Pope Announces Vaccine Selfies Can Now Be Turned in to Spring a Relative Out of Purgatory

According to sources, the indulgence is good for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines only. 

In an effort to encourage vaccination among faithful Catholics worldwide, Pope Francis has announced that for a limited time, vaccine selfies can be turned in to church authorities in exchange for springing one relative out of purgatory.

“Today I am issuing a Papal Bull granting indulgences for vaccine selfies,” said Francis. “If you take a snap of you getting both doses of the vaccine, you can free a loved one from purgatory! What a deal! Limited time! Act now!”

“When a phone notification from a vaccine selfie rings, a soul from purgatory springs,” he said with a wink.

According to sources, the indulgence is good for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines only. AstraZeneca’s vaccine will not be included in the indulgence until they pay their fee to the Vatican.

The Pope also clarified that if you die from vaccine side effects, the indulgence can be used on yourself once you arrive in purgatory.

Source: The Babylon Bee

Text may contain traces of satire.

  1. drb says

    This is one highly intelligent, perspective article. This pope and the church he runs are like that.

  2. ken says

    There’s a new Pope’s Pope in town… Pope Fauci

    I see very little difference between the Catholic Vaticon and the Pharisees of two thousand years ago. Both pushed false doctrine and both were/are whores of government.

    The Bee is on top of things as usual.

  3. Miles says

    Yeah and apparently another religion that I can’t mention for obvious reasons are doing a similar deal with three extra virgin’s or an hour with Beyonce…assuming she’s dead that is.

  4. dan says

    what a moron is this Christianity?

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Dan ! It has started to be taken over by Satan since John XXIII & Vatican II. Now with that spawn of Satan ,a.k.a. Pope Francis it is 100% Satanically controlled..

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