Putin and Kim Believe the Muzzle Is Not Fit for a Dignified, Unhumiliated Man

That's why they never wear one

Both Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un have presided over face mask mandates. I don’t know the details for North Korea but in Russia, the mask has been technically mandatory indoors as per regional decrees for 17 months now.

Despite that, you can’t find a single photo of Putin wearing one. This can’t be a random coincidence. 17 months is too long a time for there not to emerge a single such photo, if he indeed ever wears a mask and doesn’t mind being photographed wearing one.

Besides he is quite notorious for his photo-ops. If such a photo not existing was a matter of “accident” and not design, he could have easily rectified the situation with a pro-mask photo op where he appears in a muzzle himself — something he has never done.

Spokesman Peskov frequently wears one, there are photographs of Shoigu in one, even the apparent anti-masker Lavrov wears one when he is abroad, only for Putin there is no evidence he ever put one on in his life.

Kim Jong-Un on the other hand, has been photographed numerous times with a bare face surrounded by masked-up officials.

Where Putin avoids such situations by sticking to Zoom or barring photographers, Kim is entirely unperturbed about having himself photographed ignoring the muzzle requirement.

In Russia, the mask mandate is widely (but not universally) ignored. A leader who donned the face diaper would lose the respect of many. Additionally, my personal impression is that Putin himself is enough of a man that it disagrees with him at an intuitive level at least when it comes to himself.

That part can be commended. Yet there is also a measure of hypocrisy in presiding over universal mask mandates but never donning one yourself. The hypocrisy is greater in Putin’s case than in Kim’s. Kim sits at the top of an openly hierarchical, downright feudal system, but Putin claims to preside over a democracy and a system with equality under the law.

Humans are a social species which means they are a deceptive species. They are especially good at deceiving themselves. That is why you should always believe their actions before you believe their words. Putin and Kim may be pro-mask in words, but their actions say otherwise.

Another way in which they reveal their true intuition on masks is that whenever it’s time for a military parade it proceeds unmasked.

Russia’s 2020 Victory Day parade was famously postponed due to COVID hysteria, then it was rehearsed in masks, yet when the real thing came the troops marched unmuzzled. Intuitively the Russian leadership understood there was something undignified and unworthy about a military parade in muzzles. You just can’t have a Victory Day worth a damn with face nappies.

Similarly, North Korea’s constant state-sponsored civilian rallies are a strictly masked affair but when it comes time for the major military celebrations masks are suddenly off, including for the spectators:

Thousands of North Koreans have packed into Pyongyang’s Kim Il Sung square to pledge their support for the government –– all of them wearing masks, unlike at a military parade only two days earlier.

Authorities held the rally on Monday at the start of an “80-Day Campaign”, a mass mobilisation drive to boost the economy ahead of a ruling party congress in January.

Such efforts, often dubbed “battles”, feature extra-long work hours and additional duties and are commonplace in North Korea in the lead-up to major events.

Troops, workers and students, all of them wearing facemasks, packed into the square, holding slogans including “Let’s keep pace with the steps of our dear leader, Comrade Kim Jong Un”.

It was a change from the military parade the North held at the weekend as part of the commemorations for the ruling party’s 75th anniversary when neither Kim nor any other participants had their faces covered.

Of course in the West, the level of self-respect at the top is lower, but the level of hypocrisy is not. At the G7 Wales meeting, the western leaders famously opened with a fully-masked, fully distanced photo-op, then drank, hugged, and mingled unmuzzled — all the while the servers around them were still muzzled. You would think they thought themselves feudal lords in the vein of Kim Jong-Un. As democrats and egalitarians (hah!) at the very least they could have invited the servers to likewise take off their muzzles and join them in unobstructed breathing.

Of course, if the muzzle is not good enough for Kim, Putin, or even the Western “creme” it especially isn’t good enough for the rest of us.

Will don a hazmat suit but will be damned if he’ll ever be seen in a face diaper

PS. If someone can find a photo of Putin in a Covid mask I would be very interested to see it, but I don’t think that just one or two such photos would change the gist of the article — that Putin is either very reluctant to wear one, or at least very reluctant to be photographed in one.

  1. ken says

    The mask is symbolic of the environmental cult. If a swastika was displayed on the mask it would be green.

    To environmental lunatics, humans are a disease upon the planet. Covering the face with a medical muzzle is openly marking humans as a danger that needs exterminated.

    The vaxx kill shot is the vaccine to eradicate the human disease from the planet and is why you don’t hear much from Greta today. They’re happy to see you go!

    Putin has destroyed 20 years of political capital by weaseling around with mandatory vaccinations. Out of one side of his mouth he doesn’t believe vaxxes should be mandatory,,, out of the other side he states he understands why it’s being done. huh?

    How DARE You….. exist!

    1. Mr Reynard says

      you don’t hear much from Greta today. ??
      That’s because she’s busy going to all those universities, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, UCLA,Harvard to receive her PhD in Climate Science & then getting ready to receive the Nobel Prize in Science & Climate Change, plus the Nobel Piss Prize as well ..

  2. Emmet John Sweeney says

    It begins to look like Putin is just another cunt.

    1. Ron says

      (((They))) are all as you say “cunts” but you can still rank them from best to worst. In my experience, a nice one is far better than one the reeks. IMO the G7 leaders ALL reek.

    2. Raptar Driver says

      It’s been looking like that since 2014.

      1. Jan says

        That’s a photoshop insert of Putin clearly! See the difference in brightness and contrast

      2. XSFRGR says

        The age/fertility curve for the Jews in Russia indicates that they do not have the population base to sustain their existence. The Russian Jews is fading into demographic oblivion, and thanks to Putin they are passing quietly. In the U$ Whites, according to the U$ Census Bureau, are now below 50% of the population with an age/fertility curve lower than the Jews of Russia.

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