Putin Challenges Dementia Patient to a Livestream Debate Before the World

His evil knows no bounds!

So since the man who was arrested on the way to meet Mandela expanded on his equally colorful experience with Putin, the Russian President has:

1) Wished Biden “good health,” demonstrating more class and restraint than I ever would.

2) Challenged him to a livestreamed debate, indicating that he is nonetheless not beyond a little humor and elderly abuse. Certainly to subject citizen Biden to a debate with Putin would constitute an extreme form of dementia-patient abuse.

3) Revisited the playground wisdom of “Whatever you say [the other one is], that is what you are yourself.” Which the regime media hurried to mistranslate as “Takes one to know one,” which is absolutely not what he said.

  1. Rene says

    well done president Putin but I bet my life that the US President is not going to accept your fair challenge Mr. Great President Putin thanks bye

  2. yuri says

    “world domination manifests itself as an intellectual or if you prefer a cultural diktat. this is why the amerikans have so zealously tried to bring the intellectual and cultural common denominator of the entire world down to their own level. try to convince an amerikan that their values will destroy Russia—you not be able”. Alexandr Zinoviev
    “the banality of amerika: the radical absence of culture” J Baudrilliard
    “European and traditional cultures have a super-ego; amerikan culture does not”. Daniel Dayan

  3. Jerry Hood says

    The Usrael subterfuge ” leaders” like senile Biden tells you how deep felt the Western world, into a swamp…

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