Pompeo Lays Out New US Cold War Against “Totalitarian China”

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Following near daily screeds against China, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is now laying out US hostility, and the goal of “changing” China as part of what is effectively a new Cold War, likening it to Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Saying that the US had changed Soviet behavior, Pompeo expressed confidence that they could change China as well, saying that the nations of the world have a duty to help the US “defend freedom.” He also warned that “our children’s children may be at the mercy of the Communist party.”

This seems to be harkening back to the language of the historic red scares, and the idea that China is a real threat to dominate the future is likely intended to scare Americans into supporting more hostility, as opposed to a serious policy reality.

Either way, it seems like the era of diplomacy with China, at least so far as the administration is concerned, is over, with Pompeo saying that the US can “never go back to engagement,” declaring China “a Marxist-Leninist regime” and following a “bankrupt totalitarian ideology.”

Source: Antiwar.com

  1. riorick17 says

    I’m hoping that this is the beginning of the end of the anti-Russian propaganda. The relationship between the people of Russia and the Untied States is more of a friendly rivalry than a serious threat. It has in fact compelled both countries to strive forward technologically and socially. Russia has become a familiar taxi service for our astronauts visiting the International Space Station and many of us grew up watching our Olympic athletes while the national anthems of both countries played along side each other. When the Berlin Wall finally fell many Russians immigrated to the Untied States. I worked with them, I talked to them, I drank with them… they were good people who still believed in family values.
    China,on the other hand, has been the poster child of American corporatism. The have dominated our manufacturing, our banking, our retail and they have mysteriously build entire cities within the United States… and one can’t help but wonder why. Our politicians have rushed to sell us out to China over the last 50 years and again, one has to wonder why.
    But, in either case if you simply take them at their own word… Russia has never said that they intend to dominate the world, they have never done anything but defend their own borders and own interests. But China speaks of being the world’s next superpower, dominating financial markets and expanding it’s governmental control over it’s neighbors.
    At a time when the American people are under siege by elements within their own government I would hope that the people of Russia, of all people, would understand.

  2. nick1111 says

    Pompeo is a pig…….and so is Trump

  3. Ronnie&MargaretInDementia says

    I think Mike has been smoking way too much crack on top of all those donuts and cheeseburgers. The fat fuck is positively hallucinating. Americans truly do live in an alternative universe where hollywood is real and Amerika hasn’t lost every war they fought since 1946 (ok we’ll call Korea a draw) Americas strong suit has always been genocide, not military conflict leading to victory. I’d love to see them get publicly humiliated by the Russians and/or Chinese in such an emphatic way that it simply can’t be spun away by the the propaganda units that pass as ‘press’ these days. I’m pretty sure I will live to see that day.

  4. Mary E says

    OK…its time for China to call its debt due…let’s see what the US is made of – other than falsehoods
    and lies that it spreads throughout the world including its own country!
    The US cannot pay China what it owes and won’t that just be a reason for war! To cover up their
    bankruptcy, Washington will do exactly what Pompeo is doing….calling China out for being the country
    it has always been…..h-e-l-l-o!!! Only the US has changed – for the much worse…it has pulled back the curtain and shown the Wizard, a big fat NOTHING!!

    1. XRGRSF says

      The JewSA thinks it’s to big to fail; the JewSA is wrong.

  5. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    “Soviet behavior” ended with the Soviet Union, in 1991.

  6. LS says

    I support China.

    And I do not like fat people. And I especially do not like fat people named “Pompeo”.

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      Pompeo must have derived from pompous.

      1. Mary E says

        pompousass is his full name

  7. Bob avlon says

    Bankrupt ideology!! This is from bankrupt Trillion debt USA.

    When spreading Democracy by Blair and Bush meant 500,000 Iraq civilians dead.

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      That would be multi-trillion debt USA.
      We should consider ourselves lucky that Madeleine Albright isn’t the Secretary of State anymore when Mike Pompeo is the alternative?

  8. Séamus Ó Néill says

    I think it’s America’s insecurity and its precarious position in a quickly evolving world that leads to its politicans continually spewing inane gibberish…..it can’t just be lack of intellect !. They never reached their long cherished dream of world domination and now that the mask of a benevolent democracy has not only slipped, but fallen off, the world has recognised that their bullshit about “spreading democracy” was no more than a cover for a warmongering psychopathic entity intent on establishing a global fascist empire…. where you either succumb or be annhuliated. In their conceited and arrogant attempt, they squandered $trillions, fell way behind militarily and earned the loathing contempt of the rest of the world. I think America is unable, or unwilling, to change course and as a consequence is now sliding towards third world status and humiliating irrelevence.

    1. Mary E says


    2. XRGRSF says


  9. mijj says

    When the USA has completed flushing itself down the crapper, how will the world manage without someone to fulfil the essential role of International Mass Murderer and Looter?

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      There will never be a shortage of “someone to fulfil (sic) the essential role of International Mass Murderer and Looter.”

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