Poll: Only 3% of Venezuelans Say Guaido Is President, Only 4 % Trust Him

The Empire and its poodles insulting the intelligence (and self-determination) of Venezuelans by insisting he is

The latest poll out of Venezuela, from early March, shows that US-backed Juan Guaido is not considered the nation’s present by hardly anybody in the country. With a 3% margin of error, only 3% identified Guaido as president.

After over a year of the US harping on about him being the legitimate president. 71% of Venezuelans identified President Maduro as the president. He’s the one who won the last election, and this comes despite the US having just put a $15 million bounty on him.

23.7 percent also said that no one was really president at this point, again well ahead of Guaido. Even people saying “I don’t know” were 2.2%, putting them neck and neck with Guaido. Clearly, he doesn’t have deep support in this poll.

A second question asked who they had more confidence in, and 60.7% declared they don’t have confidence in either. Maduro was just over 25% and Guaido was only 3.8%, suggesting even if given a choice very few have much faith in Guaido.

Source: Antiwar.com

  1. Antti Sankari says

    And what a great president he is, this Guaido. Supported by the People’s Republic of USA.

  2. Cynical says

    You’re fired!!! Why hasn’t The Donald fired Elliot Abrams yet? He has utterly failed to over through Venezuela and President Maduro and steal their oil!

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