Protasevich Told Radio Free Europe That Majority of Belarusians Will Reelect Lukashenko

In 2015 Protasevich had no doubt Belarusians would back Lukashenko against opposition

While serving in the Belarusian “Pahonia” detachment of the neo-Nazi Azov Batallion in 2015 Roman Protasevich (turns out he was a soldier, not a reporter, or at least presented himself as the former) was interviewed by Radio Free Europe.

Interestingly he was asked about the then upcoming October 2015 presidential election and if Belarusians should attempt to topple Lukashenko in a Euromaidan-type action. He replied there was no doubt that majority of Belarusians will reelect Lukashenko and accussed the opposition of having lost touch with the common people:

– Now there is an election campaign in Belarus. Do you think Belarusians should go to the Square/maidan in the current situation?

Belarusians will once again elect Lukashenko by a majority. Of course, vote-rigging in the presidential election has always been, but the people still went and will go to the polls to put a coveted tick for the incumbent president. And simply because the opposition collapsed completely and irrevocably. People who have been shouting the same words since the mid-1990s are more disgusting than wanting to even try to listen to their speech to the end. Opposition leaders have finally lost touch with reality, and most importantly – with the people. They have long ceased to be interested in people.

So for whom do ordinary people go to this very Square?

And the government will remain at the helm as long as there is a bowl of porridge and a piece of bread on the table, there will be some work, and the TV will be happy to report on the number of goals scored by Lukashenko in the next demonstration hockey match.

In other parts of the interview Protasevich proclaimed himself a supporter of “limited democracy,” complained that “unfortunately” in Donbass “among the local population there are still many who support Russia” and explains Azov’s “ideological background” was one of the things that drew him to this unit specifically:

– How did you get into the Azov Regiment? Why did you choose this unit?

– I got to “Azov” on the basis of selection, which was the same for everyone. The regiment has always, from the very first days, been one of the most disciplined and verified. Random people have never been and never will be.

Discipline (including a total ban on alcohol and drugs), a strong ideological background, proven and many trainings, the atmosphere of a single family, the “inseparability” of commanders from the fighters – all this and much more did and make “Azov” one of the most, if not the most capable unit of Ukraine.

  1. yuri says

    expected that nazi racist amerikans would defend the Azov nazi traitor

  2. Jerry Hood says

    Now,this azovnazi should be delivered to Luhansk prosecutors…

  3. yuri says

    did he inform rat driver aka raptor that her LGBT nation would install a senile vegetable prez….the rat instead consulted her nazi astrologer

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