Protesters Are Storming the Capitol Building — Exclusive VIDEO Footage

CNN calling it "insurrection," state troopers being deployed

Remember when burning down a Wendy’s was supposed to be badass? These guys just stormed the Capitol.

And they did it without tacit establishment support, but in defiance of it.

Tweet censored:

What the “mostly peaceful protests” CNN is calling it:

Encouraging a violent crackdown much?

Trump doing a Nixon 1960, being a good loser (and they put “disputed” even on this):

But this is good. This is bigger than Trump. The coup didn’t steal power from Trump, it stole it from the people.

Regime journo horrified government-building-storming is no longer just something the American Empire does to its targets:

And having spent 4 years trying to delegitimize and weaken him, now sad that Trump is powerless and protesters won’t listen to him.

  1. yuri says

    in the banana republic apparently some are upset that the oligarchy has installed their minions

    1. ken says

      Yes,,, like Russia in 91. The difference being the US Military and compromised gov agencies will not stand down. Hopefully it stays in the USA.

      1. yuri says

        false—yeltsin was installed by you amerikans; Clinton fascists rigged the elections. polls showed Yeltsin had a 7% approval raring. this has since been corrected

  2. ken says

    Stand by for stand by…. There will be more trouble when finger sucker is in the stolen office. I’m not sure fascist Amerika is governable at this point. This appears to be what the maskholes wanted. It will draw in the military and the killing will begin. This marks the beginning of the geographic and cultural breakup. The country I grew up in is gone.
    The deep state traitors really screwed America,,, but in the end will only screw themselves.

    The humorous thing is they are mostly wearing masks,,, obeying the very folks they want out.

  3. yuri says

    the dims and many GOP celebrate when fascists paid by CIA produce coups in Bolivia, Honduras, Chile, Ukraine,
    None complained when USA bombed Serbia and did zero to address genocide in Rwanda…there are no protests concerning the millions murdered by amerikans in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, yet when a career criminal is killed by the police they break windows and Loot small enterprises across USA like feral rodents

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