“Publish It, Let the World See It,” Says Huawei on US Evidence of Alleged Crimes

Trump loves China so much he's holding back evidence that would bring Huawei down /s

Yesterday, the United States Department of Justice filed a formal indictment against Chinese tech giant Huawei. The indictment accuses Huawei of some serious crimes, including racketeering, theft, and obstruction. Although the accusations are serious, the indictment doesn’t provide much evidence to support them.

Now, Huawei is calling for the US to make any of its evidence against the company public. Huawei maintains that is innocent of all crimes.

“We just say: ‘Don’t hide it, don’t be shy. Publish it, let the world see it’,” said Huawei’s cybersecurity chief John Suffolk.

Suffolk is specifically referring to evidence related to the allegations that the company uses so-called “backdoors” to spy on network communications performed by other countries. However, he also references the allegations that Huawei steals trade secrets in order to bolster its own brand.

On the latter charge, Suffolk pointed out that, if these allegations were true, Huawei’s competitors would be growing at a significant rate. He posits that if there are lucrative trade secrets Huawei has stolen from competitors, then these other companies should be growing as much as Huawei has.

Before the Huawei ban began, the company’s smartphone division was poised to overtake Samsung and become the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Even now, the company still sits comfortably in second place, above even the likes of Apple.

The faith of our customers — and you can see this in the results over the past 30 years — gives an indication of what our customers think of those allegations,” Suffolk said.

Source: Android Authority

  1. Mary E says

    Just let the US sit and spin – and get themselves in a knot…Huawei is much farther advanced with their 5G (and now working on 6G!) and should not look back or care what the US is screaming about….Washington is just in a fit because they cannot Claim to be First in networking! That’s their forever problem…tough.

  2. XRGRSF says

    A certainty with the U$ is that if the U$ is accusing someone else then you know the U$ is guilty of what it accuses.

  3. Bob avlon says

    If countries made spying over networks illegal the US would of been fined billions already. Fact is every country wants to do it so no laws are ever made.

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