Putin Sees No Reason to Keep on Living After Non-Invite to WWII Sideshow Anniversary

Has best friend Xi over for a three-day visit but would much rather be drinking tea with the Queen and people who hate him

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said it is “not a problem” that he was not invited to join other world leaders marking the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings in northern France.

Mr Putin, who was invited to the 70th anniversary event in 2014, said he had “enough business” of his own in Russia.

The comments came after his government claimed D-Day was “not a game-changer”.

Russia often accuses the West of failing to properly acknowledge the Soviet Union’s role in World War Two.

World leaders, including US President Donald Trump, attended Thursday’s memorial, where they paid tribute to the Allied troops who attacked German forces on the coast of northern France on 6 June, 1944 in history’s largest sea and air invasion.

Mr Putin joined the last major commemoration in 2014, but was not invited this year. Speaking at an economic forum in St Petersburg, he said that the lack of an invitation was not an issue.

“We also don’t invite everyone to every event. Why should I be invited everywhere? I have enough business of my own here,” he said.

His remarks came a day after Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs insisted that the significance of D-Day in the outcome of the war should not be overplayed.

Source: BBC

  1. Nick Rhynes says

    I don’t know why people would expect the Russians to be there. They weren’t part of the operation. If it was commemorating the end of WW2, then sure, but this was commemorating DDay.

  2. Pieter du Plessis says

    Watch the documentary “Hellstorm”.

  3. JustPassingThrough says

    incestual royal circle-jerk.
    a collection of past, present and future has beens.
    all dutiful covered by bbc cameras hidden in the men’s bathrooms.

  4. skinner15 says

    Putin, like Stalin in 1944, has more important things to attend to.

    Sending such an armada in 1944, against dozens of Germans protecting the European coastline from the Arctic to Spain, must have seemed so small scale compared to the deaths of millions of troops fighting a real war in the East.

  5. CHUCKMAN says

    Just as a reminder .

    D Day, despite its importance, including symbolic importance, quite simply was, I’m sorry to say, a drop in the bucket compared to the Eastern Front.

    I believe nothing is more important for history and the later decisions based upon it than perspective, accurate perspective.

    23 American divisions, 14 British, 3 Canadian, 1 French and 1 Polish.

    The Germans had 228 divisions fighting desperately on the Eastern Front, battle-hardened and originally equipped as the finest army ever fielded.

    Had even a fraction of those German divisions been freed-up to turn towards Normandy, D Day either would not have taken place or been a tragic fiasco, a larger-scale version of Churchill’s terrible failure at Gallipoli in WWI.

    About three-quarters of all German soldiers killed in the war were killed by Soviet armies.

    The Soviets themselves lost 27 million people, the most terrible toll in all of recorded human history.

    For comparison, America’s entire losses in the war, including the Pacific, were about 300 thousand.

    And, quite shabbily, Putin wasn’t invited, but then a lot of what America does today and pressures its allies also to do, is just shabby.

    Putin might well have had reason not to come, even if invited, but he wasn’t given the chance, and not giving people a chance is a lot of what America’s government is about today. A lot.

    1. Nassim7 says

      D Day was largely about how to prevent the Soviet Union gobbling up all of Germany and other countries as well. It was a defensive measure. All the best German divisions had been annihilated on the Eastern Front long before June 1944.

    2. Muriel Kuri says

      All what you say is true. China, too was not invited, but lost a similar amount of people during the war. If Russia hadn’t sacrificed so much for itself and the world, we’d all be speaking German and hailing Hitler. I myself am very grateful to all those men (and civilians) who sacrificed so much for the future of mankind.

  6. Mistaron says

    By not inviting Russia we dishonour the greatest sacrifice made by all those who died at the behest of the allied powers in ‘protecting the sovereignty of nations’; East or West.

    That men and women of such obvious venality and pitiful integrity are our leaders today is a revealing and shameful reflection of how corrupted and propagandised our ideals have become, and it is now a sign of how ‘Democracy’ in the hands of manipulators par excellence no longer serves its intended purpose.

    Barring the failure of the AngloZionist Dollar, I think the future, for all its promising and incredible advances for the benefit of mankind, is currently looking very bleak in respect of the majority of today’s mis-educated masses.

    The word ‘honour’ it would seem, has been banished as an ideal to live by. That is a shame.

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