Pro-Russian Politician Assaulted on Ukrainian Talk Show

Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko were present

Seeing this would you say that Ukraine is a divided country?

Would you say that one part isn’t afforded a fair hearing, and that there is no willingness to compromise with it?

The man who gets sucker-punched is Nestor Shufrich, an MP for the pro-Russian opposition. The guy doing the sucker-punching is a nationalist “journalist” who years ago filmed himself firing a 152 mm howitzer.

Shufrich comes from the part of Ukraine that until 1918 was in Habsburg Hungary (then in Czechoslovakia) and where common folk referred to themselves as “Rusini” until 1945 when Stalin annexed them to Soviet Ukraine. They referred to their region as Subcarpathian Rus’. (Now “Transcarpathia”.)


Whole show (it happens 2 hours 23 minutes in)

  1. GMC says

    America’s favorite move – a sucker punch. See , the Pentagon owns the Ukie government just like they own the Ukrainian military – both are privately owned and operated from the USA. When will Russia figure this out ?

  2. Jerôme says

    The attacked man fought bravely back! Carpathian Rus and Russins are opressed by the fascist zionazi regime in Khuiev! So is the Hungarian and Romanian and Hucul minorities in this Carpathian Rus, taken to USSR and U-kraine, illegally!!!

  3. Nexus321 says

    These people are beyond reason. They want to fight each other.

  4. Geraldo says

    it makes me laugh, especially the NATO gangsters, seeking to ‘protect Ukrainian democracy’ its never been a democracy, its a corrupt, oligarchic banana republic full of Nazis, the last thing any of them want is the party spoiling with democracy

  5. Ernieboy says

    ukies are becoming uncivilized animals

  6. Dial M for Mordor says

    The younger man who committed the violence should have been summarily ejected, unless this is some sort of Jerry Springer franchise. The reality is, first and foremost, these peoples will need to work out their respective futures amongst themselves, and the way to do that is to engage one another fairly and dispassionately.

    Probably the motto of this, as well as most such territorial conflicts should be –

    “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

    If the Russians had wanted to invade anyone, or escalate, the Ukrainian Apparatchiks had actually given the perfect excuse for such an action when they unleashed the Turkish armed drone on a Rus aligned Artillery piece. The Russians actually do not appear to have wanted to escalate anything, realizing the game that is afoot.

    Going back to the Brit gunboat incident, when it was directed to approach the Rus Naval forces near Crimea, the goal of the Neolibs/Neocons is always the same predictable ”underpants gnomes” strategem of upward failure = profit??. 

    This ‘infinity-loop of failure’ plan is little more than –
    1) incite a conflict 2) sanction the civilian population to produce the greatest civilian pain possible, in hopes of an internal regime change 3) if the regime is weak enough, support ‘allies’ to internally overthrow it. Complete backfire on each and every single occasion for the American citizenry, and a promotion/re-appointment for the Neo-apparatchiks who brought about the disaster and mass murder.

    The Rus mistake was ever accepting the credentials of Nuland which imparted legitimacy as an impartial negotiator / diplomat, in the first place.

    They should have pointed out that someone with 7 million a year flowing in to CNAS under Nuland, in large part from –

     Northrop Grumman Aerospace SystemsOpen Society FoundationsAirbus GroupThe Boeing CompanyLockheed Martin CorporationRaytheon Company, BAE Systems

    This was not a neutral diplomat, but a regime change organizer, following a paint-by-numbers scheme that will eventually lead directly to a ‘Wormwood area denial’ resolution.

    I think that in these simple minds, the eventual toppling of Putin is their actual primary goal, not specifically incitement to war, however once Russia were to be knocked out as a contender to the aspirations of the One World Govt bureaucracy advocates, you see what they will inflict on all of us currently being played out against Canadian protesters as well as Americans protected only by the last vestiges of the Bill of Rights firewall, preventing forced injection schemes.

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