Putin: My European Friend Told Me That Moscow Is Alive Unlike Big European Cities That Are Closed — VIDEO

Where other rulers are proud of the harshness of their crackdown (which flatters their power), what Putin is proud of is that he isn’t doing that (anymore):

Putin presiding over a semi-monarchical regime has far less thirst for such extraordinary power than the oligarchic European regimes.


  1. Craig says

    In spite of the western MSM talking about how brutal the Chinese lock-down measures were they don’t sound as bad as many European countries. Also the lock-downs in China were a couple of months. The attached graph shows deaths per million for China and several other countries. China ia orders of magnitude better off than the other countries. From what I have read China’s success was due to their use of any and every therapy they could find not masks and quarantines. The other countries submitted to the WHO and the US rejecting anything that wouldn’t make the pharmaceutical companies billions and push for worldwide slavery. Even though China has made a few vaccines, which they are sharing around the world at low or no cost, the successful therapies makes the vaccines useless.

    1. Dale says

      China clearly didn’t buy what it was selling.

  2. SteveK9 says

    I still hate hearing that cases were going down ‘because of the efforts of the government’. That is false. Cases went down because most people can handle Covid and after the recover they are immune, and eventually the virus dies out or down. Government policies had NOTHING to do with the path of the epidemic.

  3. yuri says

    covid lockdowns likely increase transmission by concentrating people in markets, etc; unfortunately ultimately very little can be proven re covid

    1. Andra says

      And it’s every iteration of corona that is transmitted…as in flus & colds continue their human habitation however they want in spite of all scamdemic bs.

  4. Jerry Hood says

    Zionist USrael as always,blames domeone else( in this case,China), for Coronavirus, the LGBT US troops spred in Wu-Chan, to slow down,if not to kill the booming Chinese economy, 100 years ahead of the zionist ” great” USAtan/ USrael!!!

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Zionist USrael has long record of using illegal,unlawful, inhumane nuclear,chemical and biological weapons! That satanic regime is the greatest liar and false flags operator! Russia and China should nuke them out of existence!!!

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