Putin Sets the Table to Leave the Dollar Behind

"No longer serves the interest of the future"

This is twice that Russian President Putin has said on the global stage the Federal Reserve Note no longer deserves the status and privilege of “world reserve currency” that allows unlimited printing of the currency. The first time he made mention he actually said that it was a threat to Russia’s national security.

In a speech at the International Economic Forum, in St. Petersburg, Russia, “Russian Davos”, President Putin reaffirmed his position regarding the Federal Reserve Note and it’s international role. For the record, we see the abuse of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve Note, U.S. dollar, in similar light as President Putin. The current status of “world reserve currency” should not be allowed in this day and time. The absolute abuse of power, excessive power granted and the ability to shackle entire nations through the use of a currency that is not even their own should have never been allowed but it is way past time for this system to be dissolved.

In a speech at a plenary session, Mr Putin accused Washington of seeking to “extend its jurisdiction to the whole world.”

“But this model not only contradicts the logic of normal international communication. The main thing is, it does not serve the interests of the future.” Source

As recently we pointed out Russia has been and is, apparently readying, a gold backed cryptocurrency to use as global trade settlement. When a man steps up to the microphone and says to the world – “The main thing is, it (U.S. dollar) does not serve the interests of the future.” while at the same time announcing that Russia, along with China, are working on a global trade settlement mechanism outside the dollar, well, you would have to be some kind serious stupid to ignore those words.

Gold Backed Global Trade Cryptocurrency: A Strand of 3 Is Difficult to Break

The Business Times also reported:

Changes in the global economy “call for the adaptation of international financial organisations (and) rethinking the role of the dollar which… has turned into an instrument of pressure by the country of issue on the rest of the world,” Mr Putin said.

Then went on to say The Kremlin chief – whose country has chafed under numerous rounds of US sanctions – has repeatedly slammed the global financial system established by Washington in the aftermath of World War II.

Let’s be clear about the effect of the sanctions against Russia. These sanctions that were suppose to cripple Russia have in fact made their economy stronger, more resilient and the ground work for long term growth is now in place. President Putin welcomes sanctions as he simply turns to the people and Russia, funds the next set of projects and Russia becomes a little more self sustaining. Sanctions no longer work, and the Federal Reserve, U.S. Treasury and the western allies have now been put on notice.

Source: The Daily Coin

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  2. JustPassingThrough says

    where is the RU replacement for the SWIFT system, these days?

    1. All_has_An _END_. says

      so far they have bilateral agreement to use local currency. One step at a time
      Dont forget the Future gold back Oil contract that can be redeem. Small good step to dismantle this evil system

  3. BillA says

    it would appear that China’s accumulation of $s will be a problem
    so buy assets (the greater fool theory in action)

  4. thomas malthaus says

    Perhaps an oversight, but America’s overlords are Jews.

    It would be difficult to work for Mr. Trump’s administration or in other government and publishing employ.

    1. All_has_An _END_. says

      to be more precise The Zionists are the overloads with their cousins in the Banking,because people like Bolton are not Jewish

      And Not all Jews are Zionists

  5. Séamus Ó Néill says

    Russia and China , well aware of America’s growing weaknesses, are slowly but surely working to dump the dollar. Libya and Iraq moved too early….when the psychopathic bully was still basically the sole “superpower” and paid the ultimate price. America’s seething antipathy towards Venezuela and Iran, apart from coveting their oil reserves , is their refusal to have a central bank which would trade in dollars! I believe America’s apparent subservience to Israel, in it’s attempt to destroy the ME, has more to do with oil than a great love for the Zionist parasite. I think if they ever had control of Syria, Iran, Lebanon and Iraq , America wouldn’t be so kindly disposed towards Israel.

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