Press Can’t Do Basic Math, Was Wrong to Claim COVID Lethality in Spain Was 1.1%

As I pointed out at the time, even more evidence for it now


There Is a Big Problem With Taking the Spanish Antibodies Study to Say COVID Infection Fatality Rate Is 1 Percent

In May Spain finalized a giant study (70,000 samples were taken!) showing that by around April 20th around 5% of the Spanish population had antibodies to SARS-CoV-2.

The Spanish press then took the 5% number (2.35 million) and divided it by the 24,000 COVID-related deaths to proclaim the lethality of the virus in Span was an enormous 1.1%.

I wrote at the time that was irresponsible and unlikely to be true because 68% of the deaths had occurred in nursing homes and there were reasons to believe the infection rate in these institutions was much higher than among regular citizens.

Indeed, a later July study on antibodies prevalence in nursing homes that I just came across showed that in Madrid region fully 53% of residents had developed them (compared to 10% of the Madrid region generally):

In all likelihood, 53% actually underestimates how many were exposed or infected since many never develop antibodies (albeit the elderly, who are more likely to suffer symptoms, are more likely to).

As I said at the time, the lethality of the first wave in Spain was not 1.1%, but under 0.35%. How much under depends on how many contracted the virus but shook it off without ever developing antibodies.



  1. Billy Cobbett says

    Even 1.1% is nothing to be that bothered about.

  2. Raptar Driver says

    The press can barely hold their talking heads up yet alone anything else.

  3. ke4ram says

    How does one contract a virus that has not been isolated and only exists in megalomaniacs minds?

    I’m told “many have died so there’s your proof!” Really!

    Dying being hit by a bus, a motorcycle wreck, heart attack, renal disease, pneumonia, TB, old age, etc and a previous or post mortem positive PCR/Antigen test is classified as “confirmed” corona?

    Fauci states any PCR over 30 cycles will likely show positive. Most labs use 35 and some even 40. Do the BELIEVERS listen to him… No,,, Why?,,, because they WANT to be sick. They WANT UBI,,, They WANT a free this and a free that all promised by their new caretakers if only they OBEY.

    Trust us they say,,, we love you and your children while they make your children wear masks guaranteed to kill off their brain cells from lack of oxygen. While they make them stand 6 feet apart,,, no playing,,, no imagining,,, just robots.

    I say you have to be kidding me! Course then comes their grande finale “that’s what gubermint says, non believer!,,, you’re an idiot,,, don’t talk to me again,,, and get a face mask!”

    These are the masked zeros that will be leading you to the train station for a better life!

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Yes they are a new religion I call them the covidians.
      They are every normal person’s worst enemy along with their idiotic governments.
      They’re too stupid to live and thus deserve their fate.

  4. Undecider says

    They’re just doing what they’re told. Tell lies and disinformation, to drive people towards a vaccine.

    1. ke4ram says

      That’s what the nazis said at the Nuremberg trials. Didn’t work for them.

  5. Skoolafish says

    “Are You Done Yet?” – Yolande Norris-Clark

    1. landy fincannon says

      How long did it take before this video was scrubbed?

  6. cechas vodobenikov says

    also it is published that the pcr test is unreliable when administered w more than 30 cycles; typically 35-40 are employed. this may explain many false positives

    1. ke4ram says

      They use that like a volume control… When they want it to look like “we’re winning” they reduce the cycles. When they want to scare people they increase cycles. This test is perfect for their purposes of taking over. It’s mind control. They let you relax and think maybe we go back to normal than hit you with overload. Same as when they lockdown for a month. Right when you think they are gonna let you off your grounding two days before the end date they hit you with another month.
      Basic stuff but it works unless you’re able to wise up but most are lazy,,, thinking is hard.

      1. Steve Struthers says

        The only way to handle this is to take the test results that are published in the news media with a grain of salt.

        The only measures that really mean anything are deaths, how many become seriously ill as a result of the virus, and how many still have symptoms or any degree of long-lasting debility or disability after they recover, or at least are released from hospital.

        Only measures like these can indicate how dangerous a virus is. Or any other infectious pathogen, for that matter.

        By themselves, case numbers alone do not provide sufficient information, but can certainly be used to cause significant alarm in the general population who lack much in the way of scientific education or critical thinking skills.

        One crucial piece of information that is missing is how many people are tested and found to be asymptomatic and NOT contagious. The large numbers of people who are reported as having recovered after being tested are probably a good indication that the virus, while potentially dangerous and lethal for some, is not quite as dangerous as we’ve been told.

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