Putin Says Response to US Failure to Guarantee Russian Security Will Depend on Recommendations of the Military

Doubtlessly the military has already made its proposals months ago

MOSCOW, December 26 (TASS) — Russia may choose various responses based on advice from military experts if US and NATO decline to provide security guarantees, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Rossiya 1 television on Sunday.

“It may vary,” he said in an interview with the Moscow. Kremlin. Putin program. “It will depend on the proposals that our military experts will make to me.”

The president said Russia will seek to achieve a positive outcome in the talks on security guarantees.

Russia made the proposals on the matter in order “to reach a legally binding outcome of diplomatic talks on the documents,” he said. “That’s what we will strive for.”

Putin said during his news conference on December 23 that Moscow will base its further steps on the need to achieve unconditional security for Russia in the long term, regardless of how talks with the US on security guarantees unfold. He said Russia made it clear it won’t tolerate NATO’s further eastward expansion.

The US has moved its missiles to Russia’s doorstep, he said, and wondered how the US would feel if Russia were to place its missiles in Mexico or Canada.

On December 17, the Russian Foreign Ministry released draft agreements on security guarantees addressed to the US and NATO. They had been handed over to a US representative at a meeting at the Russian Foreign Ministry on December 15.

Source: TASS

  1. Cap960 says

    The Yanks are looking to tango a war with someone ASAP.

  2. GMC says

    Russia’s main military doesn’t even have to set foot in Ukraine, they can do severe damage from their borders , on infrastructure ammo dumps etc. in order to keep civilian loss at a minimal. And this would scare off the ” 4000 US Advisors” if they’re smart. Then again, what’s a few thousand dead or wounded troops to the Pentagon , as long as the cash still makes it to their greedy pockets and the Reset and Covid is covered up some more.

  3. London says

    Sure, but if you leave the decision makers in place whose orders are passed down to the West+1, to Biden, Pentagon, NATO etc, they plan to still be the leaders post war. They ordered Pentagon to make sure no Russian leaders survived a nuclear strike. Has no one the wit to reciprocate against the de facto leaders of the West+1?

  4. JEFF N says

    Babylon shall Burn…, Arrows of Fire from the North

  5. nnn says

    More blah, blah, blah,…..stupid

  6. Romeo LeBlanc says

    YANKEES! keep out of the affairs of all countries but your own!!

  7. Romeo LeBlanc says

    Russia needs to get closer to the USA the same as what they are doing so Russia, come to Canadian territory, Mexico is also nice and then, of course, revisit Cuba to really grab the USès attention to get out of your borders. this is called TIT for TAT!

  8. XSFRGR says

    War has always been the way that the U$ has staved off economic oblivion; this time it isn’t going to work. Russia/China/Iran is too smart to fall for the scam, and if the U$ attacks them directly the U$ will simply cease to exist in its present form; not necessarily a bad thing.

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