I Need You, the Reader, to Come Through for This Site

The bang-for-buck the greatest and most influential anti-Empire outlet in the world

Donating to Checkpoint Asia is a good way, nay, the best way (see text conclusion) to register your opposition to the Empire and to do something, no matter how small, to be able to say you were not a bystander in history but tried to push back.

It is also a way to support an excellent side that deserves your support, and also gravely needs it.

The target set is very, very modest. We’re talking $500 dollars a month. There is simply no other alternative media site able to present the product Checkpoint Asia does at anything as low as this.

The target is also very, very attainable, in the sense that the site already has a hefty and loyal readership and that therefore raising $1500 should be an absolute breeze.

If all of you who visit the site several times a week each donated just $3, we would easily blow through double or triple that number.

I blame myself that instead we’re not even on track so far to hit the target. I am a first-rate politics editor (I’ve done it since 2014 and more or less single-handedly ran a much bigger site for somebody else.) But I am not a good salesman, and I don’t write good sales copy.

Nonetheless, I do need you to come through for me regardless.

If you regularly consume Checkpoint Asia and it enhances your life experience then I urge you to give a little back. Even a symbolic donation of just a dollar or two is greatly appreciated to show you have my back.

I’m not going to tell you that if you do not back the site that it is going to disappear — because in all honestly I’ll probably still keep producing it anyway, because I feel compelled to do so, and because I continue to have the utmost belief in it.

To the contrary, I’m almost certainly going to keep at it and giving out the Checkpoint Asia product for free regardless.

Thus I can’t tell you that by not supporting the site you’re free-riding on my effort. You really aren’t.

What I can tell you is that by not donating, you are free-riding on the work of those of your amazing fellow readers who did step forward and backed the outlet they enjoy and are supporting to succeed.

And it is a huge missed opportunity for you if you do not join them.

Yes, of course there are alternative media sites with more readers and more influence, and there are sites who have much more staff and can thus roll out a greater number of headlines.

However bang-for-buck Checkpoint Asia has to be the world’s greatest and most influential anti-alt-media site in the world.

Donating Checkpoint Asia is the best way to multiply the distance your alt-media dollar goes. $20 dollars to this site is like $200 to a bigger, more wasteful, less efficient one.

A $500 ask from a site that gives out daily editions and generates over 300,000 monthly views? That’s an incredible bargain.

P.S.: I have made CPA  stats public so you can see for yourself how much influence it’s having and how many of you it brings together any time you want: https://www.liveinternet.ru/stat/checkpointasia.net/

P.S.2: I am going to shortly create private Facebook and Reddit groups for supporting Checkpoint Asia readers. Anyone who has ever donated any amount will have access. It will represent an easy way for you to reach me, the editor, directly and may also develop into a vibrant article-sharing and discussion forums.

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  1. JustPassingThrough says

    it looks like you’ve still got to beat pamela anderson. lol
    count me in.

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