Putin Sends Bill to Duma to Grant Citizenships “When Borders of Russia Change”

TASS has what seems to be the only report in English on new amendments to Russia’s citizenship law submitted to Duma by Putin:

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday submitted a bill on Russian citizenship to the State Duma, according to the legislature’s database.

Russia would simplify the procedure for granting its citizenship to people that have a child with a Russian citizen, including through adoption.

Simplified naturalization would be an option for several other groups of people, such as children or Great Patriotic War veterans, former USSR citizens and people whose close relatives are Russian citizens. Eligible candidates would also include military service members that served in Russian units stationed outside of Russia as of February 6, 1992.

What TASS leaves out is that the proposal includes a provision whereby citizenship is granted “as a result of a change to the borders of the Russian Federation”:

This is not out of the ordinary. Russian borders changed in 2014 when Crimea was incorporated and Crimeans were subsequently accepted into Russian citizenship en masse. It was to be expected perhaps that this sort of granting of citizenship would be regularized by law.

What is perhaps out of the ordinary is that Crimea was incorporated in 2014 and these amendments weren’t drafted until 2021 and the current war scare. Why did it take 7 years and why exactly now?

Probably this is nothing. But maybe not.

  1. Jerry Hood says

    MID FINGER to the Western soulless mutants and degenerates! Russia is healthy and wealthy country, where life has still value!!!

    1. rase rs says

      they are all getting vaccinated thogh!

  2. GMC says

    Russia needs young construction workers and for many other projects. It needs to start developing their 8 time zones and they need more people. They prefer to have those from the old Soviet Union countries, but a lot of the younger generations aren’t fluent in Russia cause their schools after the 90s didn’t teach Russian, which is a very complicated language , without any teachers or schools. Pravda.

  3. WillieRoop says


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