Previously Russia’s Biggest Doomsayer, Moscow’s Mayor Now Claims Half of Muscovites Already Immune to COVID

So what was the point of his March panic mongering and lockdown?

Muzzling is neither properly enforced nor universally observed


“An option to curb the spread of the epidemic is the restrictive measures that we are taking. Secondly, it is herd immunity which all scientists and specialists speak about. The research that was carried out in Moscow shows results that we have around 50% of the population with immune response to coronavirus, cell-mediated immunity, antibodies and so on.

A fairly large study in Moscow tells us that 50% of the population is more or less protected from coronavirus in theory. However, no one can guarantee that reinfection won’t happen in the future,” Sobyanin pointed out.

While most of Europe’s large cities are now under strict lockdown to prevent Covid’s spread, the biggest of them all, Moscow, is an exception. Instead of shutting down bars, shops and restaurants, a lighter touch has been applied.

On Thursday, the city’s mayor indicated that the strategy – a mixture of appealing to personal responsibility and ordering relatively small-scale restrictions, while also beefing up hospital capacity – seems to be working. Sergey Sobyanin told national TV that about 50 percent of Muscovites are now immune to Covid-19 infection.

“The current option for slowing down the epidemic is the restrictive measures that we are taking, and the second is population immunity, which all scientists and specialists talk about,” he explained, in an interview on ‘Rossiya-24.’

Research conducted in Moscow shows that about 50 percent of the population has an immune response to coronavirus: cellular immunity, antibodies, etc.

“[This] suggests that theoretically 50 percent of the population is already more or less protected from coronavirus, but no one guarantees that a second disease will not follow,” Sobyanin added.

At the same time, the mayor repeated that there are no plans to introduce a stricter lockdown in the city in the near future. The current measures, which have been extended until January 15, are far less restrictive that those imposed in comparable European cities, such as Paris and London.

For instance, while nightclubs are closed, pubs can open until 11pm. Indoor concerts are restricted to 25 percent of the venue’s capacity, and outdoor football games are allowed to admit a limited number of spectators.

In October, the virus was the leading cause of death in 2,235 people in the Russian capital, health authorities revealed, also on Thursday. That was over 300 percent more than in September, when 543 deceased were listed as having Covid-19 as the main cause of death.

While the official city population is just under 13 million, there are around 20 million people in the wider Moscow metro area. A total of approximately 13,700 deaths were recorded in the city in October, up around 3,000 on 2019.Over the past day, more than 6,000 new coronavirus cases were detected in Moscow, with 1,700 people hospitalized.

Source: RT

  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    huge concert in Petersburg—thousands; no masks, social distancing

  2. quick draw mcgraw says

    Too funny, my wife is talking to our daughter in Moscow as I write this. She has had her student transport pass suspended until February–the move applies to all those with a discount transport pass including pensioners. My daughter is very depressed from being locked up in her tiny flat and having to work via the internet. I would say it is called lockdown by another name. I understand the nonsense coming from a fascist country like America, but when the free world participates in the farce it is mystifying.

  3. Garry Compton says

    Way too many countries bowed down to this NWO coronavirus BS. And using a PCR test that is also bogus, is another insult to the populace, yet all those countries are using it. Portugal just got real and called the PCR test – a joke – thanks. You wanna fly some where – they want you to get a bogus test, 2 or 3 days ahead of flight time – How do you get your money back from the airlines, hotel reservations etc. after the fake test shows positive? It’s time to hunt down the developers, weaponizers and spreaders of this war crime but don’t hold your breath – Russia and China have done nothing. Which is very suspicious. Thanks.

  4. kierandsouza says

    Russian government is not in the pocket of Big pharma. Russians have developed their own vaccine Sputnik5 which is in direct competition with a host of vaccines developed by Moderna, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca for world distribution in anticipation of mass mandatory vaccination programs

    It’s not only Moscow that may have acquired herd immunity with more than 50% inhabitants developing antibodies to COVID. The case may be with Sweden, Brazil, India, and many nations where death count is tapering in spite of spreading infections.

    So, as the mortality falls further to less than a percent or less than 99% one really wonders the necessity for mass vaccinations and also necessity of lock downs themselves. A real virologist and epidemiologist will tell you masking up and hiding will only delay the inevitable. Also, by not exposing yourself to cross variants of corona viruses that periodically arise, you are compromising your immunity to COVID

    This behavior by all governments towards the ‘plandemic’ is guided by directions of WHO and it is WHO that is compromised by Big pharma, Bill Gates being the largest single donor to this organization and having invested his billions in vaccine pharmas

    1. Lucky says

      Any vaccine against a “virus” which has not been isolated or characterized sure seems they are playing along with the core narrative, just with a twist or two. To me the story starts with how new viruses are characterized as this seems to be a primary vector for fraud by big pharma and the development of the bio security state.

  5. ke4ram says

    Who cares about a second infection,,, Many get colds (corona virus) every year. What the hell are these idiots talking about?

    Since the whole idea of this supposed virus is to destroy most of the worlds economy (eliminate the 280 trillion dollars in debt) it appears this Russian mayor and likely Putin are conspirators along with the politicians in the rest of the world selling out their people. It wouldn’t surprise me as all you hear from Russia is international law this and international law that.

    We are looking at the final days of a Debt Based Economy. They have no intention of paying it, instead intend to default by seizing all your property then cancelling the debt which is really a mirage. This is NOT a jubilee. It is a transfer of wealth to the same asshole billionaires behind this virus and “Great Reset”. Now they will own the world and you will slave for them in order to rent what used to be your property.

    Many will die from these vaccines all blamed on covid. Who doesn’t die will be infertile. Your children will be indentured servants to these monsters. They will slave for their homes and food. They will need permission to have children. No more boating, flying, climbing, traveling (having fun) as it will be illegal in order to save the world from Global Warming. Remember,,, only six and a half years left.

    This virus is a hoax (con). The Great Reset aka the 4th industrial revolution is a fraud and you dear reader are the target (mark). Enjoy!

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