Putin Says US Under Obama Was Not Agreement-Capable

Doesn't mean it's any better now

Former U.S. President Barack Obama did not keep his promises made while he was in office, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said in an interview with American filmmaker Oliver Stone.

The interview appears in a Ukrainian-American director’s documentary scheduled to premiere on Russian state television next week.

“You know, Obama is no longer president, but there are certain things we don’t talk about publicly,” Russia’s state-run RIA Novosti news agency quoted Putin as saying to Stone.

“In any case, I can say that our agreements reached in [a] telephone conversation were not fulfilled by the American side,” Putin said, declining to go further into details.

Source: The Moscow Times

  1. John C Carleton says

    Al-has-An END, Rat’s minion hazbara, dirtied IT’s fruit of the looms, at the truth of Putin protecting Israhell while Israhell, aided by Russia, murder innocent folks in Syria., said the source was a State Department Sponsored agency”, as if that would make the truth of Putin’s treason to Russia a non event.

    I listed five more sources, including RUSSIA INSIDER, for the same Putin Did It, story, for the Hazbara.
    Senior Iranian MP Pishe Calls on Russia to Activate S-300 Systems during Israeli Air Strikes

  2. John C Carleton says

    Putin’s word is worthless.
    He is a Rat’s minion.
    Rat’s are known habitual liars.

    Every USA president since Israhell made JFK’s head explode in plain site of the American people, have been Rat’s minions, served the Rats, and their words were meaningless.

    Russia said it would give Syria S-300s to shoot down Israhell jets murdering Syrians, (and Russians), in Syria.

    Nirtwityahoo runs crying to Putin, Putin goes back on Russia’s word, stiffs Syria.
    As a result, 15 Russians murdered by Israhell in Syria.
    The Russian generals tell Putin to sit down shut up!
    Syria gets S-300s.
    Which Putin has shut down ANYTIME Israhell wants to murder more Syrians.

    ‘Iran Slams Russia for Deactivating S-300 during Israeli Airstrikes on Syria’

    1. All_has_An _END_. says

      I hate to tell you this John but Iran Front page is a State Dept sponsored news agency . Do you research

      1. John C Carleton says

        Iran ‘Angry’ Over Russia Not Activating S-300 Defense Systems in Syria

      2. John C Carleton says

        Senior Iranian MP Pishe Calls on Russia to Activate S-300 Systems during Israeli Air Strikes

      3. John C Carleton says

        I hate to tell you this, but the truth is the truth, no matter who tells it.
        So as the offensive to Rat’s minions truth which makes you dirty your fruit of the looms, is not of a Rat’s minion “News “outlet, like say, CNN, FOX, New York times, therefore you have a cow.
        Well you can probably use the milk.

        Do your research, and I would not have to shove the truth up your backside, causing you to dirty them already soiled, fruit of the looms!

        Of course, anything a Rat or a Rat’s minion, say like Putin, Nitwityahopo or Trump says, is a dam lie.

        1. All_has_An _END_. says

          The truth is what you and I want/looking for , hence both of us being here. Thanks for the links very much appreciated

          1. John C Carleton says

            You tried to cast doubt on the truth of the Royal Blue Blooded big Lizard Truth Tellers truth.

            Means you work for the side which opposes truth at all cost.

            1. All_has_An _END_. says


              the only doubt I casted is in my logic Sir and that was cured thanks to you and I mean it
              Again grateful

      4. John C Carleton says

        Senior Iranian MP Slams Russia for Keeping Syria S-300s Air Defenses Inactive During Israeli Strikes

      5. John C Carleton says

        ‘Iranian MP Blames Russia for Deactivating S-300 during Israeli Airstrikes on Syria’

      6. John C Carleton says

        Senior Iranian MPSlams Russia for Keeping Syria’s S-300 Air Defense Inactive during Israhell Strikes

    2. Mychal Arnold says

      There is something wrong with you. Your anger is so misguided and frankly stupid because you are blinded. You write like a child in a temper tantrum.

      1. Canosin says

        he is a dotard….. a mentally degenerated American fatfuck

      2. Donnie Palmer says

        John has a few roos loose in the top paddock. That’s Australian slang for a condition known elsewhere as mental illness. Take no heed of Carleton’s rant. He gets up the next day and looks at what he’s written and blames everyone else for his temper tantrum. Carleton also gets his nationalities mixed up too – but it doesn’t matter – they are all enemies to him. Now the other thing that Carleton gets confused about is identity. He doesn’t know who he is most of the time. But we can forgive him for being a Texan. And we can forgive him for drinking too much moonshine. And we can also forgive him for being a Red Neck Bible Bashing fundamentalist fanatic. If you follow anther religion such as Islam, Judaism, Janism – or a philosophy such as Buddhism or Confucionism or the Green Man – then you are gonna burn in Hell for eternity according to him. But who cares – he’s just a man is all.

      3. John C Carleton says

        How many times does a pedophile promoting half breed Turkmen/slavic Non Semtic, mass murdering cheerleading Khazarian zionist hazbara have to be told, the truth, is not anger.

        The truth, is what is making you have to take a long hot shower and get a new set of Fruit of the Looms.

        I can understand why you are angry at being forced to be born again, a loser Khazaria again, a tiny bit of soiled Khazaria cat house muff fluff, blowing hopelessly, helplessly in one window and out the other, of Khazarian cat house time.

        If you did not deserve this, I would be sorry for you, but Karma is what you get for what you do and did.

        1. Mychal Arnold says

          Your version of the truth! It is anger not truth your espousing.

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