1. ArcAngel says

    Another reason to respect the Man.
    He is NOT a twit, has NO twit account, and doesn’t follow twits, even if they are the POTUS. LOVE it. Putin is definitely a Man. Not some western, limp-dick, snowflake, cuckold bitch, constantly whining and bitching on Twatter.

    I f n despise International Politics via a the brain dead-vile platform knows at “Twit”.

    Although, when people write articles and include a bunch of “twits” in their article, it sure makes for fast reading as I omit them all.

    Fuck ‘twitter’.

  2. Mary E says

    Only a fool puts his government’s plans on Twitter…which is really meant for non verbal
    bantering among people with no important agenda. President Putin is the adult – cliche that it might be – in the world of international politics. Trump is the delusional dummy.

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