Putin Hesitates on the Road to Political Suicide

Crisis of faith? Overwhelming unpopularity of digital permits causes a second delay

Cattle tags are already in use across Russia. But will they be made into a national rather than a provincial instrument?

Editor’s note: Slavsquat thinks the national vaccine pass is a sure thing, and I don’t disagree, but I think the feet-dragging on passing this law that Kremlin and UR clearly want and have invested in so much is notable. The initial plan was to have it speedily passed in December, instead the foreplay won’t end until at least February. Clearly Putin is queasy about it — not the law itself but what it may do to his ratings (internet 3D chess specialists may convince themselves that he has nothing to do with it but the Russians are not that foolish).

I suspect he is brainstorming for ways he can do another Teflon Putin move where he directs most of the fallout away from himself. Just like he did with the highly unpopular 2018 retirement law, where he — at the last moment — amended it to be oh so slightly less hawkish in a signature good cop, bad cop routine with the government, the latter obediently playing the latter.

What’s going on with the State Duma’s suicidal plan to push through national QR code legislation—perhaps the most unpopular proposed law in modern Russian history?

The vote was supposed to take place right around… now, with national-level cattle-tagging slated to begin in February. But there’s been a slight change of plans:

The bill on the introduction of QR codes in public places, most likely, will not be adopted until the beginning of February, a source in the State Duma told RBK.

Earlier, RIA Novosti and TASS wrote that the consideration of the second reading was postponed to February 1, citing sources in the lower house. They explained that the relevant by-laws had not yet been sent to the State Duma. […]

Currently, the QR code system is being introduced by regional authorities depending on the epidemiological situation.

What’s preventing this much-beloved legislative body from QR-stamping the entire country? The delay is at least partly due to the “the unwillingness of the population to accept this law,” according to Interfax. One Duma deputy even predicted the legislation could be shelved indefinitely. But there are also reports—denied by the Kremlin—that the State Duma might reintroduce amendments that would require QR codes for transportation. We’ll soon see.

Textbook political suicide

By the way: Vladimir Putin, citing “moral reasons” and his “duties” as president, says he supports the introduction of a nationwide QR code system. He is confident these cattle tags—which will decimate freedom of movement and free commerce in Russia—can be implemented in a humane way to ensure the “safety and health of citizens that we care about so much.”

St. Petersburg siege update

Russia’s second-largest city ramped up its QR code regime on January 2. St. Petersburg “will not return to its former way of life,” according to governor Alexander Beglov, who really, really likes QR codes.

It’s a grim situation and unfortunately there’s no middle ground here—either the codes are tossed and abolished or St. Pete is toast.

Small businesses are pushing back against these economy-murdering “health” IDs, but is it enough?

There is a website compiling a list of businesses that have pledged to boycott QR codes, and it appears St. Petersburg’s famous “Resistance Map” has been resurrected:

Meanwhile, St. Pete residents—well, at least some of them—appear to be running out of patience with the city’s “health” measures:

In St. Petersburg , a family of several people beat a security officer for refusing to let them through without masks. The 14-year-old participant in the fight was later hospitalized with a concussion.

This is probably a bad omen:

Unfortunately, our operative on the ground says many people are voluntarily complying with the QR code requirement for shops—even in situations where businesses aren’t strictly enforcing the rule. Not good.

Crimea under the QR code yoke, again

Some developments in other Russian regions: The head of the Republic of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, announced today that cattle tags would be returning for certain businesses starting on Monday. Crimea was temporarily QR code-free during the New Year holiday—perhaps because it was recognized that these useless cattle tags were massacring the local economy. Anyway, they’re coming back. Did you miss them?

Are cattle tags being pushed by the federal government? Seems so.

Whether or not the national cattle tag law is passed, let’s just be very clear: Putin and his cabinet say they want QR codes.

Health Minister Mikhail Murashko recently suggested that the introduction of cattle tags is just part of Progress, like the invention of Ugg boots or the rollout of a new McDonald’s heart attack sandwich:

In the coming year, will we, as before, be able to gather in large groups, communicate? Will this happen or not?

Mikhail Murashko:  Why not? It will happen.

And without a vaccination certificate?

Mikhail Murashko: Why are you confused by the vaccination certificate? Time dictates the rules of behavior. Once there were no passports, then they appeared.

Once there were no sick leaves. They appeared. Now they disappear. There will be only electronic …

Mikhail Murashko: Everything is changing. Clothing style, food style. Everything changes. And a person must be able to adapt.


Source: Edward Slavsquat

  1. EstibenDelMar says

    This QR-Pass thing is a kiss to the memory of the soviet union. And at the same time this builds on the idea that putin is just another conman owned by the same ones that control washington and brussels. Lets call them the controllers.

    The controllers have turned Putin into their thesis while USA+NATO their anti-thesis so they can bring more war and fear mongering to play down the vaxx which can be thought of as a war of the elites against the people.

    If russians revolt now, putin will make them remember that the Soviet Union – Russian Fed is about to be invaded once again by the west. The current situation serves them well to keep pushing baxxinations. I give a dollar for knowing Luka’s take on this. Will he adopt the QR pass too?

  2. GMC says

    Health Minister Murashko won’t dare mention the BioWeapons Labs that are in Kazakhstan, Georgia or Ukraine, will he? Because maybe the Russian people will put 2 + 2 together and see it means more Covid, more diseases and a Russian Government that fail to protect the populace – And PS Mikhail- that is your Fu….n Job ! And politicians should change – just like our clothes -too. So Adapt or go work for WHO – again.

  3. ken says

    Remember when ‘your word’ meant something?

    1. Tom says

      20 to 1 Putin is a Mason. World wide forced vaccination has Masonic origins. 33rd Masons drink goat blood and pray to Lucifer in ancient Hebrew.

      Putin trying to please Orthodox Christians and Satan at the same time?

  4. Mr Reynard says

    What’s needed, is to use positively all the young taggers, give them a black felt texta pen & send them, just to add a dot or two to most of QR posters ??
    As many as they can …

  5. XSFRGR says

    Could this be a frantic effort on the part of Russia to vaccinate people against U$ bio-weapons, and a frantic effort on the part of the U$ to vaccinate people against Russian bio-weapons. Russia did capture several American teams harvesting DNA along the Russia/China border some years ago so a genetic bio-weapon may have already been deployed, and is waiting on activation. What interesting things man has invented for his own destruction.

    1. Eddy says

      Problem with your supposition is the FACT, events being introduced in Russia, are already mandated and held up as LAW, in many Western countries, (mine, Australia included) so why the vitriol directed against Russia, there’s far more countries around to spread the crap if that’s your aim.

      1. Field Empty says

        They are also already introduced in Russia at the regional level as this very article states, and as AE has been reporting since Summer so you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      2. XSFRGR says

        As we say down South, “What, in the corn bread hell, are you talking about??”

  6. Eddy says

    Why all the flack directed at Russia for the introduction of these passes ? My country has also introduced them and valid from Feb onwards, yet no criticism directed at my country or my IDIOT P.M. So WHY is Russia being focused on in this regard ???

    1. Field Empty says

      Because Russians and their freedom are far dearer to us than you are. Whatever Western nation you are from you can mostly drown in shit for all that I care. Also, you’re just lying, AE has done a ton on COVID repression in the West. Collectively the West has received far more coverage by AE than Russia has.

      If you want a site focusing on your PM you can start your own, or you can donate enough for me to hire a person to do it for AE. Whining that a site operating on $500 a month doesn’t cover every single event in the world is just bizarre.

      Obviously, we’re going to try to focus more on what is the most important (the beautiful, freedom-loving Russian people) and on the stuff where others are dropping the ball.

      If you want to be shielded from all and any criticism of Vladimir Putin you are free to move your eyeballs to Saker, Moon of Alabama, Orlov, Escobar, and the likes, and never come back. Also don’t ever tune into the Russian blogosphere (I mean the real Russian-speaking blogosphere) and don’t ever read what real Russians think and write.

      1. Ultrafart the Brave says

        “If you want to be shielded from all and any criticism of Vladimir Putin you are free to move your eyeballs to Saker, Moon of Alabama, Orlov, Escobar, and the likes, and never come back.”

        For better or worse, Russia (and China) are viewed by many Westerners as the White Knights coming to save the world, as theirs literally collapses around them.

        At least on the military front, Russia and China together (and maybe Russia even by itself) have handily put the scare up the Western warmongerers – and not a moment too soon.

        But the WEF’s Great Reset with all the Corona Chan nonsense has come barreling down upon us seemingly out of nowhere, and millions of people accustomed to the narrative of being saved at the last moment (and unaccustomed to sacrifice) are desperate for someone – anyone – to come set things right.

        If not Russia and China, then who?

        So it’s understandable that a certain hero-worship has grown up around President Putin and President Xi. It’s hard for adoring fans to fathom that these are just men, neither omnipotent nor infallible. Those who are looking for that should place their trust in God.

        A lot of us have yet to learn the hardest of lessons, that our masters are not our friends and no-one is coming to save us, and if we want a better world for our children and grandchildren, then it’s up to us to make sure it happens.

      2. anonymous says

        Do you think it possible that the characters you refer to (faker, peepee etc) are merely paid flunkies, using their fan boy scribblings to hood wink euro peon dissenters into believing that the Russian and Chinese states are viable opposition to the impending ‘woke’ corporate tyranny….

        when in fact just like the so called Western leaders they are merely Masonic WEF embeds and part of the re-orientation of the world into Zionist/capital full spectrum dictatorship…

    2. Edward Slavsquat says

      “Why all the flack directed at Russia for the introduction of these passes” — I live in Russia. I’m not allowed to report on what’s happening in the country where I live? Show men 1 — one — alt media news report talking about COVID restrictions in Russia (not including AE)

      1. Ultrafart the Brave says

        “Show men 1 — one — alt media news report talking about COVID restrictions in Russia (not including AE)”

        Reliable inside info from Russia is indeed hard to come by in the Western world.

        From the outset, the Russian (and Chinese) vaccines were reported to be “safe” in comparison to the Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and Astrazeneca poisons being forced injected into Westerners against their will around the world.

        Even that viewpoint has been called into question. Just how “safe” are the Russian (and Chinese) products?

        But an obvious question that challenges the idea that Russia and China have been safeguarding their citizens against the supposed “pandemic” is – why are they even creating and marketing “vaccines” in the first place, when numerous safe and effective medicinal and nutritional remedies already exist?

        It’s looking increasingly like Klaus Schwab has the entire world marching in lockstep toward his Great Reset and New World Order – in which case threats of WWIII might just be ancillary theatrics (or a supplemental depopulation mechanism for the Great Reset).

    3. Field Empty says

      You’re from Australia? Just yesterday Australia got to be among the founding members of the “freedom shithole” club, so what are you whining about? Why this white-knighting for the Russian government? Do you think it is appreciated by real Russians? They would probably insist that Russia be added to the freedom shithole club herself and make a stink that it wasn’t.

      1. Ultrafart the Brave says

        “Just yesterday Australia got to be among the founding members of the “freedom shithole” club, so what are you whining about? Why this white-knighting for the Russian government?”

        Agreed, one would think that Australians have more to worry about than the internal politics of Russia. Russia sure as Hell isn’t coming to save them, so they better start thinking about saving themselves.

        Maybe the Russian people will show them how its done.

        But as for Russia’s current trajectory – what can they be thinking?

    4. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “… yet no criticism directed at my country or my IDIOT P.M.”

      Here’s a newsflash – Dude, that’s your responsibility. No-one else is going to do it for you.

      Look around, there’s no-one else with the means or the motivation to help.

      1. ken says

        You are 100% correct

        This is a world wide problem and it will require all Peoples to take care of business in their individual nations.

        The Russians only recently got a few of their freedoms back (1990-1991). They had to make it on their own,,, no help from the ‘free’ West. In fact the ‘free’ West was in the process of raping Russia until Putin got control.

        Russian memory of tyranny is far fresher then the pampered West that stood back while their governments destroyed their nations. First it was feminism then ‘migrants’, then LGBTQ now the virus.

        You have to give Putin credit for pulling Russia up. Why he has decided to play nice with Gates, Schwab and their ilk is unknown. IMO he is trashing all the work he did during the last 30 years. Pretty sad as he would have been a Russian hero for eternity. Now just another politician.

        As for Eddy and his problem with Anti-Ampire,,, Anti-Empire was literally flooding its pages with the tyranny of Australia and New Zealand and Canada.
        Then Putin flipped and now AE is heavy into Russia.

        Redirect your anger to where its needed,,, to the tyranny trying to take control of the planet. Stop this infighting… that is why the trash of society are winning.

  7. Jerry Hood says

    Rus.Putin is surrounded by too many jews as ” advisors”…And its the jews who push for the ” vaxxing” goyim and Jew World Order….Snakes…

  8. Listens Skyblue says

    Here is a possible key. I have yet to face the tyranny first hand here in the outback of America. Today I watched this –
    a remarkable presentation in this day.

    But I thought about – what if I was in line for the experiment being demanded by unknown powers? Can I present an answer? Responsibility is the key for me as for anyone.

    I would demand to know who is doing this injection? Name and some kind of official badge number or document. (I do not love or live by cell phone BUT) next take a photo of the jabber immediately (perhaps have a way to send it to a distant friend or relative even right after taking it). Now – the offer – “I know you have no knowledge of what is in this jab (injection or whatever) but is this your real name? (If you are unsure of getting a photo perhaps have a friend with a telephoto take the pix from an unobvious position). After their identification (which you make note of). A simple statement – Since the jabber corporations refuse to accept responsibility then it must be you who accepts all responsiblity for whatever happens to me (or a loved one or friend) as a result of your injecting me with an experimental drug without my permission (or refusing me a public right). Since you are the end point of this system you must be totally responsible to me and/or my friends, if I am unable to meet with you – you will have someone come have a talk with you about how you can make reparations because of your actions. I do not accept responsibility and you are at the end of the process so you MUST accept full responsibility for what you do!

    Of course this could also apply to the Mayor or Health official or even Mr. Putin or whoever is instituting this process. If you are forced because of circumstances to this experimental process, notify them that they are ‘personally’ responisble to you and yours. They WILL answer for their actions.

    Politicians always slither away from this. Only you, with circumstances demanding your response – can demand, absolutely demand responsibility for actions against you and your humanity. Do not accept it as a docile sheep but act as a ram instead. Perhaps some inventive soul could do a simple form that you or I might carry in such circumstances, a form requiring identification!

  9. Martillo says

    NO Viper Room
    NO “smart” phone, NO tracking device, NO Qr code, NO virus.
    Kill the beast and destroy that damn Teeeeeee Veeeeeee .
    If you have an evil “smart” phone nesting like a viper in your pocket or tightly grasped in your simian fist as if it were some kind of extirpated still pulsating body appendage or brain abortion as the case may be, then you are part of the problem and will never contribute anything of worth to stop the real zombie virus that is leading the herd of mutton over the cliff, at least not until you smash your personalized tracking demon to bits. Slouching naked apes thumb jabbing their hand held thingies and drooling over their idiot gizmos are no longer fully human, rather mindless mutton-headed interfaces with nobody home, or seldom available as they spend their pathetic half-lives peering down the black hole of their tacky, third rate NWO Chinese junk shop virtual “reality”. It’s like listening to East Germans, that were surveilled by STASI psychopaths 24/7 before the Wall was moved, explaining how free they became (at least until 2 years back) even as they exhibit the same nauseating “smart” phone ticks and prosthetic brain addictions as their thoroughly brainwashed cousins in the West while they themselves, without question, pay through the nose for this constant monitoring of their lives and interference from goons and “nudging” by the psychopaths that own the so-called “social media platforms” of Fecesbook, Twatter, EweTueb, Goggle and ilk…”safe” spaces where the sheeple bleat.
    Though the STASI orphans should have known better, they too have already been consumed whole by trans humanist Mickey Mouse BS so the logical next step for the reptilians in charge is to pump their graphene oxide and nano dirt directly to their ovine brains and put them under complete remote control where monkey man never again has to miss a Twatter outburst or a Goggle command or Fecesbook “breaking news” fart or whatever crap they get from their blinking, prosthetic, vital organ when they deep dive into their amoled glass swamp. By all means you four-legged critters of the herd do download the “essential updates” in your monthly covaids “booster” death vaxx squirt to become a truly fulfilled silicon meat puppet like the rest of the protoplasm squirming around you. Your viper in residence and its Qr coded commands (straight from the hell that you couldn’t wait to jump into) will indeed award you with the appropriate Chicom slash NWO credits for being an obedient and soulless slave of the hell on Earth they are now erecting for the dying herd as the last stage of this dystopian farce plays out.
    Otherwise kill your diabolic “smart” phone or shut up already. If you can’t do something that simple yourself, as one who claims to “get it”, then why should you expect the herd not to willfully poison itself considering they are no longer in control of anything in their miserable existences other than shoving stuff in their facial orifice or squeezing shit out their sphincter end as the case may be, in between perusing their “smart” phone smut and kitty litter videos, as they proudly and dutifully exhibit their covaids death squirt status Qr code to every jackbooted robopig thug that demands compliance as they go about their shameful and soon to be terminated lives…all in the prurient interest of course of the demons that unleashed this genocide and “watched over by machines of love and grace”. When the 5G towers and soon the 6G towers light up in the coming Dark Winter then the real electronic gulag will become apparent to even the most challenged leg of mutton out there in the pathetic human herd.
    Never let any psychopath in your pocket or your life that is obviously “smarter” than you.
     “Smart” phone macht dumb
    But PfiZer macht frei …. permanently
    Same as it ever waZ
    This Pivotal Moment – Episode 1

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