Pompeo: China, Russia “Spread Disorder” in Latin America. Lavrov: We Team up to Defend International Law

Which has "a sobering effect" on those who push for illegal methods says the Russian FM

Specifically cited Venezuela as an example where they do so

This Friday US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused China and Russia of moving into Latin America to “spread disorder”:

Pompeo, speaking Friday in Chile at the start of a three-day South American tour, said Beijing and Moscow have fueled corruption and sought to undermine democracy across the region. He cited a failing dam project in Ecuador, Chinese loans to the Maduro and Chavez regimes in Venezuela and support for police training programs in Nicaragua.

When China does business in Latin America, Pompeo said, “it often injects corrosive capital into the economic bloodstream, giving life to corruption, and eroding good governance.” Along with Russia, the two countries come to the region to “spread disorder,” he added.

Yesterday the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov found it important to point out Russia and China were not just partners engaged in classic mutually benefitial bilateral relations — they were a team that puts breaks on those who push ahead with illegal methods on the international scene:

“Our partnership with Beijing is not just an example of a mutually beneficial and comprehensive relationship. Russian-Chinese cooperation has a sobering effect on those who push ahead with illegal methods of solving international problems,” Lavrov said.

“It happened at the UN Security Council during the discussion of the Syrian scenario when unilateral, unlawful resolutions were submitted. It happened recently when our countries both vetoed the US-drafted resolution on Venezuela, which went beyond all imaginable and unimaginable norms of international law and basic diplomatic ethics,” he added.

  1. Séamus Ó Néill says

    The ” Indispensable” and “Exceptional ” nation has now become compellingly dispensable for the continuance of the human race….if they are not urgently removed from the scene , the future of mankind is dire ! They are still exceptional , mostly in the fact that in their 243 years , they have cause more death , destruction , misery and torture than a thousand Hitler’s combined could ever have done…yes truly exceptional !

  2. David Bedford says

    Under the Trump residency you can be assured that the opposite to what they say is in fact true, this is a new low for America.

    1. pooi-hoong chan says

      Yes. Trump is a chronic liar and Pompeo is following his master. US Foreign Policy is riddled with lies. This is a proven fact.

  3. silver749 says

    Any American leader talking of others spreading disorder is a comedian or had a lobotomy removing his front lobes so he can’t think straight.

    1. lancelotlink says

      Yes, that is Pompeo, positively has had lobotomy. A vile militarist that must be silenced.

    2. David Bedford says

      This is a new low for American politics.

      1. lancelotlink says

        This is very low, but doubt that exceeds the lows of GW Bush and B. Obama.

    3. JP McEvoy says

      He’s not funny or stupid.. Just corrupt.

      1. David Bedford says

        To be fair though so with the previous 5 presidents (just off hand)

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