Putin Proposes for Constitution to Bar Russians Who Have Residency Permits Abroad From Becoming Top Officials

Bad news for oligarchs and Atlanticists

Major announcements in this State of the Nation speech on Jan 15, 2020.

Here is a very brief summary to get the conversation started.

Immediate politics:

  • The Medvedev government has resigned
  • The little-known Mikhail Mishustin, former head of the tax service, has been appointed as PM. He is an AI-loving technocrat who reduced uncollected VAT from 20% to 1%.
  • Source tells me FM Sergey Lavrov rumored to be permanently retiring.

Constitutional changes:

  • Parliament, not President, to now name the PM and Cabinet. The President won’t have veto powers.
  • President limited to an absolute two terms, ruling out a “Putin after Putin.”
  • Increase the role of the State Council and enshrine its advisory role in the Constitution.
  • Constitutional changes to be confirmed by referendum.
  • Russian law now formally superior to international law.
  • Ban PMs, Ministers, governors, some mayors and judges, from having second citizenships of foreign residencies; moreover, Presidential candidates should have been resident in Russia for 25 years (previously 10 years) and never had a foreign citizenship. (This rules out a large proportion of Atlanticists and crypto-Atlanticists).


  • Putin bemoaned continued fall in Russia’s fertility rates to 1.5 children per woman this year (up from post-Soviet peak of close to 1.8 in mid-2000s), setting 1.7 children per woman as the new target for 2024.
  • Reaffirmed demographics as the first national priority.
  • Maternity capital to be increased by further 150,000 rubles and constitute 616,617 rubles (≈$10,000) for a family with two children, to be annually indexed.


Some very tentative thoughts:

(1) I have long thought now that Putin’s end game is to transition into an overseeing “elder statesman” role, along the model of Lee Kuan Yew/PAP in Singapore [see 123]. This appears to be the final confirmation that this is happening.

(2) Questions about the succession revolved around (a) The Belarus variant, in which it effectively constitutes a new state with Russia, allowing Putin to become the supreme head of that state; (b) A constitutional reshuffle such as the one we’re seeing here. This question has also been answered.

Source: The Unz Review

  1. ddduke says
  2. Mary E says

    Actually, this is quite a brilliant move on Putin’s part! The US should follow suit and keep dual citizens out of power structures of the US government also…it’s just safer that way!

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      Putin is nothing if not brilliant.

      His whole purpose is not clear, but I am sure this remarkable man would never do something to hurt Russia’s long-term interests.

      1. David Bedford says

        I wish he was prime minister of my country (Australia)

  3. Jorge Trevino says

    That is obvious and has to be law worldwide! How come someone educated within the empire’s violent think tank unis everywhere can become a nation’s leader?
    Ask Mexicans, 36 years of U.S. uni’s guys ruling the country made up of Mexico? A narco-state with no economy other than drugs. Oil? They sold it to the U.S. corrupted oil American companies. Now you have Mexico, a narco-state that abides to everything the empire says.
    Until a year ago, when a nationalist non U.S. educated guy, rules what is left of that glorious country 3 times invaded by the U.S. and once by France, England and Spain

  4. Trap Is Not Gay says

    Better than going Zionist satellite state as the US is, Europe, Latin America, Australia, etc.

  5. thomas malthaus says

    We could use such a law for those Israeli-Americans who also have Caribbean bank accounts.

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      Pretty silly to talk of passing any such laws in the United States.

      The US is joined hip and thigh to Israel, and there is zero possibility to pass any measure that Israel would consider hostile.

      The US is locked into a Dance Macabre with this privileged imperial colony in the Eastern Mediterranean.

      It reflects a series of blundering strategic decisions since 1948, but they are mistakes America just has to live with.

      1. thomas malthaus says

        I can dream can’t I? Another time, another universe.

        About as silly as telling me there’s a God and the Jews are the chosen ones.

  6. Garry Compton says

    Putin seems to be the only leader that sees – what’s ” Murderously Wrong” with the rest of the NWO, especially the ones , destroying the Mid East. Suleimani’s murder and the Ukraine aircraft downing must have pushed his limits on allowing certain things to continue in his country. Maybe too many Russian Jewish Oligarchs are seeing that Russia may be a safer place to reside – in the coming years. Or a new place to start a regime change.

    1. thomas malthaus says

      “Maybe too many Russian Jewish Oligarchs are seeing that Russia may be a safer place to reside – in the coming years. Or a new place to start a regime change.”

      The Bolsheviks have probably never left Russia–or anywhere else.
      It sounds as though Sergei Lavrov is going to retire. Any thoughts as to who might replace him?

      With President Putin’s nomination of Mikhail Mishustin as PM, I sense another revolution in Russia’s domestic tax collection as well as recovering money that illegally left the country, e.g. Bill Browder, cabinet ministers, et al.

      Any thought as to whether Mr. Putin may be searching for or allowed another term as PM?

      1. Garry Compton says

        Hi TM, I haven’t thought too much about it until today. And I’m only familiar with a few of the players in the Kremlin. Shoigu, Peskov, and a few others etc. Most of the people, really trust what Putin does and his latest Constitutional changes may be – because he’s seem how the NeoCons in the US has wormed their way around the Constitution – there, so he’s doing some changes- now. He pretty much knows, that Russia is under attack by the NWO Zionists, Capitalists and every other swing dick from the West .

        1. thomas malthaus says

          Without a doubt.

          While trying to appeal to low income Russians to have more children, one would hope the Russian government could appeal in some way to well-educated expats with firm job offers to return and relieve this crisis.

          1. Garry Compton says

            Well, Crimea is a baby factory – lots of kids here – good kids too. There are 400,000 younger Russian speakers living in Israel, that Israel says – are Not Jews – lol – I doubt if they would come back – since they get all sorts of benefits , because of all the American and German money sent to israel. I laugh at all the Western Media that portrays Pres. Putin as a rich dictator – The man sacrificed his life and family life – to make Russia – Great again – and he doesn’t stop thinking or doing things, for his country. Spacibo TM

            1. thomas malthaus says

              I believe a WW II German general coined the term “useless eaters.” People have to give more than they take over their lifetime. In my opinion, they shouldn’t have children they can’t afford regardless of whether they receive government handouts.

              I agree that he’s sacrificed considerably for Russia’s interests.

              Spacibo, GC.

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