Public Health England: “Delta” Viral Load Is the Same for the Injected and the Uninjected

Implying the vaxxed infected pass it on as readily as the unvaxxed infected

Public Health England, SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in
England, Technical briefing 20, 6 August 2021:

1.7.1. Comparison of viral load Ct by vaccination status

In the NHS Test and Trace (NHSTT) case data, the mean and median lowest Ct values for all cases with Delta, where Ct data are available, since the 14 June 2021 are similar, with a median of 17.8 for unvaccinated and 18.0 for those with 2 vaccine doses (Figure 12).

This means that whilst vaccination may reduce an individual’s overall risk of becoming infected, once they are infected there is limited difference in viral load (and Ct values) between those who are vaccinated and unvaccinated. Given they have similar Ct values, this suggests limited difference in infectiousness.

To note, this analysis is undertaken on case data and are not age-stratified. Findings can be influenced by test-seeking behaviour, as well as true changes in the data, for example the age distribution of cases, which can also influence Ct values.

The median number of PCR cycles needed for their SARS-CoV-2 infection to be detected is 17.8 for the unvaccinated 18 for the vaccinated. In other words, they are testing positive at the exact same number of cycles.

Before the conclusions let’s take care of the Public Health England weasel language:

This means that whilst vaccination may reduce an individual’s overall risk of becoming infected

May in this case means “we have no evidence of this but we’re still going to put this here”. The non-weasely preface would read “vaccination may or may not reduce an individual’s overall risk of becoming infected” and would have been redundant.

Given they have similar Ct values, this suggests limited difference in infectiousness.

“Limited difference?” Actually, since the Ct values are the same (17.8 vs 18 is just statistical noise) it means that, as of yet, there is no evidence of a difference in infectiousness whether of a “limited” or any other kind. And the equal Ct values specifically suggest no difference in infectiousness.

In other words, the sole point of evidence that we do have (the cycles figure) implies no difference in infectiousness.

This Figure shows the Ct values (higher count for lower viral loads) in people who catch the Alpha variant (referred to as SGTF, shown in red, yellow and brown), or Delta variant (Delta compatible referred to as All3P or S+, shown in green, blue and purple). For each variant, a comparison is shown between Ct values of unvaccinated cases, cases with 1 vaccination dose more than 21 days ago, and cases with 2 vaccination doses more than 21 days ago. Since May 2021 the average Ct values for Delta cases overall in the NHSTT case data (using the S gene as a proxy), have decreased (meaning average viral loads have become higher), which is a known pattern in an increasing epidemic (and was previously seen when the original ‘wild type’ virus was no longer prevalent).
  1. ken says

    The CDC has admitted the PCR cannot distinguish between the flu and fictional covid nor can it distinguish between fictional covid, flu or the fictional variants.

    So how do they determine it’s covid,,, Delta,,, Lamba,,, or Daffy Duck? I’ll tell you how…

    They guess. (lol)

    Don’t believe me? Call them up and ask them what tests they use to determine Delta.

    I swear to my maker,,, if Fraudci come out and said the moon was made of blue cheese,,, most of the covidians would probably believe him.

    1. Peter F. says

      I was told by an RN that all “positive” tests results (at least from Quest Diagnostics) are sent to gene sequencing so they’ll know if they’re the Delta variant.

      1. Malecon says

        They have no idea what the gene sequence for the Delta variant is or for any other “variant.”

  2. SteveK9 says

    Eventually we will have antibody dependent enhancement, and the multiple vaccinated will have serious problems with ‘wild’ coronavirus.

  3. Jerry Hood says

    After the ‘ plan-demia’ , the jews( zionazis) plan Starvation in 2023,blaming it on extreme weather and bad harvests…It will result in more deaths that 911 and Covidiocy 19 combine! And the few human rights leftover shall be shackled by the zionazis…
    Then it will be easy to herd the starving masses of goyim into the Depopulation war sround 2025!

  4. Bobby says

    Apparently, it does not matter how much scientific proof leftist have on the actual known nature of viruses. Facts mean nothing to the “fact checkers”.

  5. Thomas Lash says

    These vaccines only last 50-70 days. The worst thing is they can reduce your natural defenses and immune system to 1/5 of it’s normal potential. We are going to run out of bullets with our current arsenal of Biologic drugs for many modern viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

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