more, so that there is a pool of people that could take his place.

  14. CHUCKMAN says

    I don’t agree with the analysis.

    Were conditions in the world more normal, I would agree. I don’t favor lifetime leaders.

    But conditions are not normal, not all, and they are being deliberately and dangerously manipulated by the US, and on many fronts – the Baltics, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, and China (Russia’s indispensable partner now), plus still others

    It makes aggressive economic war against many states and threatens genuine war.

    There is a clear threat to Putin’s primary goal – that of seeing Russia enjoy decades of peaceful economic growth to repair its many scars and wounds.

    “well-choreographed in advance”?

    Who cares? The goals are not evil. They indeed are the opposite.

    Most Americans have no idea about what Russia went through after the collapse of the USSR. It was literally the Great Depression all over again.

    And then, instead of helping, America worked against its interests in many ways.

    It is still doing so, but now with open hostility and threats.

    Putin is a proven statesman, extraordinarily capable, and he definitely commands the respect of much of the world, including a good many Americans.

    Literally only China’s Xi is his match for sharp, quiet intelligence and far-sightedness and respect for other societies. It is a good thing, for everyone, if they can work together some extra years.

    1. Ulricht says

      Bravo Chuckman, well put.
      Me thinks Gilbert remains in the grip of his conditioning and refuses to see as clearly as yourself.

    2. C D says

      Everyone is talking about 2036.
      But Putin is not going to stay to 2036 just because he will be electable.
      If he does well then people will vote him again, if not there will be no votes for him.
      Russian they know to vote well.

  15. Udo Bauer says

    Thank the Pravoslavic true god that Vlad doesn’t listen to “well-meaning” gringos (an oxymoron), but instead listens to Russians, who know what they want in a time of universal hostility to Holy Rus and all things Russian. And they want more Vlad.

  16. Mary E says

    In this time of international turmoil (and Russia threatening) and economic failures, Russia needs Putin more than ever. He is a good and stable helmsman of the Russian ship on a turbulent sea (not meaning to be over dramatic). So unlike trump in the US! Who is dithering on covid 19 and making dagerous decisions and moves against the environment and the US economy and people to the point of sinking his ship. Glug
    Most Americans and NATO citizens are taught (drilled into them) that Russia is the bad guy, when in reality, it is the one wearing the white hat and has shown that many times over…just look at its Win-Win economic goals and agreements with its new and old partners.

    1. Ton Jacobs says

      Indeed Mary, you are right for sure.

      It’s not the first time that Doctorow is totally wrong, due to his dogmatic liberalist mind set. Moreover, in nearly whole western Europe a prime minister or president can rule indefinitely, as long as he/she is elected.

      Then, that Putin expressed his intention not to rule longer was an intention for the moments he expressed it: Not more, Not less. Times change, so intentions too.

      It’s a blessing for the world that Putin and Xi Jinping will likely rule for another one and half decade. It serves a peaceful and a multipolar world that decent people long for.

    2. bob says

      Mary stop drinking RT International kool aid

      Russia is the bad guy,has been for the last hundred years,it killed millions of its own citizens,its currently killing and prepared to displace a million Syrian citizens,in other words they’re scum

      Russia is a totally dysfunctional cess pit run by criminals,a ‘ mafia’ who’ll steal and rob from each other,as they’ve done now for decades

      Putin is basically the the Cappo,thats all,he’s in charge of the ‘ little ‘ boss’s

      The FSB is basically there not to protect the citizens but to enforce the criminal mentality of the Russian state,which is under Putin’s control,the cappo,remember!

      There is no ” win, win ” economic goals just a dependency upon state run corrupt entities,the military industrial/ security complex and oil and gas,after that theres precious little of an economy which could compete against countries such as


      and absolutely definitely not the USA,which from an economic point of view would be like putting a small child in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson

      Please Mary i beg you stop being a dupe for kremlin propaganda

      1. Ulricht says

        Are you for real? Or a real American moron?

        1. bob says

          Oh, don’t tell me another f#cking dumb Putin groupie

      2. Styx says

        Have you actually said something “bob”?

        1. bob says

          I only speak words of wisdom my friend

          Garnered from my extensive life experience and knowledge of living through history

          Unfortunately not many people here,in fact zero people care for my knowledge

          Their loss i suppose,and their disappointment when things go tits up for the
          ” axis of resistance”

      3. William Toffan says

        Beg her again!

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