Polish MPs Demand Warsaw Condemns Australia’s Insane Asylum Regime

“Australia has unsubscribed herself from the International Community; the community of civilised nations."

“We are also ready to rush help and legal aid to organise the evacuation of Polish dual citizens, as refugees from the People’s Republic of Melbourne”

A 14-minute video circulating on social media shows Polish MPs protesting outside the Australian embassy in Warsaw, labelling COVID-19 Australia a quasi-Democratic nation.

Lead protester and former president of Classical Liberal group, KoLiber, MP Jakub Kulesza stated: “What is happening in Australia cannot be called democratic. Australia has contracted COVID madness. Australian police oppress, harass and attack peaceful citizens depriving them of their fundamental freedoms.”

Kulesza provided a long list of examples, including curfews, 5km limits, “stay-at-home” orders, medical conscription, and the promise of some freedoms being restored on October 11, for citizens who’ve complied by taking the COVID vaccines, stating: “This will divide citizens between better and worse. This is how totalitarianism is born. These are not conspiracy theories […] How much freedom has been lost in Australia can be seen in how the police, with great brutality, suppress protests, and aggression against citizens.”

He continued: “We want to warn the people of Poland and prevent it from happening here. [We don’t want to see] our government follow the example of Australian authorities, and here [in front of] the Australian embassy we are protesting against such behaviour.”

Another MP stepped up to add: “People aren’t protesting because they’re bored. It would be absurd to not protest having their freedoms taken away […] In terms of lockdowns were are dealing with the manipulation of data and the manipulation of the number of tests done. The more lockdown laws were introduced, the less effective it was.”

One MP asked, “What is happening in Australia? […] We cannot sleep. It maybe on the other side of the world, but we should nevertheless realise that if we don’t protest now; if we don’t publicise the disturbing situations, perhaps we will have these sorts of situations in Poland. Where you can be jailed at home, and so we expose this murderous style [of governance] growing in Australia.”

He then said, “Here I hope that our leadership decides to condemn what has happened [in Australia]. We will not be replicating what is happening there, here in Poland.”

A third MP demanded, “we do not want Melbourne in Warsaw. Do not try to bring that totalitarianism here to Poland. We demand that Australia stop these practices immediately, with an immediate return to Human Rights and civility.”

He asserted, “Australia has unsubscribed herself from the International Community; the community of civilised nations. We, therefore, demand that the Warsaw Government condemn what is happening in Australia. We are also ready to rush help and legal aid to organise the evacuation of Polish dual citizens, as refugees from the People’s Republic of Melbourne.”

One of the few to report on it so far, Harry Richardson, editor of Australian Libertarian online news site The Richardson Post, described the potentially viral video as ‘rather crudely translated.’

“But,” he added, “the level of disgust these Polish MPs share for the totalitarian bastardry being shown by the Victorian police, in particular, is crystal clear.”

Unsurprisingly, Australian Legacy media appear aloof and uninterested in politicians from the former Communist bloc nation warning about Australia’s downgrade of civil liberties, and civil rights, particularly in Victoria.

Source: Caldron Pool

  1. vincent walsh says

    Well done to Poland for speaking out against the brutal police state Australia has become. It’s totalitism over a virus with a 99 % survival rate is both nonsensical and criminal. A stain on it’s histroy.

  2. ken says

    Unfortunately it appears it will take a all out civil uprising. Most Western nation states nut job leaders like Bojo the clown, Sleepy Biden and hundreds of others are salivating over the possibility of them having the same control over their citizens and it appears very possible.

    In the Peoples Republic of New York Fem. Hitlerette has deprived thousands of their livelihood for simply not taking a poisonous injection and apparently the traitorous Supremo’s and most of America are all for it…… until this overreach comes their way. The rest simply cower in their homes out of sight, out of mind not saying anything because it doesn’t apply to them….. yet.

    Nazi-ized Governments, school boards, corporations, and mom and pops are insinuating they own you. Like cattle they believe they can do what they wish to you. And the silence is deafening. Not even a whimper.

    A country with 400 million guns that cannot get up enough energy to even massively protest. But they’ll go to foolsball games,,, yelling f-k Joe Biden but that’s it… it’s back home watching the teevee for the latest indoctrination from the Commie News Network.

    And I can guarantee you,,, you will never ever see any US representative, senator, judge or president out protesting any of this. They’re too busy having their $30,000 dinners and making submarine agreements with the fascist Australian government.

    For the Australian coppers, military and politicians I recommend:

  3. nnn says

    Australia is a one big Gulag

    1. Mr Reynard says

      & the komissars are speaking ??? Guess the language ??
      Clue: Not English …

    2. brian says

      It was doing ok until the British released all their criminals there.

  4. Adam says

    Time for Australians to apply for Political asylum in Poland (not only Polish dual citizens or Polish Australians).It’s no surprise Polish Politicians are making a stand and calling out what is happening in Australia as the establishment of a Communist Police State. Poland managed to liberate itself from the former Soviet Gulag it was locked down in for over 44 years.How long will it take Australia to shake off the communist shackles currently locked onto Australians?

  5. Ultrafart the Brave says

    Good on these Poles for calling out the insanity in Australia for what it is.

    Make no mistake, what is happening in Melbourne, Victoria, is being controlled by a full-blown Satanist named Daniel Andrews (aka Dictator Dan).

    This piece of human excrement, Premier Daniel Andrews, claims to be Catholic, yet was personally single-handedly responsible for legalising full-term abortion, where a baby is allowed to be born up to the point that its body but not it’s head has emerged (so that the child is legally “not born”), and then the “doctor” sticks a metal spike into the base of the baby’s partially exposed head to make a hole into which a vaccum nozzle is inserted to suck the child’s living brain out of its head.

    And then they cut up the child’s body and sell off the parts for profit. The child’s remains are officially classified as “medical waste”.

    Now full-term abortion has been legalised in just about every Australian state.

    In Australia, it is perfectly legal to murder new-born children (legally classified as “not born”, because they kill them before the head actually emerges) and chop them up to sell for profit.

    They are now pushing to legalise post-birth abortions.

    The people that have hijacked the Australian governments are Satanists. The politicians, public officials and beauracrats, judiciary and police officials, medical agencies and professionals, Australia-wide, are all complicit in this Satanic butchery. The country is literally run from top to bottom by child-killing murderers.

    And we haven’t even touched upon the epidemic of organised pedophilia amongst the judicial and political classes. God-botherer and Hill-Song Pentecostalist Morrison comes immediately to mind, along with thousands of others.

    The Australian people have allowed this to happen.

    If anyone is wondering how Australia could so quickly transform from an idyllic democratic utopia into an anti-human totalitarian dictatorship, those facts might provide a clue.

    1. Aviceda says

      PM Smirko Morrison the so called Christian is not much better. Lying, pork barreling etc is just part of his daily routine. Luciferian controls both sides, Liberal or National.

      1. Aviceda says

        Sorry I meant Lucifer controls both Labour, Liberal, National etc. All sides just want to enforce their version of tyranny.

    2. Juan says


  6. Frank says

    Years ago I use to watch those documentaries on Discovery channel ( i think) about border control at the airports. Although offcourse thete needs to be stringent cpntrols but i found the aussies doing overkill and stopped watching. Every little bit of prohibited foodstuff was thrashed as if it would poison 20million

  7. abinico warez says

    Bet you ain’t gonna be cracking any Polish jokes, eh Aussies?

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