Pompeo: We “Told the Russians It’s Unacceptable to Starve” Venezuelans & Deny Their Children Medicine

US outraged at Russian sanctions on Venezuela

Will Russia/Cuba please stop starving Venezuelan children!

Pompeo to CNN:

“We’ve watched throughout the day, it’s been a long time since anyone’s seen Maduro.”

“He had an airplane on the tarmac, he was ready to leave this morning as we understand it and the Russians indicated he should stay. We think the situation remains incredibly fluid.”

“We know there are senior leaders inside the Maduro government who were prepared to leave. They told us as much over the past few weeks. We’re convinced the Venezuelan people are going to get their democracy back.”

“Maduro is surrounded by Cubans and has been supported by the Russians. We’ve told the Russians and we’ve told the Cubans that it is unacceptable to starve people. It’s unnaceptable sick children not to be able to get their medicine.”

I wonder why the local trailer park manager US Secretary of State felt it necessary to point out to the Russians it is not acceptable “to starve people”. To my knowledge the Russian government is not going after their citizens and even foreign companies if they conduct economic activity with someone from Venezuela.

He may want to look into US efforts to starve out Caracas of oil income which pays for the children’s medicine:

Oil exports — the country’s only significant source of hard currency — are plummeting. According to Russ Dallen of Caracas Capital, they fell from 1.15 million barrels a day in January to 650,000 barrels a day in the first half of March — or 43 percent. If that continues, Venezuelan imports of food and medicine, already disastrously insufficient, will drop off a cliff.

And whatever happened to US Secretaries of State? It’s not like Hillary Clinton was a genius, but at least she had an elite pedigree. Pompeo makes it look like just any moron can become America’s foreign policy chief which I guess is right.

  1. Mary E says

    There is the key word in the last sentence!! Moron….Pompeo is a criminally motivated moron as is his boss, the president of the United States. Unfortunately, they are moron puppets and are controlled by the Pentagon on behalf of the oil companies of the US…
    The US will do anything to get to Venezuela’s oil!! Anything! They actually have the audacity to claim it as their own – beings as Venezuela is the US backyard!
    Well, Russia and China continue to pump investment money into Venezuela and are prepared to defend those investments, as well as the duly elected Maduro…and it shouldn’t be surprising when we see Russian – and possibly – Chinese military enter into the Venezuelan waters enroute to Caracas and other parts of Venezuela where there are the biggest oil operations going on. Armed Robbery is a criminal offense and what the US is doing is just that as well as not adhering to international law….A Rogue State in name and in deed!!

  2. watcher12 says

    Trump is looking more and more like Baby Bush II.

  3. silver749 says

    All hidden by their Rocky horror regime called sanctions which the effect they then blame on the country itself like Iraq saddam Libya Gaddafi now maduro. You and I are idiots who believe it without question – the US thinks.

    1. Canosin says

      the US stinks

  4. thomas malthaus says

    Lie, cheat, and steal. What will Pompeo do for an encore?

  5. Carlwilliam says

    Pompeo is a typical big, fat, moronic slob. What can be expected from such a degenerate entity?

  6. Séamus Ó Néill says

    Oh I suspect that the American public , who are so drugged up and dumbed down , will believe everything that fat , lying imbecile will tell them. However the rest of the world now understands the satanic nature of the US , its depraved and murderous ways , its links and its subservience to the paragon of demonic evil itself…..Israel. It understands the urgent need to contain and restrain all these barbaric monsters and that includes the UK and KSA.

    1. Canosin says

      thumbs up…. you nailed it

    2. riorick17 says

      You suspect wrong, the American people are victims of lunatics like Pompeo too. Trump was elected to end the wars and drain the swamp, not sleep with the CIA and blow more stuff up. I have no idea what Trump is thinking but I guarantee if so much as one American soldier sets foot in Venezuela he can forget about 2020.

      1. Séamus Ó Néill says

        Well obviously I know and acknowledge that not every American is a stooge, I understand and respect that you have very good people fighting against this insanity. I was over exaggerating for dramatic effect.

        1. Mary E says

          Unfortunately, that is what it takes to wake the Americans up!
          They are actually being lied to constantly and Washington and Langley, VA will continue in their US hegemonic push, no matter what Americans think…they are being treated as badly as the Venezuelans and don’t really get it…..yet!

      2. Mary E says

        Oh! That is a sure bet!! The American voters were scammed by Trump..they believed his seemily honest delivery of speeches telling them that their infrastructure would be updated to the tune of $1 Trillion (which would not be enough- $3 trillion is what the experts say it would take),
        and getting rid of the liars, cheats and bullies in the government..Now, as it turns out, trump has been all of those things .. just a liar and tax cheat who has been found out (NY Times 5/6/19) to be a fraud!!!!
        The US has pulled back the curtain and is showing itself to be exactly what it is: an Evil Empire resolute in its pursuit of the world’s riches.

    3. anon says

      You forget that 95% of people cannot think for themselves when it doesn’t concern them personally and nor do they want to – that’s where the drugged up dumbed down comes into it but even if they weren’t. Why else would they go off to war?

      1. Mary E says

        Exactly! When we see who it is who is going into the armed services of the US, most of them are uneducated and ignorant of what the US is actually doing in the world…they truly believe that the US is warring for good against evil..and for democracy, when what they are actually doing is installing Fascist regimes to run the annhilated contries they have invaded so they can control those installed puppets to do US bidding.

  7. John C Carleton says

    But it is ok for the USA to starve and deny medicine to Yemen peoples, Iranian peoples, Iraqi peoples, Cuban peoples, Afghanistan peoples, Syrian peoples.

    USA burned the food of Southern people, blockaded their ports, so there were no medicines for the troops, or the civilian children, many who died from lack of medical care and starvation.

    When Madam Albright, Secretary of State under the rape artist and pedophile Bill Clinton, was asked about the estimated half a million Iraqi children which starved to death/died from lack of medicines, what she thought of the USA’s sanctions against Iraq in view of a half million children deaths, said “it was a hard choice, but it was worth it”.

    USA murdered half a million children, to force Iraq to do what the USA wanted Iraq to do.
    You will note Iraq had not attacked America, and was a sovereign Nation.

    ‘When God Resigned and Appointed the USA/WASHINGTON DC God’

  8. skinner15 says

    Fat boy Pompous Mike cheats, lies and steals, and that’s a fact.

    He admits it on TV, brags about it.

    Why any reporter doesn’t query him whether his latest outburst is just more lying is beyond me.
    You know he is lying, when his lips move.

  9. Jermano says

    So why the hell are there so many homeless in the U.S. ? And why they are building a damn wall that makes no jobs for the future, and spends more and more money on the Military in Wars they never win? Just what the fuck are they protecting? Pompeo and Trump are clearly mental nut jobs. I refuse to.eat Corporate poison food. I renounced my citizenship of the U.S. Government after personally seeing the 911inside thermite job. Something Pompeo and Trump also cover up.


    1. Linda Wren says

      Now don’t forget Mueller. He’s a cleaner for government

  10. Richard Monette says

    your articles are sometimes twisted with sarcasm …nearly unreadable and spark much misunderstanding…..many/ most look away before trying to decipher what the hell you’re saying…………

    1. chris chuba says

      I watched the video, Pompeo did indeed say the following, there was no sarcasm …

      “We’ve told the Russians and we’ve told the Cubans that it is unacceptable to starve people. It’s unnaceptable sick children not to be able to get their medicine.”

      Here is the Cliffs Notes version, ‘The U.S. is starving the Venezuelans because of our sanctions, not the Russians’.

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